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Switch is a membership service that lets you borrow luxury designer jewelry from brands like Hermes and Chanel, and fine jewelry made with 14k gold and diamonds. Plans start at $29/month. You can hang on to your pieces for as long (or as little) as you want and exchange them as often as you want. Their jewelry has an average retail value of $550 and you can access any piece in their collection, regardless of your plan. You can also purchase pieces at special member prices and for each month you’re a member, you earn $10 of purchase credit.

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  1. Carter

    I ordered Switch after seeing it on a friend of mine’s Instagram story. I am in love!! It has allowed me to sample designer jewelry without having such a large dent in my bank account. I love that you can exchange the pieces whenever you want (and how often) or can keep them for as long as you like. The discounted purchase price is also a big selling point! I can see myself keeping this subscription for a long time.

  2. danielle1

    I found Switch through a friend and have been a member for three months and recommend it to anyone. The jewelry is gorgeous, customer service is fantastic and great experience.