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NetBricks Reviews

Updated September 18, 2023


NetBricks provides families, children and individuals the best experiences building with LEGO sets. We have an extensive set list that allows you to order multiple sets to your door and you can play with them for as long as you’d like. Flexible NetBricks pricing helps you stay on budget, and our sorting and sanitizing process gives you peace of mind that your experience will be clean and organized.

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  1. Monique Walczak

    Steer clear! Read Better Business Bureau complaints first! (I should have)Sadly my experience with this company was terrible. Received my first set and discovered four broken pieces as I sorted each piece by type. Then about half way through I discovered my first missing piece. It wasn’t a small one either, it was a large plate that I couldn’t continue to build without. I reached out to customer service, it took a couple days, but they finally let me know they would send a new one. It took nearly a week to get the piece in the mail. As I continued along I discovered two more missing pieces. I let the company know and told them I was unhappy with the service. After a few more days they finally responded, insulting my integrity, and said that it was “highly unlikely for me to be missing this many pieces”. I responded that I would like to take advantage of their 100% satisfaction guarantee. They avoided this, until I took a screen shot and told them that if they won’t honor it I needed a reason why. They then said they would honor it, but attached to that statement is a clause that says “less shipping and restocking fee”. Folks, they charged me $48 for shipping and $65 for restocking!
    When I asked them to explain the restocking they said it was to prepare the set for the next user. Clearly that didn’t happen with my set and their whole business model is set for you to return things to them. So in the long run I paid $100 dollars to build the Death Star. Ludicrous. Stay away from this company. Bad product, bad customer service and even worse business practices. I should have known that a company that has no way to speak to an actual person (even after I asked more than once) is bad news.