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Monthly Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Comes with a cute little bag to store your loot.

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  1. Jane Doe

    Jeez I wish I subscribed to this box back when I first heard about it. 10 bucks! And so far I’ve received wearable, functional makeup samples that suit me perfectly. Sure you get small samples but that’s the point now isn’t it? Also, you get a cute lil’ bag with it. I also subscribe to Birchbox, and like I said, these samples are more functional, stuff I can wear every day- no crazy colors. So my advice is: just go for it. Pull the trigger. 10 bucks! Worth it!

  2. aniedc16

    Ive been receiving it for a few months and its been improving and now with the skip month option its great if you dont like a month.