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Get curated vinyl delivered each month from the music style you choose. Pick from Alternative, Rock, and Singer/Songwriter.

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  1. Katie Robinson

    I ordered a record from this company last month and have yet to receive it. I have contacted them multiple times with no response or explanation. Don’t waste your time or money. I have never seen such poor customer service.

  2. Chuck Brensworth

    Wonderful box with great choices of vinyl

  3. sean

    Stay away! Music selection is good, that’s where they got me. The website and ordering process is a clown show. Never complained about the way a site it set up or works before until I came across Blind Tiger. I believe they had the BT set the site up to save a few bucks… really bad idea.

  4. Amelia Jones

    While fairly new to the subscription, I have had a wonderful experience with Blind Tiger Record Club even through some USPS troubles.

    I purchased several other records along with the subscription service (Paid upfront for 12 months because you save a few bucks). To get free shipping, I had the additional purchased records ship with the subscription that ships at the end of each month. The end of June comes and goes, I get my shipping confirmation email. Several days go by, and shipping is stuck on “Pre-Shipment.” I hate to be that person that contacts CS for trivial things, so I wait it out, there is a global pandemic after all. It gets to be July 13 and still no package, mind you I live in Nashville so it should have arrived a day maybe 2 days after they shipped. At this point, I have no choice, the package may be lost and I don’t want to be out 700+ dollars, not to mention some of the records purchased were sold out at this point so they likely wouldn’t be able to replace them. A man named Rudy responds and tells me he dropped it off personally and he will look into it and assured me he will make it right. Already relieved at this point because I can tell that he cares about the issue and is really trying to fix the issue vs some sellers who are unresponsive or would just say it’s not their responsibility after it ships. A few days go by and I notice that the tracking updates and I can tell that the package will arrive after all. Rudy was able to save my lost package. He did so in a very professional and kind way, I really can’t even be mad because it wasn’t even his fault USPS lost it. However, he made sure I was taken care of!