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Focus on your toddler’s personalized nutrition ensuring that they taste their first 100 flavors before the age of two to help build an adventurous eater for life. We’re grounded in the science of food to give your child the most nutritious start possible. Our organic, nutrient-rich meals were created with your little one in mind. We’re here to help them foster a lifelong positive and healthy relationship with food, cultivate healthy eating patterns and create a willingness to try new things. Our fresh-chopped baby and toddler meals are made with real ingredients and they’re real delicious too. Tiny Organics is food that’s better for your baby and toddler and easier for you. Plus, we’re following recent research and focus on finger foods. If you start with purees, try Tiny when your little one outgrows purees. Tiny is also a great choice for those who forego purees and practice baby-led weaning. So give your baby and toddler a solid start by serving them something that’s grabbably good.

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  1. NK

    Horrible customer service and slow shipping. When you reach out through social media, their solution is to delete all negative comments and block you. Parents should be aware of this disaster of a company before spending their money on it.