Totlife is a personalized box subscription for the modern, trendy baby or toddler. Each month we will spend you an outfit and a few accessories all to match the theme that you choose. Each month we feature different small businesses from across the globe. We spend hours upon hours making the perfect boxes for your little ones so you can spend more time with them and we will do all the searching to provide you only the best for your little one. Each business we feature we give you a small description of who they are and where you can buy more of their amazing apparel.

90 per month


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  1. Kerri Flatau

    I thought this would be such a cute gift for my nephew. It has been nothing but a headache. It takes weeks to hear back when emails are sent, the terms of the subscription changed without me being notified, I’ve received the boxes extremely late (i.e. summer box in August so he only wore the shorts that came with it once), and now, I am being blamed for their mistake in size. Luckily I have everything in writing via email. This has not been worth it AT ALL!!!