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Bi-monthly curation of 5 premium CBD products sourced from a variety of the most trusted vendors, packaged in our special edition boxes. Each box is redesigned each month by.a local Philadelphian artist. Each box contains a mix of 4-6 items such as an oil tincture, edible, topicals and other new releases.

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  1. Julie

    AllayBox is my “go to” for all things CBD. They are knowledgeable, they listen, and they work with you to help discover the products that can produce the effect you want. I have back pain and they helped me discover the Hath Patch which has been a game changer. Getting relief from chronic pain in a natural way is priceless.

  2. Giovanna

    The Allaybox is the best CBD box that I have seen in the marketplace. The products are very high quality and full size, and they are presented in a Box that is beautiful. This is an incredible value for yourself + a great gift for people you care about who are experiencing anxiety or pain — or having trouble sleeping. I highly recommend.

  3. Mary

    I love this box. It is beautiful and filled with amazing full-size products. The products are always a great surprise and they work! There is no other offering like this. The boxes are collectible – very high quality and can be used for holding jewelry, or other small items – after you’ve used the items in the box. I highly recommend.