Nail Mail by Espionage Cosmetics

Formerly Nexus by Espionage Cosmetics. Two BRAND NEW “Nailed It!” nail wrap designs in each Nail Mail box.

00 per month

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  1. Chris

    I looove these things. I liked nail stickers before, but these last so much longer than anything else I’ve tried and now I’m addicted. For me they tend to last about 3 weeks, and then I peel them off because they’re growing out. Unless I stick them on and then immediately take a really hot shower. Don’t do that. Otherwise they last forever. Even though I’ve been wearing these wraps consistently for well over a year, I am always so impressed by how long my nails are when I remove them. My nails would often break or I’d absent-mindedly chew on them so they were never naturally long, but now I have to file them down when they start to get stuck in my keyboard at work. It’s an unexpected bonus. The voting-on-the-winner idea is fun. I forget to actually vote half the time, but I’m always excited to see which one wins.