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Loot Crate

Lootcrate is a subscription box full of gamer-ific loot for geeks and gamers. Past crates have included figurines, candy, stickers, gift cards, accessories, more figurines, buttons, books, postcards, shirts, stickers, games, you name it, all with a geeky, game-y flair.

99 per month

Save $3 on your first box. Use coupon code SAVE3.


Save 10% on any subscription plan. Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION.


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  1. Ryan

    I’ve also been debating this one for a while! I, too, love all the nerdy stuff and wish every month that I had gotten the box! Can’t wait to see what you get!! 🙂

    • Brandy

      i’m always kicking myself because you can’t get some of the items elsewhere. hence me buying it 🙂

    • thehqproducts

      I’ve been receiving Lootcrate for free these past few months and It’s really awesome! These hearthstone item and supernatural impala is amazing. Spread the word! It’s limited

  2. Brandy

    Tom’s video review of the box!

  3. fantasysportslive

    I am subscribed to 4 subscriptions now, I am discontinuing Lootcrate because it has gotten a tad repetitive…

  4. Jay Eff

    Be very careful before starting your subscription. The items are below average for geek/gamer boxes and the negative reports about their billing, issues with cancellation and shoddy customer service were consistent with my experience.