Birchbox is a discovery box that will send you 5 samples and deluxe size makeup, skincare, and hair care products (with an occasional full-size item!). Boxes are customized to your beauty profile.

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Birchbox Reviews + Ratings
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  1. jnoneman

    This box was “eh” for me. For the money you get a way better deal with some full-size or delux size samples at Itsy.

  2. maribsweeps

    I love BirchBox! The products are always high quality and I enjoy trying out different things every month. I took off one star for the mostly small size of the samples.

  3. farmermomwife

    I cancelled after two boxes. I received an eyeshadow(the best product in my boxes) but it was broken. I called CS about but instead of giving me a new product, they gave me $5 credit.

  4. g_leider

    It started out as a really wonderful treat, but I ended up with too many things I didn’t want so I stopped getting it.

  5. Candace Galan

    I really love this beauty product box. It comes with a lot of very nice and different products, with many deluxe sizes.

  6. Jane Doe

    I subscribed to this service about 2 years ago. For the price, it’s a great value. But the only problem is that sometimes you get stuck with utterly unwearable makeup!! For instance, I got this nice sample of Stila long wear lipcolor- but it was in the most brightest shade of orangy-coral I’ve ever seen. I’ve actually gotten a few lipsticks in unwearable colors (for me at least anyway), which is a bummer. But- on the good side, I’ve opted to get samples of perfumes and they’ve always been a hit, along with any eye makeup and facial products. They had at some point an add on program where for like 15 bucks extra they added a full size make up product. That was fun, although I received a few duds, like colors that I would never wear. They stopped that service but recently started a new one- it’s in beta testing- where you get 5$ off any full size product to add on to your monthly box. I signed up and so far so good, it’s not a bad deal. So to conclude, this service is worth the money spent on it. Be prepared to receive some unwearable stuff though!

  7. clairejevon

    I ve tried this box a few times and I have to admit, its rubbish. Comparing to other beauty boxes that provide really good quality,mostly full size products. The hype of Birchbox for me is wearing off!

    If I want designer samples I will head down to a department store myself and get some.

    Its just a pretty box with a load of over selling.