The Walking Dead Supply Drop

The Walking Dead Supply Drop is the official subscription box of AMC’s The Walking Dead! Delivered quarterly, you’ll receive one exclusive shirt, plus a number of other collectibles in every box.

95 per quarter

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  1. Khale Singleton

    All the reviews about late shipping are true! I was Charged 58$ March 2nd 2021, today is April 11th Joe Biden is still a big piece of shit criminal running the United States and this company can’t even ship a toy box in a month and half! Must be due to all the affirmative actions! Must have some real unqualified people running this company like we have running our country! The United States is a joke! Seriously you charged my account but you can’t ship the item? What’s the deal here? What a shame! Affirmative action is a bitch

  2. Jane Reynolds

    The clothing sized small

  3. Casey Byrd

    This box packs value but the recent change from always getting a shirt to always getting a POP figurine is a bit too juvenile for me.

  4. Florida Girl

    I LOVE The Walking Dead Supply Drop! They’re fun, exciting, and always full of awesome stuff that you won’t find anywhere else! Yes, sometimes they run behind schedule, but you are still not paying for anything you aren’t getting. Regardless of how behind schedule it is, (and yes, that DOES stink!), you DO still get it! I am not in this to resell the items so the value of the collection each time does not need to exceed what I paid. I think it’s a great value and for true fans of the show, it’s great fun!

  5. Kari S

    I love this box. They have arrived a bit late. But I can see why some of them were late. The one had Carl stuff in it right after his death and then the Rick one only smart to have it arrive late and not spoil anything. Have communicated thru email a few times about things being late but always get a fast response back. Keep up the good work!!! My Walking Dead collection is out growing my office 🙂

  6. Danielle

    While it is a nuisance to have a late box (REALLY late, like nearly two months late), I understand why it happened. This months box came with a SDCC exclusive Funko Pop instead of a regular one. The resale value for the Funko Pop is more than the box itself so I’m honestly happy.

    I reached out to customer support twice and both times got a reply within the same day.

    I just hope late boxes doesn’t become a routine thing!

  7. Michelle Hogan

    I paid for my first box in May 2018. I got an email asking three times for my flip flop size only to have them say they would just pick XXL as it was my shirt size. I have called them to ask where my box is to be told it would ship out the 12th of July and I have now come back from vacation and still no box as of July 24. No shipping info or anything- no delay notification- no communication at all. I am going to try to call one more time tomorrow and ask where it is then I am going to Paypal to dispute the charges.

    • Hello Subscription

      It’s about 3 weeks late by my count, but boxes started landing today. We’ll have full spoilers soon.

  8. Kami Istchenko

    Absolutely horrible company to deal with. Never received my first box, just found out I will not be receiving my second box. I have contacted them so many times via email and phone in which I spoke to the same person “Robert”. He blamed me and said I should read my FAQ sheet, which I did numerous times and he said I never contacted customer service (Emails – December 15th twice, January 3rd twice, March 3rd and March 4th, March 25th and today plus phone calls). I will be contacting AMC directly. Would give them a rating of 0 if I could. Today Robert told me that he would talk to his manager and try to get me a box, then I received an email that my subscription is now canceled. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM, NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE FOR SOMETHING THAT YOU PAY FOR AND STILL DON’T RECEIVE!!!!

  9. LJ

    ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE COMPANY To deal with. Avoid this scam at all costs. I signed up for the first box and was not impressed with the box at all. Very lame box especially when you compare it to the Sky Bound MegaBox for the comic series. But the worst part is there service or rather lack of. I was charged on my card without any notification. And there customer service is absolutely not going to help you. I simply asked for a refund the second after they charged me and got a big NO from them. I am currently disputing the charge with this scam company.

  10. Jamie Gifford

    Here’s the deal. I ordered two subscriptions to start before Christmas. The communication was horrendous. To sum it up, only one box arrived and the other was allegedly refunded. I didn’t receive any notification that there was a problem until after I had received the notice of refund. But…wait for it…the refund never posted to my cc. It’s currently in dispute. The merch in the one box was totally great. This company needs some serious work on communication, customer service…and accounting.

  11. Jenny L

    I was so disappointed. Everything was really generic and I could have gotten elsewhere much cheaper. I was hoping for something really special since AMC does offer a lot of really cool specialty items. I’ve already cancelled.

  12. Brendan Baird

    Real disappointment Below average items definitely going to cancel my subscription I think you would be lucky if you could recoup the $50 it cost Selling the items individually