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Tinker Crate by KiwiCo Reviews

Updated October 23, 2023

Tinker Crate by KiwiCo

Tinker Crate is the ideal subscription for any kid ages 9 to 14 who loves hands-on activities. These projects are dedicated to developing critical STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills while delivering serious fun! Every crate comes with the materials, kid-friendly instructions, and inspiration your child needs to make super-cool projects from a working trebuchet to a drift motorcycle!

95 per month

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Subscribing to Tinker Crate

The difference between learning from a textbook versus learning by doing is monumental. That’s where Tinker Crate comes in: it’s a laboratory for hands-on STEM projects that create thrilling results!

Every crate contains awesome projects that will provide hours of engaging challenge and satisfaction. If you have the kind of curious child who’s always taking things apart to find out how they work, Tinker Crate is the perfect fit. Your child will be building a wooden automaton that utilizes gears and cams to make a marble climb up stairs, a cute coin-eating robot, and so much more.

While Tinker Crate projects are undeniably fun, they also support your child in learning core scientific and mathematical concepts while honing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Tinker Crate is made to be accessible for all types of learners and helps kids gain the confidence and curiosity to tackle any problem!

How Does Tinker Crate Work?

Tinker Crate is from the folks at KiwiCo, a company dedicated to providing engaging, educational activities for children of all ages. Their goal is to inspire the next generation of creators, thinkers, makers, and innovators. Each month, a package will arrive on your doorstep packed to the brim with all the materials and guidance you need plus a copy of TinkerZine and other goodies.

This box is best for kids ages 9 to 14. While these projects can be complex, a set of kid-friendly instructions with plenty of illustrations is always included. You’ll also get access to video tutorials along with plenty of DIY ideas. While parents may jump in from time to time, Tinker Crate is made for independent learning.

Tinker Crate aims to be “not just another science kit.” The goal is to always have low threshold, high ceiling projects that are inclusive of all different types of learners. That means they won’t be weighed down by overly technical language and always seek to get kids excited about a wide variety of science and engineering concepts. With these hands-on activities, your child will grow and discover by creating awesome projects all on their own.

How Much Does Tinker Crate Cost?

Monthly subscriptions range from $18.50 to $23.95. With a longer commitment, you will receive more savings. Automatically renewing subscriptions are $23.95 for one month, $21.95 a month for three months, $19.95 a month for six months, and $18.50 a month for 12 months. Shipping varies in the U.S.

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Tinker Crate Benefits and Drawbacks

Parents consistently give Tinker Crate high marks for providing enriching experiences that their kids love. Here’s what they appreciate:

  • Top-notch design: Experts in education and child development spend more than 1,000 hours developing every KiwiCo crate. This means that your child is getting an incredible experience from each box that’s age-appropriate and linked to specific learning outcomes. Every project is also tested by kids to ensure that it’s fun and universally appealing.
  • TinkerZine: An issue of TinkerZine comes with every crate. This magazine includes fascinating articles that help your child understand the principles underpinning the creations they make. Plus, every copy comes jam-packed with other activities that encourage kids to experiment and become independent learners. TinkerZine is made to provide a challenge that will engage young audiences.
  • STEM that goes beyond school: These projects often go further than what your child will learn in the science classroom. There are no worksheets or PowerPoint slides–it’s all about learning by using your hands and your brains! If you want your child to get excited about science, then there’s no better way than Tinker Crate.
  • Detailed instructions made for kids: Each project comes with a Blueprint, an instructional guide that provides all the support your child will need. With dynamic illustrations, these guidelines will help visual learners. They also provide more information on relevant topics along with online tutorials to see everything in action. Rest assured that there’s plenty of support for every element of a Tinker Crate.
  • The element of surprise: Every month, your child will receive a box that’s addressed to them. Kids love getting mail, and it’s even better when it’s a package! You’ll never quite know what’s coming that month, so when “box day” rolls around, it can be a delightful activity for the whole family.
  • Customer service: If you ever have a problem with a KiwiCo product, you can always get in touch with their Customer Care team via email, phone, or online chat. KiwiCo prides itself on providing helpful feedback fast.

You should consider whether your child is ready for Tinker Crate before getting a subscription. The projects require time and focus to complete, so if your child gets frustrated easily, you may want to go with something simpler. You should also block out enough time to complete each activity.

This subscription is best for kids with an existing interest in science, engineering, and related fields. But if your child has other interests, KiwiCo still has them covered! You may want to peruse their other options like the geography and culture-focused Atlas Crate or the Maker Crate for those interested in art and design. The whole purpose of a KiwiCo subscription is that it matches your child’s personality and passions.

Maximizing Your Tinker Crate Subscription

One way to get the most out of your Tinker Crate subscription is to refer a friend. If your friend signs up, you’ll both get $10 off your next order!

Another tip is that if your child is enjoying Tinker Crate, then spring for a longer subscription. This will save you money over time as the cost for long-term subscriptions is less.

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Is Tinker Crate Worth It?

The next time your child is bored on a rainy day, give them something constructive to do that doesn’t involve screen time. Tinker Crate’s projects provide countless hours of challenge and entertainment while sharpening a wide range of real-world skills that will last your child a lifetime.

Plus, the end result of each project is a really cool gadget or toy like a hydraulic claw or fiber-optic stars. These won’t just sit around collecting dust. KiwiCo was selected for our Best Subscription Boxes for Kids in 2022 for a reason. With subscription plans starting at less than $20 per month, it’s affordable and totally worth it.

What’s Inside a Tinker Crate?

If you’ve seen these projects in action, you’re probably wondering if they’re as much fun to make as they look. The answer is yes! You and your child will have a blast figuring out how to put everything together, then marveling at your creation.

Each Tinker Crate includes high-quality parts along with detailed instructions, a special edition of TinkerZine, and more. Here are a few activities that come in a Tinker Crate:

  • Walking robot: This robotics kit is designed to help your child explore and experiment with mechanical motion. A step-by-step video tutorial is included along with illustrated Blueprint instructions to make sure that assembling the robot is challenging without being frustrating. This is a great example of how Tinker Crate provides entertainment alongside STEM learning outcomes.
  • Hydraulic claw: Did you know that hydraulics are used in everything from factories and theme parks to airplanes? Your child will develop basic engineering skills by constructing their own hydraulic lifting claw. Bonus design challenges are also included!
  • Drift motorcycle: This model-sized, electric-power motorcycle is sure to get your Tinkerer excited. Learn about the science of drifting through the intricate engineering that goes into the model. This is a great way for children to understand through a hands-on experience how a motor converts electricity into energy.
  • Bottle Rocket: Prepare for blast off! Assemble your very own bottle rocket complete with a funnel and launch mixture. Your child is sure to have loads of fizzy fun!

As you can see, each Tinker Crate activity involves a high level of technical development that’s tailormade for your child’s enjoyment and education. These aren’t toys or simple projects that you could easily do yourself–they’re created by experts in a long-term development cycle. You get to simply open the box and enjoy what’s inside–no more running to the store to buy what you need.


How Does Tinker Crate Compare to MelScience?

MelScience is a subscription box aimed at those 10 to 14 years old. Each month, your child will get two to three chemistry experiments based on a theme. MelScience also includes VR experiences.

This subscription is best for those who can spend plenty of time helping their children as the experiments will require adult supervision. Tinker Crate, like all KiwiCo subscriptions, is geared toward supporting kids becoming independent learners.

MelScience is also somewhat more expensive, starting at $26.20 monthly compared to Tinker Crate’s $18.50.

What Age Range is Tinker Crate For?

Tinker Crate is designed for children ages 9 to 14. If you find the projects are too challenging or time-consuming for your child, KiwiCo has plenty of other options. From art and design to cooking, there’s a subscription that will fit their interests and ability level.

What Is the KiwiCo Store?

Let’s say you love the science and engineering activities Tinker Crate offers, but you’re not quite sure if a subscription plan is right for you. Then you can check out everything the KiwiCo Store has to offer. Individual crates are available along with toys, activities, and more.

What Are Tinker Crate’s Cancellation Policies?

You can pause, switch, or cancel your Tinker Crate subscription at any time. Just go to your account and follow the relevant steps.

What Are KiwiCo’s Shipping Policies?

Shipping varies in the U.S. Your package will be shipped about two days after you order from the company’s California warehouse. Shipment takes about three to ten business days. You can also spring for premium shipping if you wish.

International shipping for Tinker Crate is available to a specific list of countries. This averages about $5-6 for shipping depending on the country.

Does Tinker Crate Permit Returns and Exchanges?

Monthly subscription crates are not eligible for returns. The KiwiCo Store does take returns if the products haven’t been damaged or used. Any returns need to be processed within 60 days for a full refund.

If there’s ever a problem with your subscription, you can always reach out to the KiwiCo Customer Care team by phone, email, or online chat. They’re here to help address any issues you may have.

Can I Give Tinker Crate as a Gift?

Absolutely! Just sign up for the subscription and provide the child’s information. You can check the box for “Are you giving this as a gift?” to add your own personalized message.

Should I Sign Up My Child for Tinker Crate?

For the Tinkerer in your life, there’s nothing better than a project to dive into. The challenge of putting everything together and then having a real working machine or a bottle rocket explosion is thrilling! Designed by experts, loved by children, Tinker Crate will inspire your child to create unique projects and grapple with core scientific and mathematical concepts.

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