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FabFitFun is a quarterly women’s subscription box that promises fabulous full-size beauty, fashion, and fitness items every quarter. Pick between quarterly or annual subscription, and get full-sized, premium products including makeup, skincare, fashion, wellness, and home decor! You can choose to customize your box every season (or buy add-ons), or keep everything as a surprise!

00 per quarter

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Product Description

FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box membership of 6-8 full size items focused on fashion, fitness, technology, beauty and wellness. The items are carefully curated to reflect hot and current seasonal trends. You can customize the products in your box or treat yourself to an extra special surprise. FabFitFun has been in the subscription box market since 2012 and they have the biz nailed down!

Subscribing to FabFitFun

There are 2 subscription options with FabFitFun. The annual subscription allows you to customize your entire box and is billed once a year. The quarterly subscription allows for 4 customization selections and is billed once a quarter. Both subscriptions include 6-8 seasonal products and unlimited swap for credit, and both can be canceled at any time. 

How FabFitFun Works

Signing up for FabFitFun is easy! On the FabFitFun website, click on Get the Box! to sign up. Choose your membership plan and complete your order form with billing and shipping information. Next, fill in the personal survey to help FabFitFun learn more about you.

From there, you can customize your first box and viola; you will receive a box containing 6 to 8 full sized products curated by experts to reflect the trends of the season. You also have the option to purchase additional products to your box from shopping the Add-On Sale section of the website. Boxes are delivered directly to your door 4 times a year. 

FabFitFun membership also includes access to the FabFitFun community. With this year-round perk you get access to FabFitFun TV.  FFF TV is an on demand video streaming service with health and wellness content including workout videos, fun DIY projects and recipe ideas. In addition, there is an online community to share box faves and beauty and fashion tips. A fun and informative email newsletter and in-box magazine is included in your subscription. Members also get exclusive access to special flash sales with items discounted up to 80% off MSRP.

FabFitFun Examples: What May Be in Your Box

  • Koral 1lb Wrist/Ankle Weights- MSRP $35
  • L*Space Coastal Cooler- MSRP $100
  • bliss Block Star™ Daily Mineral Sunscreen + Drench & Quench Rich Water Cream for Dry Skin Bundle- MSRP $44
  • Caravan Home Lazy Susan- MSRP $60
  • Herschel Mica Tote- MSRP $50
  • Kate Spade Glitter Studs- MSRP $48
  • Sherrie Matthews Acupuncture Jade Stone Roller- MSRP $45
  • Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask With Prickly Pear Oil- MSRP $69
  • Morgan Lane Allie Robe in White Floral- MSRP $199
  • Stemless Acrylic Wine Glass Set- MSRP $48

FabFit Pricing and Options

Annual subscriptions are billed one time a year at $199.99, which comes out to less than $50 a box, saving you $20 over the Seasonal subscription plan. Seasonal subscriptions are billed quarterly at $54.99 a box. Other options for the annual subscription include early access to customize your box, early access to add-ons and sales, plus earlier shipping. And shipping in the US is FREE! Who doesn’t love free shipping?

FabFitFun Benefits and Drawbacks

FabFitFun Benefits

  • Product sizes are full sized; never samples!
  • Free access to the FabFitFun community
  • The latest seasonal trends get delivered straight to your door

FabFitFun Drawbacks

  • You may not like everything in your box so level up to an annual membership if you want to decide on everything
  • There are no returns and all sales are final
  • Annual membership is pre-payment for 4 boxes and is not refundable

Is FabFitFun Worth It?

You work hard taking care of everything and everyone else and deserve to be pampered. FabFitFun is a great way to try new products that you may not have heard of before, but could potentially not live without! The products chosen are high in quality and there are many designer brands like Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty. Plus the MSRP for the items in the box is up to 3 times the cost of one box! If you don’t love shopping or don’t have the time to keep up on current trends, FabFitFun is for you! There are also several gift options for that friend or relative who are hard to buy for, or break up your box for regifting – it’s the perfect way to stock your gift closet. With all the perks and great products, FabFitFun is definitely worth the subscription price. 

FabFitFun Tips

In addition to subscription box products, members of FabFitFun are able to add-on products to their quarterly box. If you aren’t thrilled with the options in the upcoming seasonal box, you can request an unlimited swap for credit. The value of your box will be credited to your account which you can use for add-on products or special sales.

The FabFitFun community perk is definitely a bonus! Exchange faves and tips with other FitFabFun lovers. You will also receive a fun email newsletter and FabFitFun magazine subscription. And who doesn’t love access to on-demand streaming workout videos, cooking recipe ideas, cool DIY projects and beauty tips? 

In addition, FabFitFun offers members exclusive access to special sales throughout the year. Their Edit Sale is open for a limited time period and features huge discounts up to 80% off MSRP. Theme sales are pop-up flash sales where items are curated on specific themes. Other specific sales include The Skincare Sale, The Bundle Sale, Home Sweet Home Sale, Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Sale. Every box also comes with exclusive savings to the brands featured within the box.

How FabFitFun Compares to Other Beauty, Fashion and Wellness Subscription Boxes

FabFitFun versus JourneeBox

JourneeBox offers eco-friendly women’s boxes of beauty products, apparel, home goods and more. Each curated item is made from sustainable materials based on nature. Each box contains at least 6 items of ethically sourced products. JourneeBox subscriptions cost more than FabFitFun with a price tag of $59.99 quarterly or $219.99 annually. 

In comparison to JourneeBox, FabFitFun boxes contain more items at a higher overall value for the box at a lower cost per box. The MSRP on JourneeBox boxes is approximately $200 plus, while most FabFitFun Boxes have a MSRP value of $275 plus. JourneeBox also focuses on a travel lifestyle, while FabFitFun has a more balanced array of items, based on trends of the current season. 

JourneeBox offers additional tailoring to your box with options for colors, products and designs. Both companies offer high quality products in their boxes. JourneeBox is perfect if ethical and sustainable products are important to you, and you don’t mind spending the extra $20 a year. 

FabFitFun versus Beachly

Beachly is a women’s quarterly box subscription featuring apparel and accessories for beach lovers. The cost is significantly more expensive than FabFitFun at $99 per box or an annual subscription of $89 per box. A portion of every box sold is donated to eco ocean foundations. 

The downside of Beachly is that it is more of a niche box subscription than FabFitFun. If island life is not your jam, then you’re better off going with a more rounded lifestyle subscription like FabFitFun. The cost of a Beachly box is also higher than most other box subscriptions.

FabFitFun versus Margot Elena 

The Margot Elena subscription box features seasonal delivery of curated luxury items such as fragrances, lotions, candles, stationary and other lifestyle items. Each item is full sized, which is the same as the FabFitFun boxes. Margot Elena boxes are of limited edition and limited quantity which sets this subscription box brand a step above other companies with its exclusivity and luxury.

Margo Elena boxes are not customizable like FabFitFun boxes are. The boxes usually feature several different perfumes and fragrances, which is a bonus if finding your signature scent is important to you. The cost of Margot Elena box subscriptions starts at $60 and shipping is an additional $6.95, whereas FabFitFun seasonal subscriptions start at $54.99 and offer free shipping in the contiguous US.

FabFitFun versus Wantable 

Wantable is a clothing and accessory subscription box which includes a personal styling service. It differs from FabFitFun in that it offers styling subscriptions for both women and men, whereas FabFitFun is geared towards women only. With Wantable you take a style quiz and based on your answers receive 7 curated items specifically for you in your box.

The cost of Wantable is $20 for the styling fee which can be applied to your purchase. You are able to try on and purchase what you like, and return what you don’t like with free shipping on Wantable. If you purchase at least 5 of the 7 items, you get a 20% discount off of your order. If you don’t like anything, then you lose your $20.

Both subscription box services offer quality, designer items and each comes with their own pros and cons. Wantable is perfect for you if you don’t like to shop for clothing and accessories yourself, and prefer to try on new styles in the comfort of your own home. FabFitFun also includes accessories and some clothing items in their boxes, but there are no returns. Again, the diversity of the products in FabFitFun is a big part of the fun when you open your seasonal box. Plus, the cost per box is a way better value than most of the other box subscription companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does FabFitFun cost?

There are 2 options for subscriptions; annual or quarterly. Annual subscriptions are $199.99 and quarterly are $54.99 a box. 

What is the website for ordering FabFitFun? 

You can access the FabFitFun website by following this link 

What comes in the box?

Seasonal luxury lifestyle products carefully curated by styling gurus: makeup, moisturizer, jewelry, wine glasses, robes, fun bags, tees, stationary, sunglasses. Products are from designer brands like Kate Spade, Coach, Michael Kors and many others. 

What is the sign up process? 

On the FabFitFun website, click on Get The Box to sign up. Complete your order form choosing either seasonal or annual membership. Complete billing and shipping information. Next, fill in the personal survey to help FabFitFun learn more about you. From there, you can customize your first box and choose any additional add ons.

Does FabFitFun offer exchanges or returns?

No. FabFitFun does not accept returns. All sales are final.

What types of payment does FabFitFun accept?

FabFitFun accepts credit/debit cards including VISA, Mastercard, Amex and Discover. Apple Pay and PayPal are also available for payment. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancellation can be done on the website and there are no cancellation fees. Just go to “my account” and click “cancel subscription.”

When will my box ship?

Boxes ship within one month of successful billing. You will receive an email with tracking details as soon as your order is on its way to you from the warehouse.

Is there a box referral or loyalty program?

Yes. When you refer someone that becomes a new FabFitFun Member, you’ll receive $15 USD in promotional credit towards your next purchase after they join. The new member will get $10 USD off their first box when they sign up for a Seasonal Membership.


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping to the contiguous US is free. 

What about international shipping?

Shipping to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico is $8 USD for orders over $25 USD. Orders under $25 USD cost a $13.95 USD shipping fee. Shipping to the UK is $5 USD per order. Orders under $25 USD cost a $10.95 USD shipping fee.

Are there any perks included in the membership? 

In addition to seasonal boxes, you get access to the FitFabFun app, an on demand library of streaming health related videos, and options to add on to your seasonal box and order refills of your favorite products.

How does FabFitFun give back to the community? 

FabFitFun donates money to several charities including Dress for Success, No Kid Hungry and the Special Olympics.

What gift options are there? 

You can purchase a FabFitFun gift card, gift an additional individual seasonal box or an annual subscription. 

What is unlimited swap for credit and how does it work?

As a member, you have the option to swap your upcoming box for credit for add-ons and special member only sales.

What if I have a problem with my order?

Support for your order is easily accessible from the Customer Care contact link on the website. 

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  1. Carrie

    The items in the box are cheap and awful. The selection period to choose your items is 3 days – literally 3 days – that’s ridiculous. Half the items will immediately go to the salvation army. The others I plan to just ask friends if they might want it. I definitely could have bought all these items at this quality for $25.00. Also customer service was rude and unhelpful.

  2. Catherine

    Customer Service was awful after my third year…I know of other past customers as well who felt the same way…The first two supervisors were great in Customer Service and before Covid they put someelse who yells at the clients…This was my favourite of all time subscriptions and all it took was one mean person to demean me as I was a very big supporter of FFF
    Hopefully since Covid and all the complaints you can read on the Better Business Bureau please think twice before joining of coming back…I hope that FFF has replaced that awful person they hired and went back to hiring people with compassion and empathy….Save your money and keep looking at the comments written and on Better Business Bureau
    Wishing you all a beautiful New Year and good health and much happiness in 2021

  3. KateB

    Its impossible to know on how much info was taken… This happened to two other companies as couple of years ago and turned out the hackers took most customers past and present info….A year later we all received a letter confirming their apologies for this overlap of thinking it was only affecting customers from now until a year ago…..I have a feeling and only hope all members from all subscription boxes and credit card companies will somehow compensate for at least the members that they believe are affected for the time being…And say to other past and newer customers who are thinking of signing up again or for the first time to also send a letter to all members from over a year ago and to the future ones….It takes almost a whole year to make these investigations which I have been informed…The sad thing is we still do not know which or perhaps all other Subscription boxes did the hackers affect…I know of another one which I cannot mention that is popular for years now and was also affected…In my opinion always change your passwords even once a week especially as we are going into the Holiday period and so many are in loss of their funds due to this pandemic…Shame on this hacker or hackers to take away the joy these boxes give to all members from the past, future and present…Stay safe everyone

  4. dgarcia88

    Love to order this box and order for my family members.

  5. Danielle Pelto

    This box is the best! I seriously cant even contain myself waiting for the 3 months to get my next one. I love that you can make a few choices too!

  6. smz

    Well rounded lifestyle box that really packs in the value!

  7. jnoneman

    Completely in love with this subscription box! Far & above my favorite one so far!

  8. victoriam

    I love this box. It is by far my favorite!

  9. eclareme

    These boxes are almost always awesome. You get introduced to new, up and coming products and save a ton of money. They’re almost always filled with high-end products that I use and the few things I’ve received I stash away as gifts if I can’t use them myself. The value is always at least $200+ and costs a fraction of that. customer service is prompt and helpful.

  10. Susan Byrne

    This box looks awesome, I’m going to get it, everyone just raves about it.

  11. jennylen321

    I look forward to this box every single month. It has been one of the best purchases of 2018 yet!! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of fabfitfun until recently.

  12. beccabrat33

    I have a friend that subscribes to this box and she loves it! lots of good stuff in there 🙂

  13. ingermaria.jack

    I absolutely love this box. I’ve subscribed for about a year, and I don’t think I’ll ever cancel. It is one of my favorites. I look forward to each box. As soon as I get my box, I’m ready for spoilers for the next box. It’s hard to wait since these boxes are so good. The cost is absolutely worth it because the value is amazing. The items are all full sized, name brand, good quality, useful items. Some items I end up giving to my daughter, but she loves it, so that is fine by me. The add ons are excellent as well; great quality name brand merchandise offered at steep discounts you can add to your box. Shopping for those is fun, and you can score great deals. Get this sub, you will not be disappointed.

  14. anna.stapleton

    This was a great box and the items I didn’t need were giftable. Their shipping leaves something to be desired but the content makes up for it.

  15. Susan Byrne

    One day I’m going to get this box. There is always such cute things in these boxes!

  16. Joanne e ciuni

    I received a gift certificate for $200. There is no where to subscribe with a GC.

    Please help

  17. saundra624

    Annual subscription, highly recommend for add on’s alone

  18. lauren.mintzer

    The spring box was really great. I loved the Rachel Pally clutch and the eye mask. The massage roller was super. The LOVE bracelet was super cute. The only items that were misses for me were the murad and the lip palette.

  19. catjohnson

    I can see how these would be addicting. I loved my first box and cant wait for the next

  20. meredith.lee05

    This is one of my fave boxes I receive. I love the variety of the items and the value is outstanding! My first box was the Winter Editor’s box and the value of my box was almost 10 times the amount that I paid for it, which is absolutely amazing. They put so many items in the box each quarter and the value of each item is top notch: nothing filler or cheap which is amazing. I don’t know how they do it and there’s name brand items in each box such as Murad, Mer-Sea Co., Anderson Lilley, KORRES, Free People, etc. So it’s very impressive. I would say everyone should try the box at least once if you like boxes that pack beauty, skincare, home, clothing, etc. items in one box!

  21. Jana Williams

    I Would Love to Try the FabFitFun Subscription Box But It is a Little Out of My Price Range But I Do Think You Get a Good Amount of Stuff & I Love That Most of the Stuff That You Do Get is Full Size! The Reason That I Do Love This Box is Because I Love All of the Kinds of Things That You Get Like Fitness Stuff, Makeup, Beauty Products, Fashion, & Cool Stuff for the Home! I Think That the Reason That I Do Like This Box So Much is Because Aside From All of the Fitness Stuff, it Gives You a Similar Variety of Products as the Popsugar Box Which is One of My Favorites! Well Thanks So Much for Your Time, Have a Blessed Day!

  22. nbrinde

    FFF is always a great deal! The value of the items included is always far more than the actual cost of a subscription. I have an annual subscription, and I love being able to select some of the items in my box.

  23. Brandy

    This is actually one of my very favorite boxes. But mostly I’m just testing!

  24. Katie-Rebekah Burroughs, The Coral Daisy

    Absolutley BLOWN AWAY! I LOVE IT! I was very skeptical of this box because of the price and i was worried that the products i would recieve would not be useful in everyday life however, i do not regret this purchase what so ever and will definetly be ordering again! It introduced me to some new brands that i wish i would have known about a long time ago!

  25. Jennifer Lopez

    I am loving my summer fabfitfun box. And the Catalina su gloss.. To die for! I love it so much I’m ordering more 🙂 soooo much better then the spring box was

  26. Ryan @ Fox Tales and Ponytails

    Have you gotten some kind of email or shipping notice or something? I signed up on website months ago, right after spring box, and can’t remember if I’ve ever gotten any info from them. And their silly website never works from my phone! :-/