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Super Chewer Reviews

Updated October 25, 2023

Super Chewer

Super Chewer is a monthly subscription box from Bark for dogs who love to chew. Each month, a themed box of toys and treats arrives at your door. The Bark Super Chewer box includes 2 tough toys, 2 full-sized bags of treats, and 2 meaty chews. After your first box, you can tailor your choices that are best suited for your dog’s size and dietary needs. From the makers of BarkBox!

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Subscribing to the Bark Super Chewer Subscription Box

Subscribing to Bark Super Chewer is easy. Simply visit Super Chewer and hit the Subscribe button. You will be taken to a short survey about your dog’s size, food preferences, etc. Enter your email, choose your subscription plan and then pick your first theme. From there enter your shipping and billing information, hit the Buy Now button and your first box will be on its way within 5 days. Every box contains more than $45 worth of toys and treats for your super chewer.

How Bark Super Chewer Works

Bark Super Chewer is a monthly subscription box filled with fun toys and treats for your dog. Each month’s box has a fun different theme such as Fall Hike, Ski Lodge and Deep Space. Bark Super Chewer contains 2 toys, 2 full sized treats and 2 chews. There are 3 subscription options. The monthly subscription is $40 a box. The 6 month subscription is the most popular one and it comes to $30 a month. The annual subscription is the best deal at $25 a box for 12 monthly boxes.

Bark Super Chewer membership begins with a series of questions so that Bark can know what kinds of goodies to put in your dog’s box. First you enter your pup’s name and gender. Next, you choose your box size based on your dog’s weight. Options are small (1-20 lbs), medium (20-50 lbs) or large (50+ lbs). From there, you can enter your dog’s specific breed or breeds if your dog is a mixed breed. Next up, is a question about your dog’s birthday or adoption date. You can skip both questions about your dog’s breed or birthday if you choose to.

Finally, on to your dog’s nutritional needs. Bark Super Chewer treats never contain wheat, corn or soy and are made in the USA or Canada. Here you get to pick if your dog has an aversion or is allergic to chicken, turkey or beef. You can also chat with Bark Super Chewer directly after checkout for any additional dietary needs.

Bark Super Chewer Examples: What May Be in Your Box

  • Ohio State Toofball: Hardcore – Squeaky Spiky Vanilla Scented Core Ball
  • Vegas Strip Steak- Meat Scented Nylon Chew
  • Jowlo Mold- Apple Scented Treat Dispenser
  • Spider Man- Friendly Neighborhood Dog Treats
  • Fall Acorn- Peanut Scented Treat Dispensing Chew

Bark Super Chewer Pricing and Options

Bark Super Chewer offers 3 subscription plans: the monthly plan is $40 a box, the 6 month plan is $30 a box for 6 boxes and the 12 month plan is $25 a box for 12 boxes. You can upgrade to the Classic Extra Toy subscription which includes an additional super deluxe extra toy in each box. You must pre-pay for the 6 and 12 month Bark Super Chewer plans.

Bark Super Chewer Benefits and Drawbacks

Bark Super Chewer Benefits

  • Super Chewer treats are free of corn, soy and wheat and made in the USA or Canada
  • Bark Super Chewer is fun for both you and your pup!
  • All Super Chewer toys are tough and come with a 100% Happy Guarantee

Bark Super Chewer Drawbacks

  • Shipping is not free
  • The cost of the monthly box subscription seems a little expensive compared to other pet box subscriptions so the best deal is to go for the 12 month subscription

Is Bark Super Chewer Worth It?

Most dogs love to chew, but some have a bit more of, shall we say, an oral fixation more than other dogs. If your dog chews through regular plush dog toys within an hour, then the Bark Super Chewer monthly subscription box is perfect for your pup. The treats are all made in the USA or Canada, and you can customize treats based on your dog’s allergy or dietary preferences. There are 3 subscription plans to choose from with the best bang for your buck being the annual plan. With super fun monthly themes to entertain both you and your dog, you can save your shoes and socks from getting munched on with Bark Super Chewer.

Bark Super Chewer Tips

The Bark brand has 3 other subscription box options to choose from in addition to the Super Chewer plan. The Classic BarkBox subscription is the original Bark plan and contains 2 toys, 2 treats and 1 chew. The BarkBright subscription contains a monthly supply of dog dental chews and triple enzymatic toothpaste to help your dog’s oral care and keep their breath fresh. BarkEats is a monthly customizable meal plan for your pooch.

If you choose the annual or 6 month membership option for Bark Super Chewer you will receive double the items on your first box.

Bark also has a separate online store called BarkShop where you can buy individual plush toys, treats and chews. You don’t have to be a subscription member to Bark Super Chewer to shop in BarkShop, and although they run promotions occasionally, you pay full retail prices for the items in BarkShop if you’re not a member of a Bark plan.

When you create your membership, you have an option to add The Extra Toy Club to your plan. For an extra $9 a month you can get a premium third super tough toy added to your monthly box.

Bark Super Chewer toys are designed in NYC to be durable. Many are made with strong rubber or nylon and have features such as bumpy textures to clean teeth, plush wrap with rubber core and scented treat dispensers. Bark Super Chewer also has a 100% Happy Guarantee. If your toys aren’t tough enough, Bark Super Chewer will replace them for free, no questions asked. How’s that for customer service?

How Bark Super Chewer Compares to Other Monthly Pet Subscription Boxes

Bark Super Chewer versus Chewy Goody Boxes

Chewy is an e-commerce pet brand that offers a monthly Chewy Goody Box with toys, treats and special surprises for your dog. With autoship on Chewy Goody Boxes you receive a themed box with at least 5 premium curated especially for your dog based on size and preferences.

The cost of the Chewy Dog Goody Box is $24.95 per month. Chewy also offers cat goody boxes and a whole line of food, toys, pharmacy items and much more for all species of animals. The cost of Bark Super Chewer is slightly more expensive per month, but the price goes down to $30 a box with a pre-paid yearly subscription.

The Bark brand focuses exclusively on dogs and has 3 other box subscription options in addition to Super Chewer; the Classic BarkBox, BarkBright and BarkEats. Barks main line of business is its subscription box membership plans and has an e-commerce online store similar to Chewy’s, yet does not have as wide of a selection of products. With the Bark Super Chewer subscription, you can be sure you are getting the most durable toys and chews for your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a subscription to Bark Super Chewer cost?

There are 3 options for a Bark Super Chewer subscription. The monthly subscription is $40 a box, the 6 month subscription cost comes to $30 a box and the annual subscription cost is $25 a box. You can add an extra toy to any subscription for an extra $9 a box.

What is the website for ordering Bark Super Chewer?

You can access the Bark Super Chewer website by following this link.

What comes in each Bark Super Chewer Box?

Each month the Bark Super Chewer box has themed dog items that include at least 2 plush toys, 2 full-sized treats and 2 chews. The MSRP for items in the basic box is over $45. You can upgrade monthly boxes to include an extra dog toy.

What is the sign up process for Bark Super Chewer?

Just visit Super Chewer and click on the Subscribe button. You take a short quiz about your dog, enter your email, choose your subscription plan and pick your first theme. From there, enter your shipping and billing information, hit the Buy Now button and you are all set to receive your first box.

Does Bark Super Chewer offer exchanges or returns?

Super Chewer can not process the return or exchange of any Bark Super Chewer items, but it does offer a 100% Happy Guarantee. If you or your pup is unhappy with any of the items in your monthly Bark Super Chewer box, customer service recommends you donate the item to a shelter or another dog lover. You can email the Happy Team at [email protected] to see what options they might have for you to make it right. If your dog has destroyed a super chewer toy, Bark Super Chewer will replace it with no questions asked for free at any time.

Are Bark Super Chewer toys safe?

Every Bark Super Chewer toy is designed to be safe with carefully chosen materials, shapes and sizes. Although Bark Super Chewer toys are some of the most durable on the market, the designers at Bark recommend that you supervise your dog while they play with toys.

What types of payment does Bark Super Chewer accept?

Bark Super Chewer accepts credit/debit cards including VISA, MasterCard, Amex and Discover. PayPal is also an option for payment.

How do I cancel my Bark Super Chewer subscription?

Simply visit your online account on the Bark Super Chewer website and go to Subscription Settings. Here you can edit your plan or disable auto renewal for cancellation.

Can I pause my Bark Super Chewer membership?

Yes, contact customer service at [email protected] for options.

When will my first Bark Super Chewer box ship?

It takes 2-3 business days to ship your box. Transit times can vary from 2-8 business days depending on your location.

Can I purchase add-ons to my monthly Super Chewer Box?

Yes. Visit the add-ons option from your member account dashboard to see what add-on items may be available. The additional items will be shipped in your monthly Bark Super Chewer Box, yet are billed separately.

Is there a Bark Super Chewer referral program?

Yes. When you want to refer a friend to Bark Super Chewer you can get a unique referral code from your account. If your friend purchases a 6 or 12 month subscription, you get a free Bark Super Chewer Box.

How much does shipping cost?

For orders over $35 shipping is free.

Does Bark offer any other subscription plans for your pup besides Super Chewer?

Yes. There are 3 other subscription plans available. The Classic Bar Box is the original and for a dog who is an average chewer. The BrightBox is a subscription dental plan with chews and toothpaste. BarkEats is a doggie monthly meal plan that is customizable.

How does Bark Super Chewer give back to the community?

Bark Super Chewer supports dogs and their humans everywhere. BarkGood is a program that advocates for fostering and dog-friendly spaces, as well as resources and education.

What Box Super Chewer gift options are there?

There are several options for gifting Bark Super Chewer. Prices are $40 for 1 month, $180 for 6 months and $300 for 12 months.

What if I have a problem with my order?

Support for your order is accessible from the BarkBox Happy Team. You can chat with them live or email them at [email protected].

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