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Yitty Reviews

Updated June 7, 2023


Yitty is a women’s monthly membership club featuring shapewear developed between a partnership from the superstar musician and entrepreneur Lizzo, and the clothing brand Fabletics. When you join Yitty’s VIP Membership you receive monthly credits that can be used for special discounts on both Yitty Shapewear and Fabletics items. Yitty prides itself on providing quality body wear for real sized women.


Get 2 bottoms for just $24! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe. Valid to new subscribers only.


Subscribing to Yitty

Subscribing to Yitty is easy. Head over to Yitty and click the Get Started button. You are taken to a short quiz to determine your Yitty style, create your account and get shopping! When you check out you get the option to become a Yitty VIP member which is a monthly membership fee, you get deep discounts on Yitty’s exclusive shape-wear lines. Non VIP members can shop Yitty’s website too, but pay full price on items.

How Yitty Works

Yitty just dropped in April 2022 and is the brainchild of the 3 time Grammy winning artist and now fashion creator, Lizzo. In collaboration with Fabletics, Lizzo’s passion for women to embrace their inner confidence and self love shines in this new brand. With sizes for the shape-wear run from XS to 6X, Yitty truly is for every body!

Your Yitty VIP membership starts with the fun Yitty Style Quiz. The first question asks why you’re interested in Yitty. The answer choices are

  • I <3 Lizzo
  • Other shape-wear brands don’t get me
  • I like to try new things
  • I want to celebrate my natural shape, and
  • Too many reasons to list

Next you are asked how often you wear shape-wear and then what kind of compression you like.

Then on to your individual body shape needs. You choose if you’d like to get support around your booty, tummy, thighs or mix it up all over. Next up, you get to pick your colors. The choices are pretty prints, bold colors, warm neutrals or classic black. Finally, you choose your sizes in bottoms, bras and tops. Create your account with email and password and you’re all set!

Once you create a Yitty account, you can start shopping at Yitty’s online store immediately. You will see both VIP pricing and non-member pricing. Once you pick your items and are ready to check out, you are given the option to join the Yitty VIP membership. For $59.95 a month you get access to membership benefits which include deep savings off MSRP for store items. You can use your $59.95 member credit for any outfit or item up to $80. Enter your billing and shipping information and the VIP fee will be charged to your credit card between the 1st and the 5th of the month. You can skip a month at any time.

Examples of Yitty Items and New Member VIP Pricing

Yitty currently has 3 shape-wear style lines: Nearly Naked, Mesh Me and Major Label. The Yitty Nearly Naked line is medium compression. Mesh Me has a lighter compression and is made with materials to provide a smoothing look. Major Label is a line of workout and lounge clothes.

  • Nearly Naked Shaping MidiBra- MSRP- $59.95 VIP- $21.58
  • Nearly Naked Shaping Mid Thigh Bodysuit- MSRP- $69.95 VIP- $25.18
  • Nearly Naked High Waist Shaping Brief- MSRP- 39.95 VIP- $14.38
  • Mesh Me Smoothing Midi Top- MSRP- 59.95 VIP- $21.58
  • Mesh Me Smoothing Sleeve Thong Bodysuit- MSRP- $84.95 VIP- $30.58
  • Mesh Me G-String- MSRP- $19.95 VIP- $7.18
  • Major Label EP Hoodie- MSRP- $69.95 VIP $25.18
  • Major Label Smoothing Cross-Front Bralette- MSRP- $49.95 VIP- $17.98
  • Major Label High Waist Legging- MSRP- $69.95 VIP- $25.18

Yitty Pricing and Options

Yitty offers special pricing when you become a Yitty VIP Member. For $59.95 a month you get up to 50% off Yitty shape-wear items. The $59.95 is a recurring monthly charge that is a credit to use in the store for any item or outfit up to $80. You can still purchase Yitty clothing as a non-member, but you pay full retail prices. Yitty VIP membership also allows you access to the Fabletics membership which includes VIP Reward Points to earn free Fabletics gear and access to the Fabletics FIT Workout App. With the Yitty VIP app you get membership pricing at Fabletics as well as Yitty.

Yitty VIP Membership Benefits and Drawbacks

Yitty VIP Membership Benefits

  • Up to 50% off MSRP on exclusive Lizzo approved women’s shape-wear
  • Free shipping on orders and returns over $49.95
  • Access to Fabletics membership perks

Yitty VIP Membership Drawbacks

  • It might be a little difficult to figure out how the VIP Membership works at first
  • There is no curation or personalized styling offer at this time

Is the Yitty VIP Membership Worth It?

Yitty is a unique and novel subscription membership that offers deep discounts on sustainably made bodyshaping wear. For $49.95 a month you can join the VIP membership which gets you credit to special pricing on all Yitty gear. With Lizzo’s mission to help women of all shapes and sizes to love and adore their bodies, it is powerful and inspiring for women everywhere. After all, size 6X women deserve to feel hot and sexy just as much as women who are an XS. With the flexibility of Yitty’s VIP membership, you can choose to skip a month at any time if you’re in a tight budget month. The Yitty VIP Membership makes it easy to “boss up and change your life” and “good as hell” about yourself all year long!

Yitty Tips

New Yitty VIP members get special intro deals like 2 bottoms for $29 that expires your first hour of membership, so jump on the savings fast!

Yitty is a certified carbon neutral company. That means products are sustainably made with soft, recycled fibers and packaging is made of 100% recycled materials.

In addition to Yitty’s online shop, it can be found in 119 stores across the US. With the Yitty VIP membership you get the same great deals online and in store. Visit the Yitty website to find a location near you.

Yitty has partnered up with Fabletics and when you join the Yitty VIP membership, you get the same perks as the Fabletics VIP membership. Fabletics VIP members get 20-50% off retail prices online and in store, as well as free shipping with orders over $49 and free returns and exchanges. With the Yitty VIP membership you also get access to Fabletics exclusive Fit app that has on-demand exercise class and tools to help you meet your fitness goals.

How the Yitty VIP Membership Compares to Other Women’s Lifestyle Subscription Boxes

Yitty versus FabFitFun

FabFitFun is a women’s quarterly box subscription full of lifestyle products that help you to feel fabulous and get fit, all while having fun. Each season a curated box of the latest trends in fashion, fitness, home decor, beauty and technology items are delivered straight to your doorstep. Boxes contain 6-8 full size products of items such as jewelry, totes, ankle weights, makeup, skincare products and much more.

The cost of a quarterly FabFitFun box starts at $59.99 and while you have the option to choose some or all items in your box depending on your membership type, the options are somewhat limited to what has already been picked to be curated in each box. Yitty VIP membership is $59.95 a month which is then used as credit to buy women’s shape-wear at deeply discounted members only pricing. You get to choose your items with Yitty and Yitty offers returns and exchanges whereas items in the FabFitBox box are non-refundable.

Both the FabFitFun subscription box and the Yitty VIP membership are based on similar principles; that women deserve to be pampered and feel sexy no matter what their age, shape or size. FabFitFun boxes contain more diverse self-empowerment lifestyle items while Yitty is all about loving your body. 2 awesome subscription box options to help you bask in self love!

Yitty versus Wantable Active Edit

Wantable Active Edit is women’s subscription box membership where for the cost of curation, you receive a box with 7 fitness and lounge clothing items. It starts with a personal style quiz so your stylist can get to know your size, budget etc., and then a box is shipped to you to try before you buy. You have 5 days to decide what you want to keep and return what you don’t want.

The cost of curation with Wantable Active Edit is $20 a box and works as a credit towards anything you decide to purchase in your box. If you decide to buy 5 or more items in your box, your order is discounted 20% off. If you don’t like anything in your box, then you lose your $20 styling fee.

Yitty subscriptions are VIP memberships that you pay $59.95 a month and then use that credit for members only discounts on Lizzo’s exclusive new lines of shape-wear. It is similar to Wantable Active Edit in that there are lots of exercise and lounge clothes to choose from, but your box is not curated and you get to choose everything you want to purchase in your box. With Itty you can return what doesn’t fit, but you actually purchase the items first, whereas with Wantable Active Edit you are trying on the clothes before you decide to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Yitty VIP Membership subscription cost?

The Yitty VIP membership is a monthly charge of $59.95 and offers member credit to purchase Yitty items at special members only rates of up to 50% off MSRP.

Do I have to be a VIP member to purchase items from Yitty?

No. Non-members can purchase Yitty shape-wear at any time but do not receive the members only pricing.

What is the sign up process for the Yitty VIP Membership?

Visit Yitty and hit Get Started. From there you are taken to a short quiz where you get to choose your sizes and style preferences. Finally, create an account using your email and you can start shopping. You don’t have to enter your payment information until you check out, which is also where you get to opt in to the VIP membership for deep discounts.

Does Yitty offer exchanges or returns on items?

Yes. Returns and exchanges are available within 45 days of purchase. Shipping on returns is free.

What types of payment does Yitty accept?

Yitty accepts credit/debit cards including VISA, MasterCard, Amex and Discover. PayPal is also an option for payment.

Who is Lizzo and why did she decide to get into the fashion business?

Lizzo is a 3 time Grammy winning musical artist whose songs are all about inner confidence and self love. Three years ago she decided to take this message to the fashion world by developing her exclusive shape-wear clothing line.

What makes Yitty different from other subscription memberships?

Yitty offers shape-wear designed for every body. Sizes range from 6X to XS and Yitty is all about loving your body no matter what shape, ethnicity, age or size you are. The models on the Yitty website feature Lizzo and a group of real sized women owning their bodies.

Yitty was Lizzo’s nickname as a child and the name she chose for her shape-wear clothing line.

How do I cancel my subscription to the Yitty VIP Membership?

Cancel anytime online or by calling Customer Service at (844) 322-5384.

Can I pause a month on my Yitty VIP membership?

Yes. You can pause your VIP membership to skip months as often as you need to.

What are Yitty member credits?

Yitty member credits are the $59.95 fee you pay every month for membership. Member credits can be redeemed to purchase an outfit or item up to $80. If you don’t use your monthly member credit, you don’t lose it. Member credits carry over to the next month, but do expire after 12 months.

How much does shipping Yitty charge for shipping?

Shipping for orders over $59.95 is free.

What are the perks when I join the Yitty VIP membership?

You can use your Yitty $59.95 monthly fee as a member credit to purchase an item or outfit up to $80. Also, you get access to special member only pricing of 20%-50% off on all items on both the Yitty and Fabletics stores. You also get access to the Fabletics Fit app which has on-demand exercise classes and tools for helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

What gift options does Yitty offer?

Gift cards are available in $50 increments, can be redeemed for in store credit and never expire.

What if I have a problem with my order?

You can call customer service 24/7 at (844) 322-5384. Yitty also has a live chat online 9am to 9pm 7 days a week.

What is the website for ordering Yitty?

You can access the Yitty and join the VIP Membership by visiting the Yitty by Fabletics site!

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