The Bam! Geek Box

The Ultimate Collector’s Experience for Geeks! This membership includes an authentic celebrity autograph certified by Beckett Authentication along with other items including fan-art, prop replicas, comics and more!

99 per month

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  1. Lily Esquivel

    I think that for the price of the Bam! box it is a solid mystery box. I am a huge fan of art prints and pins so it is the perfect box for someone like me. I know autographs are expensive by themselves, so I think $30-$40 bucks for a box that has more than just an autograph is a steal! I’m a fan of the anime and gamer box. I may check out others later on.

  2. Lisa Satterfield

    Honestly I have been an on and off subscriber to Bam! for a little over a year and I have not really had any issues with any of the boxes. It is a $30 box, so are you going to get top A-List autos every month. NO. For the most part you are going to get more B or C listers, get photos more than signed props or Funkos, but now that they are all Beckett certified to me it is totally worth it. I like to collect and for the price I am ok with getting the autograph of the guy that played Greedo or the kid that played Boba and not Mark Hamil or Harrison Ford. You have to be realistic about what you get for the price. So far the quality has been great, the speed of the shipping could be better but it is not Bam!’s fault that USPS or UPS suck and don’t know how to handle packages. So if you are considering it, take a chance for the price.

  3. Carrie Lynn

    26.99 for a box with a celebrity autograph, sweet pins, art prints signed by the artist and a prop. I would say that a win in my book. Sure, some items might not be for certain people but still!! Can’t beat a $26.99 mystery box?

  4. Dale Hayes

    This has been one of the greatest experiences in the subscription box, the community of people are amazing, the customer service is five star all the way across the board , so happy to be a part of this community and it keeps getting better baby!!!

  5. Justin wooster

    I just started bam box and i already love it!! The pins are great, the props are freat, artist signed drawings are of great pop culture movies and shows, tje autos are great. Some big names and some b rated. Personally i love the b rated autographs alot cause they are some you dont think of getting. Im a big back to the futire fan and the dinald fullilove(mayor goldie wilson) auto is something i never thought to search out but glad bam box did it. Not alot of people have that auto so its great!!
    The facebook community is awesome!! Friendly from day 1 and i have gotten some fantastic pieces from the members. I really like that group!. I hoghly recommend bam box

  6. Jonny

    I’ve been getting the bam pop culture box for over two years and the bam horror box over a year. Both have been very enjoyable and have opened my eyes to new films or shows I’ve never seen.

    The autographs for the last 5 months have been amazing for the cost of the box.
    Heather Langencamp and Lou diamond phillips to name two of the biggest.
    All for $26.99 plus shipping that’s a bargain. Plus you get the other items in the box.

  7. Calvin

    This is my favorite, subscription box. The quslity is amazing with the props. The autograph is always really cool. Not to mention the art which is amazing. It truly is a con in a box.

  8. Brandon

    The bad reviews on here are from people that dont understand how a subscription box works. I’ve been with BAM! For over 2 years now, and while the quality of some items has gone up and down, you simply can’t beat the price point.
    You’re not going to please everyone all the time, but the majority of people I know that get the Bam! Box are happy subscribers. And if you don’t love what was in the box, they have an amazing community on Facebook that is perfect for trading! And I think any negative posts that are deleted are simply because they are just that, negative comments that bring no constructive criticism to the conversation. The Bam! Box is by far the best subscription box for collectors out there!

  9. Dom

    Box has went down hill fast. Hit or miss. Always late

  10. Joseph Musgrove

    This box used to be decent and unique, but for the past several months it’s been dreadful. Each box comes with an art print, pin, autograph, and trinket/prop, that’s it. The “Props” so far have been crummy poorly made tiny items, one month it was a coin, the next it was a strange looking star wars piece. The autographs are from “celebrities” that no one would care about getting an autograph from. Want the autograph of the guy that played scooby doo in the live action movie from ten years ago? No? What about the voice actress that played Poison Ivy on the Batman Animated show from the nineties? Not her either? Yeah, both of those were actual “celebrity” autos I got, and that’s the caliber of autograph you can expect.

    Even worse, cancelling is awful. My box for June was marked as shipped on the 27th, but didn’t actually get scanned at a post office until July 2nd. Showed up on the seventh, and I cancelled my subscription that day. Then was told that, because boxes are charged on the first, I would still get another box. Insane to me that I would have needed to cancel a full week BEFORE getting my previous box, in order to avoid getting charged for another one. People that complain on their facebook page get instantly banned and deleted, stay far away from this awful box.