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Panda Crate by KiwiCo Reviews

Updated July 25, 2023

Panda Crate by KiwiCo

Laying the foundation for lifelong learning begins at birth. Panda Crate by KiwiCo provides educational toys, books, and other essentials for newborns to 36-month olds that are designed and vetted by experts to support your child’s cognitive and physical development. Every Panda Crate contains aesthetically pleasing items your child will love along with activities to help you bond and explore with your child.

90 every other month

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Subscribing to Panda Crate

Panda Crate is from KiwiCo, a subscription service dedicated to supporting children’s education through fun, unique toys and projects. Panda Crate is dedicated to the littlest learners–those 0 to 36 months old.

Every KiwiCo crate is designed to be appropriate for a specific age group and intended to support their development. Panda Crate is made to support infants and toddlers in what they do best: exploring, playing, learning about the world, and interacting with the loving adults in their lives. The boxes for this age group are focused on play whereas those for older children are more centered on making and building.

Once every two months, you will receive a crate with items like a tummy time mirror, colorful cards for sorting, and a bead maze. Children change so rapidly in the early years that it’s hard to keep up. That’s why there’s a crate made specifically for children every two months. The activities an 18-month-old is interested in are different than, say, a six-month-old.

Created with the help of experts at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Panda Crate is intended to nurture your child’s brain through a series of fun and engaging play activities. Be there as your child learns and grows with Panda Crate!

How Panda Crate Works

By subscribing to Panda Crate, you will receive a crate once every other month. Simply enter your child’s birth or due date, then select a subscription plan that’s right for you. The box will come addressed to your child–one day soon your child will love receiving mail with their name on it!

The first crate will ship in two days. You can pause or cancel the subscription anytime.

If you’re loving Panda Crate, the good news is that this subscription grows with your child. KiwiCo offers amazing hands-on activities for children of all ages. Next up for 3-to-4-year-olds is the Koala Crate!

Panda Crate Pricing and Options

Panda Crates are available in one-month, three-month, six-month, and twelve-month commitments. The greater the commitment, the less you pay per crate.

For one month, you pay $21.95, or $43.90 per crate, as these are shipped once every other month. Three months is $20.95 per month or $41.90 per crate; six months is $18.50 per month or $37 per crate, and twelve months is $16.95 per month, or $33.90 per crate. Shipping varies in the U.S.

These subscriptions renew automatically. Term subscriptions are also available at a higher rate.

KiwiCo offers many discounts. Right now you can take advantage of a 30% discount via Hello Subscription by clicking on this offer!

If you like the idea of Panda Crate but are hesitant to subscribe, you can always try it out by purchasing individual crates and products from the KiwiCo Store. From adorable plushies to a rainbow ball run to a cell shape sorter, there’s the perfect activity or toy for your child.

Panda Crate Benefits and Drawbacks

KiwiCo has an excellent reputation for delivering quality products at a reasonable price. Since an engineer and mom of three started the company, they’ve shipped more than 25 million crates to kids around the world.

Panda Crate allows kids to get into everything KiwiCo has to offer at an early age. Here’s what parents are saying about the benefits of Panda Crates:

  • Developmentally appropriate: Let’s face facts: knowing what a baby wants and needs is difficult. Most of the time you’re just guessing which toys they’ll be interested in. With Panda Crate, you can rest easy knowing that experts poured hundreds of hours developing, testing, and perfecting each activity. Each crate is catered specifically to help your child clear important milestones.
  • Bonding experience: These early years are precious and impossible to replicate. Panda Crate gives you toys, activities, and books that support a bonding experience between you and your child.
  • Value: Compared to some other subscriptions services, KiwiCo is less expensive. This comes with no compromise on the quality of their products. Each item in a Panda Crate is aesthetically pleasing and made to stimulate your child’s interest.
  • Kids love them: The most important thing is that your child dives into what each box has to offer. Fortunately, kids love Panda Crate toys and activities. From a star teether for infants to a ball maze for toddlers, your child will be delighted by what’s on offer. Everything Panda Crate includes has been tested by children to ensure it’s engaging and enjoyable.
  • Subscription grows with your child: If you’re finding that the activities are a bit simplistic, then just move up to Koala Crate. KiwiCo includes age-appropriate crates for children of every age.

On the flip side, some parents don’t love that you don’t get a choice over what’s included in each box. You also need time to dedicate whenever the box arrives, as toddlers will need support, especially with the hands-on activities.

Some people don’t like the idea of having another subscription to worry about. Luckily, for those interested in Panda Crate, you can try it out by going to the KiwiCo Store. Here you can buy individual crates, age-appropriate toys, and more!

Is Panda Crate Worth It?

Finding the right toys and activities for infants and toddlers was difficult–until Panda Crate made it easy! With a Panda Crate subscription, you know that once every two months, a box will show up on your doorstep with a delightful arrangement of hands-on activities, books, manipulables, and toys catered to your growing child’s development.

Overall, Panda Crate offers a cost-effective way to support your young child’s curious and adventurous mind. It’s also a way to bond with your child and provides an easy, convenient way to encourage play and exploration.

That’s why parents consistently give Panda Crate high marks and say that it’s worth it!

Maximizing Your Panda Crate Subscription

When your child’s box lands on your doorstep, make time to explore its contents alongside your child. Children at this age will need some help opening items and learning to use them, but as much as possible, try to stay on the side and let your little one figure it out on their own. This will help them build skills and foster a sense of independence.

If you’re liking what KiwiCo has to offer, why not upgrade with a Deluxe package? This will include a book the company’s editors handpick that’s educational, engaging, and perfect for their age. You can select a Deluxe subscription with your first order or if you’re already a subscriber.

Panda Crate vs. Lovevery

One of the primary competitors to Panda Crate is Lovevery. Lovevery is a subscription service dedicated to infants and toddlers that sends beautiful toys that are made to help hone motor skills. Each box is delivered once every other month and has about seven or eight toys.

While there are some similarities between the two services, Panda Crate is less expensive. Each Panda Crate is, at most, $39.90 per month, compared to a starting price of $80 for Lovevery. Also, with Panda Crate, your child can grow with new KiwiCo crates, whereas Lovevery is exclusively for younger children.

What Does Each Panda Crate Contain?

With your Panda Crate subscription, you’ll receive a box once every other month. Panda Crates have distinctive green-colored packaging. The crates are designed to only include minimal packaging to prevent waste.

Panda Crates are centered around themes such as bonding with loving adults, sensory development, counting, and more. As your child grows, you can select KiwiCo crates that are based on their interests like art and crafts, science, engineering, and more.

Each crate typically has a total of five activities, including everything from magazines and sensory toys to puzzles, activity cards, and more. Here are some examples of what might come in your crate:

  •  Bond with Me: Specially designed for newborns to 2-month-olds, this box is dedicated to helping nurture a loving connection with your baby. The intention is to make them feel safe and secure so that they can begin exploring the world around them. This crate includes a tummy time mirror, black-and-white cards to support visual development, a swaddle blanket, and a milestone pillow plus cards to capture precious memories.
  • Sense with Me: This crate is for infants 3 to 6 months old. At this age, they’re making major discoveries every day! Everything that comes in the box is intended to stimulate their senses with stuff they can grab, chew on, sniff, and hear. You’ll get a crinkle tag toy, soft rattle blocks, a knot ball, a teething ring, and a colorful book. Watch as your child makes leaps in motor skills and cognitive development!
  • Explore with Me: Your little explorer is becoming more adventurous each day. Geared toward kids 7 to 12 months old, these toys assist with development in everything from hand-eye coordination to early math skills. This crate comes with a coin box puzzle, a tissue box with fabric tissues (maybe they’ll stop stealing yours!), a bead maze, and more!
  • Count with Me: Your child is beginning to sort objects by size and shape, which lays the foundation for future math learning. This crate for children 13 to 18 months old includes stacking cups, shape puzzles, cylinder blocks, and other toys made to engage their new inclinations. You’ll have fun with your little one sorting and building while knowing that they’re getting an enriching experience!
  • Solve with Me: Your toddler is becoming a more capable and confident problem solver. Children ages 19 to 24 months love simple puzzles, and Panda Crate delivers puzzles that are accessible and appealing. From squishy shapes and bean bag shapes to peg puzzles and lacing beads, your child will hone motor skills and problem-solving abilities!


What Age Is Panda Crate For?

Panda Crate is KiwiCo’s offering for children younger than 3 years. They have a range of subscriptions available for children of all ages, so when they outgrow Panda Crate, they can easily move on to Koala Crate.

Can I Cancel Panda Crate?

With any KiwiCo subscription, you’re able to switch, pause, or cancel at any time. Simply head to KiwiCo’s website, log in to your account, and follow the directions for cancellation.

Can I Purchase Individual Panda Crates?

Yes. You can buy single Panda Crates along with a wide array of age-appropriate toys via the KiwiCo Store. This is a great idea if you just want to try it out, or you’re giving Panda Crate as a gift.

Can I Give Panda Crate as a Gift?

Yes. KiwiCo encourages sending Panda Crate as a gift to the little one in your life. Just click subscribe and enter the child’s information including their name and birthdate to get started. If you click the “Are you giving this as a gift?” box, you can add a personalized message to the birthday boy or girl.

Does Panda Crate Have International Shipping?

Yes. International shipping to select countries is available. There are international shipping fees typically about $5 to $6 per crate.

How Long Will It Take for Panda Crate to Ship?

Shipping varies in the U.S. This typically takes three to ten business days. Faster shipping is also available for a fee.

Should I Sign Up for Panda Crate?

Before you know it, you’re going to be sending your baby off to kindergarten. Make the most of these precious days by subscribing to Panda Crate. Your child will have a blast playing with their unique toys while honing cognitive and physical skills that will last them a lifetime.

Check out everything Panda Crate by KiwiCo has to offer!

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