Walmart Beauty Box

Each new season brings different product needs and a reason to refresh your beauty cabinet. In your Walmart Beauty Box, you’ll find sample beauty products and tips on how to use those and other items sold at Walmart and on Receiving your Walmart Beauty Box will be another reason to welcome each new season.

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  1. kaserina

    I have been subscribing to beauty boxes for two years now and this is the first box where the customer service and subscription experience were so bad that I stopped subscribing last fall. Given that its the cheapest subscription box I had at $5, that’s saying something. However, I just bought the one-time InStyle beauty box from Walmart and I received the products advertised quickly and found the contents to be well worth the money. If Walmart is going to keep the customer service up then I might just subscribe again. For now, the 3 stars listed reflects that I was unhappy with this box previously, but pleasantly surprised by the recent InStyle box.