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Loot Crate

Loot Crate is a monthly mystery subscription box delivering exclusive pop culture collectibles & gear ($45+ value!) from your favorite movies, TV shows, video games, and comics. Items include figures, t-shirts, comics, housewares, art prints, pins, and more.

99 per month

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  1. Holly W

    First I loved them, now I’m just disappointed. They used to have such great stuff. But over time quality and shipping delays have soured my opinions of them. Just got the first Elder Scrolls crate. They canceled the year buy-in bonus. Never told a customer. Only reason I paid up front. At first I thought, well at least the regular crates hopefully will be good. Well, the first one, “quest” is very disappointing indeed. I won’t spoil it here but I wish I hadn’t paid in full. Don’t waste your cash on them. Not anymore.

  2. Chasity

    Customer service is a nightmare and recently so has shipping. They often run promotions so the value is always there.
    You will get a t-shirt every time. You can skip a month if the theme or spoilers aren’t for you. Right now, it’s really the only geek monthly around.

  3. Jason

    Crate never arrived. March crate that was supposed to arrive “by mid April” hasn’t arrived and it’s May 1st. No further word on item.

  4. snowsparks38

    My sister got this box for her son in the past and it was amazing. He still talks about it. I am going to be getting this for my boy soon.. Well worth the price..

  5. mesutcan111


  6. snowsparks38

    I got this box for my son last year and he loved it. It was so cool..

  7. calistakallie

    I love Loot Crate!! They are perfect for my personality and always bring a smile to my face. 🙂

  8. Tanya Jones

    The items in lootcrate anime are really good, but I wish they wouldn’t do ONLY mainstream, popular anime. How about some stuff from the 80’s? Or lesser known stuff. Even just a small item from the lesser known stuff. xxxx

  9. Ann Nonymous

    I had a 6 month subscription for my daughter and she asked to have it renewed as one of her Christmas presents. The 6 month subscription she had was to renew January 23 so I hit the upgrade button because they had a sale at the time and I wanted the discount. You would think that would mean that AFTER the 6 month subscription was over that the new one would start. NO…THAT IS NOT THE CASE. I received 2 boxes in December and they changed my renewal date to Dec 5 2018. I am still trying to figure the date out. I emailed customer service and the first response was that they were sorry but I should have waited until my subscription was over. I would receive 2 boxes until my old subscription is over. WHAT? That makes no sense at all. I RENEWED an existing subscription, why would I want duplicate boxes and for the subscription to end a month earlier than it should be? I told them I was not happy with this and the second email told me when I received the box, to refuse it and they would give me credit for it. Ummmm….The first email I sent CLEARLY stated I received 2 boxes. How could I refuse something that I already received and how would I know there was a problem if I did not receive it? I have looked in their terms and nowhere does it state not to renew early. I am sure that they will find another excuse to cheat me so I’m done with Lootcrate after this subscription is over.

    I would not have renewed this in the first place but my kid loves getting her surprise box every month even though they are coming later and later and the items are not nearly what they were when we started.

  10. Jay Eff

    Be very careful before starting your subscription. The items are below average for geek/gamer boxes and the negative reports about their billing, issues with cancellation and shoddy customer service were consistent with my experience.

  11. fantasysportslive

    I am subscribed to 4 subscriptions now, I am discontinuing Lootcrate because it has gotten a tad repetitive…

  12. Brandy

    Tom’s video review of the box!

  13. Ryan

    I’ve also been debating this one for a while! I, too, love all the nerdy stuff and wish every month that I had gotten the box! Can’t wait to see what you get!! 🙂

    • Brandy

      i’m always kicking myself because you can’t get some of the items elsewhere. hence me buying it 🙂

    • thehqproducts

      I’ve been receiving Lootcrate for free these past few months and It’s really awesome! These hearthstone item and supernatural impala is amazing. Spread the word! It’s limited