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Chic Beauty Box

Chic Beauty Box is a bi-monthly beauty subscription box that sends 4-5 full sized beauty products. Each box has products from popular beauty brands such as Mac, Fenty Beauty, Huda Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics, Maybelline and so much more!

99 every other month

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Chic Beauty Box Reviews + Ratings
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  1. Latasha Stevenson

    I just found out that the products incorporated in these monthly boxes are All Fakes/ 100% Not Authentic except the drug store brands these people use in their boxes – those are real. Let me tell you how I proved it – First I started with 3 months of products from different boxes such as Too Face, BareMinerals, Clarian, & Kylie skincare just to name a few and there’s more products but I’ll get to that in another review on YouTube.
    *I had these items verified from the boxes I was sent by this business overtime. Too Faced stated they are not authentic items incorporated in any of the chic boxes nor have they ever partnered with this business or had knowledge they were even using their products which in their words “ Hurts the brand” TooFace rep. asked me for the name of the company who was selling the items and the numbers off the items that came out the boxes. They have a hotline and website where you can report businesses for doing this type of stuff and it’s a lawsuit not to mention a crime and should anyone get sick or their skin messed up from one of the fake items, that is also a lawsuit that can cause major issues down the road and besides it hurting the brand and what they stand for, it also hurts the name too. Next, The Kylie skincare is 100% fake and was verified by macys, JC penny and Sephora who actually showed me for future reference on how To tell if a beauty item is fake since these scammers are getting better at making these items identical now a days and I’m greatful for learning this info! There is others but not enough room but just know this, chic beauty does not have long now to be in business and to continue to steal peoples money on the false pretense of receiving a good value for Real name brand products is messed up and if I can, I will also be filing a case looking into a lawyer to find out how much I can get from them on this! Maybe class action case will come about?! We’ll see but I suggest you get your items verified and I GUARANTEE THEY WILL TELL YOU THE SAME – sorry these items are
    Imitation items and you just been beat for your money!!!!!

  2. Ivy

    You choose your items and complexion shade, but they disregard and send whatever… I got defective, expired, discontinued items that smelled rotten and a shade that should’ve been called whiteout… I have messaged over a week now with just a stock email saying someone will get back to you in 24-48hrs and on your 3rd message they block your messages cause it won’t go through… Oh I also paused my subscription til this was resolved and they charged me anyway… Save yourself a headache and try a different box… I bought into the story it pulled at my heartstrings…now I feel like a fool and ripped off!

  3. Heather Sparks

    I currently have boxycharm I’m looking for something different. This box looks to be nice would it be worth it to cancel my boxy and get this one??? Thanks

    • Jessika Ormston

      I receive both , I personally wound not cancelled Boxy just cause its every month and way more variety to a box you can always grab one box without signing up for subscription .

  4. Jenny

    It is a good box overall. I wish there was more variety in the brands.

  5. Carrie

    The products I received we’re 6-9 years old. Check the batch dates on what you receive. I reached out to them and did not get a response.

    • Valerie

      Hi Connie! I had noted the same issue with my reviews. They did seem to make some improvement in later boxes but I’m still not 100% comfortable with their practices. They no longer send us the box for review, which is rather telling given how I pointed out the expired items.

  6. Emmanuel Kirenga

    i love this box! Can we see more reviews on it? Thanks!