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Subscription to unlimited designer jewelry and handbags handpicked to suit your style. Want less surprises? Add products you like to your wish list and get similar items! Take the VivTote style quiz and receive 3-5 pieces each month to wear on loan. Buy what you love for 20% discount. Free shipping both ways. Formerly VogueTote.

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  1. Olga

    Vivtote is a total scam I subscribed with a promotion cote for 50%off I was exited until a week after I get message saying that I had to update billing so I contacted them told them my card is active and I’ve been charged already they proceed to send a email stating that they cancelled my order as I requested what? And I would receive my refund in 10 days so I got very upset and told them I want my refund immediately now they emailed me claiming I should have the money in my account in 3 days what a total scam no wonder there aren’t any real reviews

    • Olga

      Total scam do your research there are no real reviews of vivtote

  2. Olga

    When will vivtote ship my first tote it’s been a week and no word email they don’t have a number and don’t respond on 24hour online messaging system