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  • This is an international directory. The form captures information regarding ship from countries, ship to countries, and basic shipping cost information!
  • We cannot “trash” existing, published entries. That would remove the box from wishlists and from subscriber notifications. Accordingly don’t use this form if you are submitting changes to an already published entry. Email [email protected] for quick updates. Using this form for an EXISTING DIRECTORY ENTRY will not update the entry. It will take months for us to sort out the changes. Email instead. PLEASE do not submit duplicates


  • In the form there will be a checkbox to tick if you’re interested in a review of your subscription
  • We will not provide review information if you do not tick the box.
  • If you’d like a review we have a full team, including multiple US reviewers,  Canadian reviewers & a UK reviewer, that can provide reviews of specialty boxes (from birds to chickens to tactical gear to planners and stationery – anything you can think of!).
  • You will be matched with a reviewer during the review process.
  • Reviews, as well as directory listings, are always free.


  • If you are a NEW subscription box and want to know about affiliate programs,we strongly recommend Share a Sale – it’s easy to use, low cost, and everyone uses it.
  • You can request information on advertising on our contact page. Please note that advertising is usually a best fit for our readers when subscriptions are well established and reliable.

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