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Curiosity Box Reviews

Updated November 2, 2023

Curiosity Box

Curiosity Box delivers Vsauce’s mind-boggling science toys, puzzles, books, games, and much more right to your home four times a year. Every package includes up to 10 incredible items designed to entertain and educate. This is a seriously fun quarterly subscription box made to satiate your thirst for knowledge.


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Subscribing to Curiosity Box

Curiosity Box represents a curated collection for anyone who enjoys a fun-loving approach to science. Each box has plenty of surprises–science and math toys, unputdownable books, downloadable video games, experimental puzzles, exclusive swag, and more.

Whether the box is for you or for an inquisitive young mind, you’re bound to have a good time. These seasonal boxes release only four times a year and regularly sell out, so if you’re interested it’s best to jump on it now. For people who dig science, the Curiosity Box is an exciting subscription with plenty of surprises.

On top of that, every subscription helps support initiatives like supporting Alzheimer’s research and the Inquisitive Fellowship, which empowers creators from across the world in a wide range of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. Since launching five years ago, the company has donated more than $200,000 to Alzheimer’s research.

How Curiosity Box Works

Curiosity Box is a quarterly subscription that you can pay for either seasonally or annually. When you subscribe, you’ll receive four boxes each year with up to 10 items that are sure to make science lovers happy. This includes everything from Cyanotype shirt kits to Baguenaudier puzzles and more.

This is all done in the unique, approachable, shareable style that has grown a worldwide following. These are advanced science products with high-level experiments, demonstrations, and lessons on topics like angular momentum, electromagnetic force, and differential pressure.

How Much Does Curiosity Box Cost?

If you subscribe seasonally, the cost is $50 per box plus taxes and shipping. This subscription is billed quarterly and renews automatically. You also have the option to subscribe annually, which provides a discount at $46 per box. (The annual subscription is a one-time $184 payment.)

When you subscribe, all you have to do is choose seasonal or annual and provide your shirt size, then check out. You’ll also get a free gift with a $50 value!

If you like products, but you’re not ready to begin a subscription, you can always check out the Curiosity Box store, which is called Inq’s Shop. You’ll find bundles on topics like experiments, puzzles, and physics, plus playing cards, science toys, T-shirts, and more. Here are a few of the bundles offered by Curiosity Box:

  • Puzzles Bundle: This is all best-selling puzzles bundled together at a discounted price. Includes matchbook puzzles, a double tangram puzzle, match-like puzzle sticks, a mystery box, and a sticker.
  • Experiments Bundle: Save $14 off the retail price with this bundle of hit experiments, including a glow in the dark crystal lab kit, a slime kit, a sticker, and super absorbent polymer spheres.
  • Physics Bundle: With this bundle you get hit science toys like a gyroscope, hui stick, kururin, and enantiomorphic rattlebacks!

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Pros & Cons of a Curiosity Box Subscription


  • Surprise and delight: Curiosity Box gives you the chance to get all favorite brain food delivered right to your door. When you get the box, set aside time to discover everything that’s included. From fascinating physics toys to books with mind-blowing facts, every science lover will have a blast with this subscription.
  • High-quality products: Subscribers give high marks to the quality products included in each box. This is particularly important with experiments. As a subscriber, know that every brain-busting puzzle and mesmerizing science toy was developed by experts.
  • Educational: This is an excellent way to get kids excited about the world of science. With goo and polymer experiments, richly illustrated books on the table of elements, stickers, and more, there’s plenty to keep curious young minds occupied.
  • Free gift: When you sign up for Curiosity Box, you get a code redeemable for a free gift that’s worth $50.


  • If you’re a parent looking for a more structured science experiment subscription for your child, then there are better options. Curiosity Box focuses more on fun and selects from general science topics, rather than focusing on one discipline.
  • This subscription is for science lovers only. If you aren’t interested in exercising your mind, then Curiosity Box might not be for you.

See What’s Inside a Curiosity Box

Each box is entirely unique so you never know what to expect. Let’s take a look at what’s inside a Curiosity Box with some past examples:

  • Fall 2020 Box: This introduces Inquisitive, or Inq, Curiosity Box’s octopus-like mascot. The bright orange package kicks off the fun. Inside is a T-shirt with a whimsical design and fascinating mathematics formulas, an Inq pencil pack with an accompanying holder, Inq’s Raketti puzzle, an artist spotlight postcard and sticker, a code for a Steam game called Magnum Opus, and The Art of Curiosity book with biographies of 50 visionary people and dozens of gorgeous illustrations. Inq’s solar car kit might be the highlight of the package, complete with all the components and guidance needed to make this neat project.
  • Spring 2022 Box: This box includes some seriously cool science toys. The pressure globe shows the power of differential pressure. The CMY cube explores subtractive color mixing. The Astrolinks puzzle has more than 120 two-dimensional and three–dimensional challenges. Plus, there are download codes for two Steam games–Synonymy and The Devil’s Calculator–a T-shirt showing the incredible lifecycle of a star, and a beautiful book detailing the famous mathematical tessellations of the artist M.C. Escher.
  • Fall 2019 Box: Are you ready to venture into space? This box comes with a scale solar system wall decal set, a download code for Universe Sandbox on Steam, and Earth Space, a book with photographs from the archives of NASA. It also includes a gyroscope, a golden record pizza cutter, Inq’s plasma orb, and more!
  • Spring 2020 Box: Who doesn’t love the old drinking bird toy? (This one’s for you, Simpsons fans!) This box also comes with an Inq toy, a mystery shirt, an eight ball, a Calibron 12 puzzle, and a book titled The Science of Cooking.
  • Winter 2019 Box: This box comes with Inq’s Ambiguous Illusion Kit, a golden record pizza cutter, a mystery shirt, Inq’s Mirascape, and The Stars: A Definitive Visual Guide to the Cosmos!

As you can see, what you get in each box differs greatly, but rest assured that you’ll have a blast discovering what’s in each box!

Is Curiosity Box Worth It?

This is a subscription for thinkers everywhere who want to be surprised with some novel and amazing items. If you dig this approach to making science have that wow factor, then Curiosity Box could be right for you. It’s also a great way to keep your child engaged and excited about STEM learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Curiosity Box Compare to KiwiCo?

KiwiCo is a STEM subscription box service for kids of all ages. They include subscriptions for everything from engineering to arts to physics and more. KiwiCo boxes come once a month and are focused on experiments, projects, and activities.

Curiosity Box, on the other hand, arrives quarterly. If you’re looking for a more focused experience to enhance your child’s science education, then KiwiCo is the right pick. If you want to get cool, unique science-related stuff, then you’ll be more interested in Curiosity Box.

How Does Curiosity Box Compare to MEL Science?

MEL Science is a subscription service for children ages 4 and up. They offer several boxes including coding, chemistry, physics, and STEM. Each monthly box includes a challenging experiment along with supporting materials describing the scientific concepts involved.

MEL Science is best for those who want to enhance their child’s science education. Curiosity Box, on the other hand, is for people of any age who want to be.

What Is the Curiosity Box Store?

For those of you who love the idea of the Curiosity Box, but don’t want another subscription, check out Inq’s Shop. Here you’ll find neat gadgets along with apparel, cool science toys, and more, all sold as individual purchases or as bundles.

Does Curiosity Box Auto-Renew?

Yes. If you have a seasonal plan, your subscription will renew on the following dates:

Spring: February 10
Summer: May 10
Fall: August 10
Winter: November 10

For annual subscriptions, your renewal will occur in the same season as the original purchase.
If you’re unsure about when your subscription renews, just sign in to your account and visit the Members Area to find your next renewal date.

When Do Curiosity Boxes Ship?

Boxes ship in the first week of each of the following months:

Spring: March
Summer: June
Fall: September
Winter: December

Can I Cancel a Curiosity Box Subscription?

Yes. Log in to your account, then select Manage Subscription, then click Edit. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Cancel Subscription button.

Note that canceling your account will not make you eligible for a refund. Once an order is checked out, it is sent to the fulfillment center for processing and cannot be canceled or refunded. Cancellation takes effect for your next renewal.

How Do I Contact Customer Service?

If you have any issues with your account, you can always contact customer service at [email protected].

Does Curiosity Box Accept Returns?

No. All sales are final and Curiosity Box does not accept returns or issue refunds.

However, if you receive a damaged product, the company will arrange for a replacement. Contact customer service at [email protected] if you have any trouble with your order.

What Countries Does Curiosity Box Ship To?

Curiosity Box does ship to international subscribers. Shipping charges vary by country. Curiosity Box passes on the exact shipping rate charged for international shipments. The company does not control shipping costs and is unable to lower shipping costs.

Curiosity Box is updating its list of countries that it ships to. Currently the best way to find out if they ship to your country is to complete check out. If you’re unable to check out or receive an error message, then Curiosity Box does not ship to your country.

Is Curiosity Box Right for Me?

Who doesn’t need a bit more surprise and delight in their life? Curiosity Box sends a package of awesome, mind-boggling science knowledge direct to your doorstep four times a year. With amazing physics toys, fun apparel, fascinating experiments, and more, each box will provide hours of entertainment and education.

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