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The FX Crate team tests and selects the best special effects makeup to deliver fantastic themes every month!

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  1. Vanessa Dixon-Munford

    I’d like a full refund for both months paid for. It’s been too long since I’ve received even the first box and I already got charged for the second box already. There no way to call you guys and I had a hard time canceling the membership/subscription.

  2. L.s.

    This subscription sucks. I started my subscription early May. I recieved that box within a few weeks, which was great. I got some super cool products so I had high hopes for the rest of the year. June passed, no crate. It is now mid july, and still no crate from June. I checked my bank statements, and sure enough, I was charged at the end of may for the june box. I try to email them, unfortunately, it says my email can not go through, what the heck? So I keep trying, no responses, no refunds, nothing. Their customer service severely lacks, as there is NO number to directly contact them, and the emails dont go through. I’m very disappointed.
    On top of that, I recieved my July box, which was supposed to be themed (snakes and scales), and I got a half broken black pencil, one brush, one sponge, a repeated translucent powder, and a zombie makeup wheel. What is going on here? Their advertisements are false. Their shipping boxes are matte black, filled to the brim with confetti paper, theres no padding whatsoever, so my products were tossed about during shipping (causing cracks and broken lids), and theres absolutely no tutorial paper on how to use the products, even though they state they send them with. This is definitely NOT WORTH IT. Do not waste your money, as I am still missing a box and $25, with no answers or concern on their behalf. You’re better off buying individual items and watching tutorials online, than waste your money here. Get it together FX crate. The only thing spooky about this subscription is your lack of customer service, and your sneaky ways of billing without delivering. Unsubscribed as of today.

  3. Susan Robinson

    Ordered an fx crate on Jan. 20th for my daughter, they said it was sent out on the 21st of February. It is now March 10th and still no crate, sent 8 emails with no response. They send out a bogus tracking number which which states only that a shipping label has been created, but nothing has shipped out. This company doesn’t even have a phone number to call for customer service. They tried to charge me for a second subscription box when I haven’t even received the first one I ordered. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM! Your chances of actually getting it are slim. This is one shady company that only cares about taking your money, nothing else.

  4. O.D.

    I am one of the decision makers at FX Crate, and this is what I would like everyone to take away from their subscription experience:
    -We have been mailing boxes since 8/15/16, and have shipped over 1000 crates across North America so far.
    -We do our best to come up with a fresh theme for every month, ranging from gore, blood, fantasy to practical and special techniques.
    -The boxes can contain anything from silicone, creme/grease/water activated paint, to professional tools, prosthetics, and water based adhesives.
    -We make sure the brands in each box produce top quality product, top brand names, and the best independent manufacturers we can find.
    -Our box is more than makeup, it is education, community, and creativity. Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and visit http://www.fxcrate.com to see what we do before purchasing. Our subscribers send us ample positive feedback and we enjoy sharing their work.

    Thank you!