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RescueBox is a monthly subscription of toys, treats, chews and more, that will make your pet fall head over paws in love with you! From treat lovers, to strong chewers, we hand-pick each box with your pet in mind. We put a great deal of thought into the making of each box and only use the highest quality products! We work with our charitable partners who are on the ground tirelessly helping animals that need your help the most.

95 per month

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  1. Andie Molnar

    I signed up for Rescue Box for a 3 month subscription. It was around Christmas time. I thought it was a nice gift for them and for my dogs. I didn’t know they keep renewing you even if you only sign up for 3 months. I hate companies that do that to you without letting you know. I guess it’s in the small print somewhere. While I do like to donate to animal rescue, I do not like being taken advantage of.

    • Valerie

      Generally (99.9% of the time) subscriptions will always renew regardless of the length of the subscription. Sometimes you get a bit of a discount if you sub for 3 months at a time instead of monthly, for example. I poked around Rescue Box’s website and on the very first page where you choose the size of your dog, it says “SUBSCRIPTIONS AUTOMATICALLY RENEW” so it’s not small print! 🙂 It looks like cancelling is super easy, so you just need to do so before your subscription renews in future.

  2. kymom13

    I love dog boxes for my furrry friend. Despite the cost of Rescue Box, I love that for each box purchased a meal is given to a humane society for an animal. The treats were perfect for my dog and he LOVED the toys!