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Every month, our team of curators study your music tastes to hand-pick 3 new albums you will love. Make sure you’ve got your turntable ready for the amazing vinyl headed your way.

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  1. Adam Hinds

    The curators of this service claim to pick records based off personal taste. In reality, most of the records sent are predetermined, most like for promotional purposes. Very little attention is paid to your personal preferences. In the beginning, this service sent out used records for “rent” like Netflix, but when they found out it was illegal to do so, they used their crowdfunding money to open a brick-and-mortar record store and continue with this subscription service. The company on a whole seems fishy in a number of ways. I would not recommend a VNYL subscription to anyone. Instead, use your money to buy the records you want from your local record store yourself. This service is really geared towards teenage hipsters with Crosley record players that lack a real appreciation for music or vinyl as a format.