Crate Club

The Crate Club is the ultimate monthly subscription that gets you a box of quality survival, tactical and outdoor gear every month. What separates us from all other subscriptions in this realm is that our staff is made up entirely of US Special Operations veterans. That means that the items you get have been vetted by the utmost experts!

99 per month

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  1. Charles G.

    Cancelled cause this is worth the money you pay for it..
    First box, received a 20$ knife in my 35$ box..
    Immediately after receiving my first box cancelled my subscription but it was the 9th so got another box anyway..
    Second box, received a 20$ bottle in my 35$ box but there was a 4$ estimated value sticker in the box, in the box itself according to the numbers it says my box was valued at 34$ and paid 35$ plus shipping
    Contacted customer service and the answer I got was we hope too see you again.