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Koala Crate by KiwiCo Reviews

Updated July 25, 2023

Koala Crate by KiwiCo

Koala Crate from KiwiCo is the ideal way to provide preschoolers with fun, hands-on learning experiences. Each month, subscribers receive all the materials and guidance to complete a project. These quality educational activities are an easy and convenient way for parents to explore and create together with their little ones.

95 per month

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Subscribing to Koala Crate

Koala Crate is from KiwiCo, a company dedicated to providing engaging learning activities for children of all ages. Koala Crate is KiwiCo’s offering for children ages 3 to 4.

As a parent of a young child, you have plenty on your plate, from changing diapers to kissing boos-boos to the seemingly endless snack demands. You might have plenty of ideas for exciting projects for your children, but you sure don’t have the time to create them. Just finding all the materials alone would take hours.

That’s where KiwiCo comes in. Started by an engineer and mother of three, KiwiCo gives you everything you and your child need to do amazing projects together. The company’s team spends more than 1,000 hours testing and perfecting every crate to ensure the best experience!

The Koala Crate is perfect for your toddler who’s beginning to explore the world and becoming more creative. Instead of begging to play a game on your phone, your child will be thrilled to do hands-on activities that are tied to specific developmental milestones. The crates emphasize the importance of play and creativity for young children.

Before you know it, these early years will be in the rearview mirror. Koala Crate provides a lasting bonding experience as you support your child in building these toys and then play with them.

How Koala Crate Works

When you subscribe to Koala Crate, you’ll receive a box each month with everything you need to do projects like a felt butterfly, a musical tree trunk, or finger puppets. These adorable projects are just as much fun to complete as they look!

You simply go to KiwiCo’s site and select Koala Crate. Then you provide your child’s first and last name and their birth month. The package will be addressed to your child. Of course, this will lead to even more excitement–kids love to get mail!

How Much Does Koala Crate Cost?

Every KiwiCo subscription is available for a period as short as one month and as long as one year. The longer you subscribe, the less expensive the subscription is each month.

For automatic renewal, a monthly subscription is $21.95. If you make a three-month commitment–which is the most popular option–the price lowers to $18.95 per month. Six months is $19.95 per month, and 12 months is the best value at $18.50 per month. Term subscriptions that do not renew automatically are also available for higher prices. Shipping varies in the U.S. You can also take advantage of the discounts KiwiCo offers. If you sign up for the company’s newsletter, you can save 30%.

You can also buy individual Koala Crates from the KiwiCo Store. This lets you pick a single crate based on your child’s interests like camping, art, or safari. These cost $27.95 per crate, though discounts are available if you buy multi-box packs. This could be a great option for a birthday or holiday gift!

Koala Crate Benefits and Drawbacks

KiwiCo crates consistently receive positive reviews from parents and kids.

Here’s what they love about Koala Crates:

  • Building lifelong skills: Every KiwiCo box is designed by experts with a deep understanding of childhood development. Some of the skills kids will hone with Koala Crate include fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It’s ideal to support young children’s creativity and independence while fostering a sense of play.
  • Open-ended projects: Each Koala Crate activity isn’t only about building something. Parents can support their children’s curiosity by incorporating other skills such as identifying colors and animals, counting, play, and much more. You’ll be enjoying each crate’s contents for months to come!
  • Difficulty level: Each project is intended to be slightly too difficult for children of that age. The idea is that a little challenge is a good way to learn and grow. Of course, if your child is becoming frustrated, you can step in and provide help.
  • High-quality materials: Reviewers consistently attest to the high quality of the materials and instructions in each box. Each project is designed to specific standards and the final product will last for years to come.
  • Kids love it: A project is only educational if the kid does it–which means the kid has to want to do it. That’s where Koala Crate really shines. Kids love the colorful, whimsical designs and fun ideas. Plus, they’ll have a sense of accomplishment once they’re done. Each crate is tested by kids to make sure it’s age-appropriate and engaging.
  • Customer service: KiwiCo is dedicated to making sure you and your child get the best out of your description. If you have any problems, contact them and they will ensure you’re satisfied.

On top of that, KiwiCo is a subscription that your child can grow with. If the Koala Crates become too basic for them, then you can move on to crates for older kids. The Kiwi Crate is designed for children ages 5 to 8 and includes projects in science, art, and more.

While there are few drawbacks to a Koala Crate subscription, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. You will need adequate time to complete the project with your child. This is especially true for the younger kids who the Koala Crate was designed for and who will need a bit more support.

You also have to be ready to take on another subscription. Take a look at your budget and determine if adding a subscription is right for you. Of course, if that doesn’t work, you can skip the subscription and purchase individual Koala Crates from the KiwiCo Store.

Is Koala Crate Worth It?

If you have a small child, you know that keeping them on a single task is tough. Their attention bounces around constantly. One second they’re dumping Legos all over the floor, the next they’re smearing yogurt across the table. Yet it’s also the wonder of this age. They possess an insatiable, delightful curiosity to explore and understand the world around them.

The Koala Crate sparks that curiosity and combines it with the joy of play. While KiwiCo’s Panda Crate for infants to 3-year-olds is oriented toward toys and manipulables, the Koala Crate gets them started with small projects that can then be enjoyed in play.

Parents find that the Koala Crate is worth it due to its high-quality materials, educational content, and relatively low cost. But, perhaps first and foremost, it’s a fun and rewarding way to spend time with your growing child!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Koala Crate Subscription

Before subscribing, you want to make sure that you’re selecting the crate that’s appropriate for your child. For example, not every 3-year-old will have the focus and motor skills necessary to complete a project, no matter how brief it is. If you’re thinking that the Koala Crate might be a bit advanced for your little one, you can always choose the Panda Crate instead, then move up when it makes sense.

When the box arrives in the mail, set aside time to complete the project with your child. At this age, it’s important to provide support where the child needs it but still allow them to be independent and make their own choices.

For those who want more of what KiwiCo has to offer, you can upgrade to a Deluxe package. This includes a book hand-selected by the company’s editors to be engaging, age-appropriate, and educational. You can choose a Deluxe subscription when you check out or if you’re already subscribing.

Comparing Koala Crate to Lovevery

Another similar subscription for small children is Lovevery. This company offers a play-based activity subscription geared toward babies and toddlers.

However, the two subscription services aren’t quite comparable. While reviewers enjoyed the high-quality toys Lovevery offers, Koala Crate is designed to be an educational, collaborative experience. Lovevery also comes at a higher price of about $40 per month, with individual kits costing $80 to $120.

What’s Inside a Koala Crate?

With Koala Crate, you’ll get a monthly box centered around a theme. You’ll receive the materials and step-by-step instructions for three age-appropriate activities. You also get another booklet with games and more activity ideas centered on the crate’s theme.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of what you can expect to find inside each crate.

  • Ocean Games: With this box, your child will catch felt sea creatures like fishes and turtles using a fishing pole. This is ideal for color matching and practicing sorting skills. Comes complete with a colorful instructional guide and a picture book. This box is about building those foundational scientific and mathematic skills in a whimsical, play-oriented way.
  • Rainbows: Venture into the magic of rainbows with this delightful crate. You can create a stained glass landscape with colorful shapes and cut-outs of mountains and trees, learn to stuff and decorate a cloud pillow, dye a rainbow tote bag, and find out more about how rainbows form in nature. It’s sure to be the perfect rainy day activity!
  • Camping: Get your child started on connecting with nature with this camping crate. You can build a fire using paper flames, make a fabric snack of s’mores and hot dogs, and store it all away in a bear backpack.
  • Music: What little kid doesn’t love experimenting with sound, i.e., making noise? With this kit, your child will build musical instruments like a xylophone and a tambourine. Your child will also decorate a dancing streamer that adds to the fun.
  • Doctor’s Visit: Every child loves to tend to their sick stuffed animals. This medical kit comes complete with a stethoscope, thermometer, bandages, and much more. It’s a great way to build empathy through pretend play.


What Age is Koala Crate For?

Koala Crates are best for children ages 3 to 4. Of course, your 5-year-old might still love the kinds of activities and projects the Koala Crate provides. Or your 2-year-old might still prefer the Panda Crate for infants and toddlers. If the examples in the previous section sound like things your child will be interested in, then the Koala Crate is a good choice.

How Do I Cancel Koala Crate?

Like with all other KiwiCo subscriptions, you can switch, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time. All you have to do is log in to your account and follow the directions KiwiCo provides.

Can I Buy Individual Koala Crates?

Yes. Go to the KiwiCo Store page to find all the individual Koala Crates available. They start at $27.95 for individual crates. KiwiCo also has plenty of toys and activities available for young children from speedy race cars to a chemistry play lab to an atom bead maze and mini cake decorating.

Can I Give Koala Crate as a Gift?

Yes. Just go to the KiwiCo website, select it as a gift, then provide the child’s details. You can order a subscription or individual crate as a gift. Make sure to check the “Are you giving this as a gift?” when you order, which will allow you to write a message to the birthday boy or girl.

Where Does Koala Crate Ship To?

Like other KiwCo subscriptions, shipping varies in the U.S. Monthly subscriptions are also available for select other countries, though international shipping of about $5 to $6 per package will be charged.

How Long Does Koala Crate Take to Ship?

KiwiCo offers UPS regular shipping which takes three to ten business days for US addresses. You can also pay more for rush shipping of two to five business days or two-day shipping.

Should I Sign Up for Koala Crate?

The early years of a child’s life are so special. If you want to create lasting memories while supporting your child’s development with engaging, hands-on activities, then Koala Crate is the ideal choice.
For more information and to sign up for a subscription, check out Koala Crate.

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