Guzel is for those that love health, beauty and great things for women. We have different size boxes that comes with 5 or more items ranging from full size to trial size.

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  1. Ebbi

    I subscribe to this box and never recieved it…but they’re charging me! The site is down.

  2. Cheyenne Baldwin

    I ordered from them like two months ago and never got my box, or a refund, the still have my box on preshipment since the 6th almost 3 weeks ago since they “apologized for accidentally canceling my box” also the first box I got had broken items which they never replaced. Awful awful company.

  3. maureen A miller

    I paid for 2 boxes only received 1 and finally after contacting them over a month the said it was mailed on June 6th it’s the 23th never received it and they won’t answer me .. Horrible

  4. Laura Pankowski

    The worst box ever. I subscribed in mid march with a promo code for a free gift. I received my box the last week of april, with a broken palette, a granola bar, tea diffuser, a face mask. That’s what you get for a $25 box? The website showed images exploding with awesome beauty supplies. I contacted customer service, they told me that the free gifts ship out separately and I should receive mine in may. I sent them images of my box and the broken palette. They said it looked like my box was missing things and they would ship it out with a replacement palette. Well, it’s mid June and I have not received anything at all. I have emailed them. What happened to the free gift? What about my palette? The missing items? Hello?! Well, no response. I see they lowered their price. I hope they go out of business.


    I cannot convey to you how disappointing the Guzel Subscription box is.
    The customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with. I order the April box and it did not come until almost May. There were 5 items in the box and all of them were terrible. One of the items was a cheap blush palette that was broken into a thousand pieces. The immediately took another 25.00 dollars out of my account on May 1st for the may box which I have yet to receive. It is now May 21st and I have tried contacting them in every way there is to contact them and I have gotten 1 response saying that it would ship out tomorrow and that was on may 14th. Have never received my box. I will not give up and will continue to try and get my paid for box or get a refund. I would caution all of you to think twice before you subscribe to this box.