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Vince Unfold is a subscription rental service that provides members access to a vast range of Vince pieces. Unfold members receive a dynamic edit of styles designed for an ever-evolving lifestyle. A set of four items are delivered each month with unlimited shipping and exchanges for a flat monthly fee.

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  1. canceling subscription

    They should learn from RTR in every aspects especially the customer experience. Quality of the garments received was poor (worn out and priority system doesn’t work. You can easily receive all tops or all bottoms since you have to have ~20 in the preference), The service is not immediate (nothing happened for almost a week after I initiate the service and they don’t keep you alerted on the status), UX is not great (you can’t sort newly added items and size is not available for popular pieces).

  2. Sara

    I have tried this service twice now and will never make the mistake again. Their quality control is terrible – some of the pieces had damage or were so worn they looked like they had come from a thrift store. Pieces arrive wrinkled to the point that you can’t even iron/steam them enough to make them wearable, probably because they are all folded and jammed into a box. And the customer service process when you want to cancel is aggressive and unpleasant. The poor woman who helped me on the phone was forced to go through a script where she tried to convince me not to cancel numerous times by offering discounts. She apologized multiple times for having to put me through it and was clearly embarrassed. Really disappointing.

  3. Jane Harter

    Do not subscribe. It’s impossible to cancel and to initiate the process they only take cancellations over the phone for a limited time window on weekdays. They also run out of sizes of most popular or newer items. I sent in my most recent box on 12/20 and today is 01/08 with no updates about getting a new box despite paying $170 in December and another $170 in January. If they won’t let me cancel, I’d at least expect to receive the clothes that I am paying for.

    The only perk is that if you like items in your box, you can buy them at a majorly discounted price depending on how new they are (some things starting at $300 for $40, for example). Might make sense to do for a couple months to stock up and then cancel, but like I mentioned above , the cancellation process is borderline illegal so probably not worth it.

  4. Jenny Grahank

    I agree that they do not have enough messaging on their website around how to use the service (min closet, when you will receive your box, box status, what features are…etc). It’s 2022 no one wants to be spammed with emails speaking about the service, make the website more user-friendly and helpful it’s very elementary.

    While the shipping is slow, if you use the “Return Notify” feature it’s must faster, which again no education on the website about this?!

    And they do have a feature which allows you to pick the style you want for an extra fee with faster processing and shipping, YAY!

    Lastly, there are almost no user reviews on each piece which makes it very difficult to select the right size or to know if the garment runs large or small?! Seems like a very large miss to not make it mandatory for users to review each style.

    I love the brand, i just think they need to improve the website design, layout and education for their rental program.

  5. Andrea

    Woof, wish I read these reviews before I tried this service. I am currently on hold to cancel. The economics of the service don’t make sense to me – there was low availability of items in my closet, and 2/4 items I received were in poor and worn quality. It was difficult to even fill my closet with the requisite number of items because selection in my size was low for the items I most wanted to wear, so the items I did receive weren’t really ones I was excited about in the first place. They all arrived in the mail in 4 separate boxes over a two week time period, which I disliked.

    I think that the mark of a quality service is their willingness to allow you to cancel online as easily as they allow you to sign up in the first place. Having to call is really bogus. They tried offering me $30 off the next month, then $50. When I declined both offers, they tried getting me to just pause and were very ambiguous about the fact that it’d be a pause and not a cancellation. Once I got to the end of the offer rope and finally could cancel, they read off the terms about “forfeiting any discounts and further closet swaps” as though it was a punitive action that might convince me to stay. Then they put me on hold for the duration it took me to write this review. I am now cancelled.

  6. Yulia

    Absolutely terrible customer service and fraudulent advertising and shipping model. Do not subscribe. It takes them 2 weeks to deliver items and then you will take another 2 to ship back. Also the prioritisation option doesn’t work. Poor quality and waste of money for 4 items per month.

  7. Alex Mcintosh

    THIS IS THE WORST SERVICE! Do not subscribe. You will wait weeks for them to send you any product and even then, it will only be one or two things. Not worth the money. Very frustrating.

  8. S S

    Would give them a 0 star is I could. I subscribed to the service at a discounted price of $100. The time it takes to get a box is about 1 week, so basically that whole waiting time is a part of this $100 subscription. The website and communication around when you can expect to receive the next box is also abysmal.

    I received 1 box in this entire month that had 3/4 good items. I kept that for around a week hoping to receive more boxes, but none of the items in the 2nd box fit (ran very large). I ended up essentially “waiting” for clothes for the rest of the month and canceled the service before the month ended.

    DO NOT BOTHER subscribing unless you get an offer to try it out at $0.

  9. Erin Larsen

    Agreed with all the comments above, do not sign up for this service. Shipping took a long time, the selection in my size was limited, the 4 items I received were none of my top items, the clothes seemed very worn and low quality, the packaging is not reusable/sustainable, and they make cancelation really challenging (a lot of time wasted on hold)

  10. teya miller

    They make it really difficult to cancel.

  11. Taylor

    HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. I wish I listened to the reviews.I had a great first few months with this subscription service and then it went to shit. I made a payment on November 19th and it is December 8th and I haven’t received ANY ITEMS. My pay period ends December 19th and they will not give me a refund. I was able to speak to someone from customer service who tried to help me with this but my request was “denied” by management. So, I paid $160 for absolutely nothing this month. I am so upset. DO NOT BUY THIS SERVICE.

  12. Rose

    Poor quality. Half of the items were brand new – but not what I prioritized. The two prioritized items were in terrible condition. The coat was so wrinkled that I could not wear it at all. The cashmere sweater was pilling. As you cannot see what items are available, you cannot coordinate an outfit.

    Poor customer service. Only way to cancel is to call M-F 9 AM to 5 PM. If you have a busy work life like me, this is very inconvenient.

  13. Julie Watson

    I joined in December and every month it’s been at least a 2 week turnaround from when I drop my items off at the post office until I receive a new package. The customer service experience has been somewhat helpful until today when I was treated very rudely and they expected me to have the answers to my rental history…why would they not have this in their system? Terrible…I cancelled as I was sick of having to constantly manage my account to make sure I was receiving shipments in a timely manner.

  14. Nichole

    This service was the absolute worst I’ve ever dealt with. I did RTR for years and they have their subscription service and customer service figured out. Vince unfold is a disaster. All photos you see of clothing- those items aren’t available to rent. You can barely find anything to add to your “edit” which means nothing- you don’t control what you’re shipped. Shipping took two weeks and came in individual boxes that were a total waste on the environment. The items I got were in terrible condition. To ship back and wait for new items would essentially cost me the full 170.00 subscription fee to simply wait two more weeks and have nothing in hand. Try and reach out to customer service- it’s non existent. No one answers the phone, and the email replies are careless and not helpful. To cancel you have to talk to someone.. how can you accomplish this when they don’t answer the phone? It’s a scam! The Vince brand is so poorly represented by this terrible service and it’s such a shame. Don’t waste your time or money!!!

  15. corey

    As a huge vince fan, I was thrilled when they announced unfold, unfortunately, it has been an incredibly disappointing experience and a very poor reflection of the brand. While my first box went off perfectly every package since has been poorly executed. My second box came in 4 separate shipments, since items weren’t in stock even though I had a robust “closet” with more than the minimum required. The next box was even more disappointing – I sent my box in with over a week before a business trip I was hoping to take some items on. When I reached out to customer service for a status update they informed me it could take nearly two weeks to process and receive my shipment. I was floored that a monthly subscription means that I could potentially be packageless for half the month you’re paying $160 for. They continued to tell me my items had shipped even though I could see it was in preshipment (meaning a label was created but it wasn’t picked up by usps for 3 days). The customer support has been less than helpful and just reiterates the same lines over and over again.

    I have noticed that more and more curated items are becoming unavailable in to add to my closet. Once vince figures out logistics and support this could be a great service – unfortunately, they just don’t have it together.

  16. Emma Delaney

    The way the service works is a bit different than Rent the Runway, but once you realize how to optimize the service to your life it’s the most convenient service out there. I’ve been an Unfold member for over a year now and have loved every month! You can use the Return Notify feature to get your next shipment processing before Vince Unfold receives your current box back. And the more you have in your closet, the faster they are able to match you to your next box to increase the shipping time.

  17. Julie Watson

    Wish I could review but it’s been 9 days and I have yet to receive any items.

  18. HS

    Wonderful in theory and I can’t wait for Vince to improve this service. Main issues currently are:
    1. You must return (or buy) all 4 items at the same time in order to receive a new shipment. The service would be much improved if, similar to Rent the Runway Unlimited, you could send any item back at any time to receive a new one and/or receive a new item the moment you purchase one that you currently have at home.
    2. Shipping is slow.
    3. I’ve only received 2 shipments and, so far, I’ve already received 2 items that were damaged/had quality issues. Loose button on a blazer, tear in seam on a blouse. That means 25% of the time (2 of 8 items I’ve rented), they’re missing major flaws with stuff they’re sending out. Not a great percentage.

    I’m hoping they work out the kinks and improve the speed of shipping and processing. If so, I’ll plan to stick with this subscription.