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Kidpik Reviews

Updated May 25, 2024


Kidpik is a subscription box that sends personalized outfits made just for your kids. You receive 8 unique items that mix-and-match delivered monthly or quarterly. With free shipping and 30% off every box of clothes you keep, your kids and your wallet will love Kidpik. Plus, the subscription grows with your kids with sizes 2-16 available. Styling fee costs $20.

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Subscribing to Kidpik

Every parent knows that it isn’t easy to shop for your kids’ clothes. Their sizes are always changing–and their sense of style is too. Even if you’re someone who loves shopping for kids’ clothes, you probably don’t have the same warm fuzzy feelings about taking your kids with you to try clothes on. They’re not going to be thrilled with the idea of trying on five different outfits.

That’s where Kidpik comes in. It’s the leading kids’ clothes subscription box. The best part about Kidpik is that you get to try the clothes on first. That’s right–they make returns easy and completely free. You get expertly styled head-to-toe outfits delivered right to your door with no risk. You get to make sure they’re perfectly sized and good for your child with zero commitment.

Of course, Kidpik is pretty sure your kids are going to love these outfits. If they do, each item only costs an average of $16 when you keep the entire box. Every Kidpik subscription comes with free styling as well. There’s also the option to get matching shoes with each order. What’s not to love?

How Kidpik Works

You start by taking a simple three-minute quiz. The quiz is intended to find out more about your kids’ fashion preferences, such as color and style preferences. Then Kidpik’s expert stylists and algorithm take it from there to create a box of three mix-and-match outfits specifically made for your child’s tastes. You can also choose whether you want shoes and accessories.

About two weeks later, you’ll receive your first personalized box, which comes complete with a free surprise gift. Love the clothes? Great! You can keep the entire box. Do the clothes not fit? Does your kid simply not like them? No problem! Kidpik makes returns easy and free. Or you can donate clothes you don’t wish to keep.

The bottom line is that Kidpik offers a fun, easy way for your child to try on new clothes and experiment with new fashions without the hassle of dragging them to the mall.

How Much Does a Kidpik Subscription Cost?

Kidpik is a bit different than other subscriptions in that you don’t pay anything upfront. If for any reason your child doesn’t like the clothes, you can send everything back without being charged.

Kidpik says that the average cost is $15 per item–but as you receive a 30% discount by keeping the box, that goes down to $13 per item. With 8 items in each box, that comes to a total of $120. Keep in mind that this is an average, so the cost of any individual box may be higher or lower.

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Benefits & Drawbacks of Kidpik


  • Online quiz: Instead of sorting through racks of clothing and guessing at what your kids want, you fill out a simple online quiz. By finding out a bit about what fits your child, Kidpik provides clothing that’s exclusive to them. From color and style preferences to the amount of “sparkle” your child likes, this quiz does a remarkable job of creating a unique box for every subscriber.
  • Free returns: Maybe the biggest advantage of a Kidpik subscription is that it’s totally risk-free. If your child doesn’t love the clothes they get, you can simply send them back. You have up to seven days to make a decision on the items in the box, and you can even ask for an extension if you’d like.
  • No more endless mall trips: Another huge pro is that the clothes come right to your house. You don’t have to bother with going to a store and getting–or bribing–your child to try on multiple outfits.
  • Expertly styled: No need to concern yourself with finding clothing items that fit together into the perfect ensemble. Kidpik does all the work for you! Their experts always provide items that mix and match well.
  • Price: Kidpik offers free shipping and 30% off the items you keep in a box. Plus, you get free styling regardless of whether you keep the clothes or not. It’s an affordable way to stay current with kids’ fashion.
  • A subscription that grows with your child: Kidpik has sizes ranging from 2T-16. As your child grows up–both physically and in terms of their fashion sense–your Kidpik subscription will evolve too.
  • Add some fun to fashion: What kid doesn’t love getting mail? With every Kidpik package that lands on your doorstep, your child will be thrilled to see what’s inside. It takes all the pain out of the shopping process.


  • Kidpik only offers its own in-house brand. If you’re someone who wants to dress your child only in name-brand clothing, then Kidpik may not be right for you. That said, Kidpik offers plenty of high-quality options. Kidpik uses its own brand because this allows them to deliver well-coordinated outfits at a great value.
  • If you have a little fashionista who absolutely adores trying on a range of outfits, then you may want to pass on Kidpik. For the rest of us with impatient children, we’ll enjoy our risk-free subscription!

How To Maximize Your Kidpik Subscription

Looking to get the most out of your Kidpik subscription? One great way to do so is via the Koins program, where you earn rewards with every order. You get koins for everything from keeping a box to becoming a member to writing reviews. Then you can spend those Koins and save big!

If you subscribe to Kidpik and love it, then tell all your friends. When a friend signs up, you get $20, and your friend gets $20 off their first box with a purchase of over $40!

What’s Inside a Kidpik Box?

Of course, every Kidpik box is going to be different as the company tailors the clothes to your child’s needs. In fact, your child will receive a personalized message with each order. Every box includes return packaging in the event that you don’t want to keep some items. It also contains a handy list with a description and price for each item. Everything is neatly packaged, making the box a joy for your child to open.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of Kidpik boxes:

  • Boys’ clothing box: One Kidpik box included a fleece zip-up, a side strip jog pant, a skate tee, cargo pants, a garment dye henley, strapped high-top sneakers, and a boys’ hat. The total cost of the box would be $160.50, but after the 30% discount for keeping the box, that goes down to $112.35.
  • Girls’ summer fashion: Kidpik offers many themes like Classic Chic: Cool and Uncomplicated Designs and Always Active: For Her High Energy Lifestyle. One box included a prism print active tank, a chevron graphic swing top, color block sweat shorts, prism print color block leggings, a ruffle cold shoulder dress, a side stripe iridescent sneaker, and a lace cardigan sweater. The total cost of the items in the box was $144.50, but with the 30% discount, that drops to $101.15.

Is Kidpik Worth It?

Shopping with kids can be stressful on the best days. Let’s not even discuss what the worst days are like! The convenience and ease of a Kidpik subscription makes it popular among parents. Add in reasonable prices, no-risk shopping, and stylish fashion choices and it’s a no-brainer!

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How Does Kidpik Compare to Stitch Fix Kids?

Stitch Fix is known for its clothing offerings for adults. The company added a children’s line a few years as well. Similar to Kidpik, they provide a short questionnaire to find out more about your kids’ clothing preferences. They also allow you to return items from each box that you don’t want.

However, Stitch Fix Kids charges a $20 styling fee per box. Kidpik, on the other hand, offers this service for free. Reviewers also say that Kidpik’s style assessment is more thorough. Kidpik is exclusively focused on fashion for children, but Stitch Fix is mostly focused on its offerings for adults. On the other hand, some parents prefer Stitch Fix because they offer brand-name clothes whereas Kidpik uses its own in-house brand.

How Does Kidpik Compare to The Collective Child?

The Collective Child offers handpicked clothes, shoes, and accessories. This subscription is available for toddlers up to age 12. One thing people like about The Collective Child is that it offers flexibility with your subscription with monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and by-request options available.

But just like Stitch Fix Kids, The Collective Child levies a $20 styling fee. Kidpik also offers options for teens whereas The Collective Child stops at age 12.

Can I Pause a Kidpik Membership?

Yes. Kidpik allows you to pause or cancel your account at any time. All you have to do is log in to your account, then choose the Delivery Frequency option. You can pause for up to 90 days or adjust how frequently you receive your deliveries. To cancel, email customer service at [email protected].

What Happens if My Kids Don’t Like the Clothes?

Kidpik gives you seven days to decide which items you want to keep and which you’d like to return. Every order comes with a return bag that you can use to send back any unwanted items. These items must be unworn and in salable condition. You can also choose to donate the items, and Kidpik will even match your donation. If you choose to donate items, you’ll still receive the 30% discount for keeping the box.

You complete the checkout process by signing into your account, then choosing which items you want to keep and which you want to return. If Kidpik hasn’t heard from you seven days after you receive your box, you will be charged for the full order with a 30% discount for keeping all the clothes. Kidpik doesn’t accept returns sent more than seven days after receipt of order.

Can I Get the Clothes in a Different Size?

Yes. If the clothes don’t fit to your liking, sign in to your account, go to the checkout process for that box, then select your preferred size. The exchange will be processed once you’ve paid for your items. Then send back the clothes you don’t want in the return bag. You’re able to exchange one item in each order. You’ll want to update your child’s size in your account so that the next order is a perfect fit.

How Often Do I Receive Boxes?

Your first order will take up to two weeks to be styled and shipped. The next order will be sent based on the frequency you chose when you signed up. Kidpik offers three frequency options: one box every 12 weeks, one box every 6 weeks, and one box every 4 weeks. You can change the frequency of your order at any time

Does Kidpik Have a Rewards Program?

Yes! The Koins program gives you rewards that you can then put toward earning FREE clothing in your child’s next box. For every third box you keep, you’ll receive 150 Koins.

Does Kidpik Have a Referral Program?

Yes! If you recommend Kidpik to a friend, you get $20 off your next order. Your friend will receive $20 off an order of $40 or more. As a registered member, you can refer as many friends as you’d like.

Is Kidpik Right for My Child?

For parents who want to get a box jam-packed with stylish clothes that fit their child’s preferences perfectly, Kidpik is an excellent choice. With affordable prices, simple returns, and fun extras, you and your child will love this subscription.

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