That Daily Deal Monthly Sunglasses Club

Misplace your sunglasses often? Well, let us help you with that! Every month we will send you various styles of NAME BRAND sunglasses. The same ones you would have to pay $20-$30 each in stores, we deliver right to your door. If you or someone you know is constantly going through sunglasses, this is the PERFECT solution! No more having to drop $20-$30 bucks every time you lose or break your shades.

99 per month

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  1. Heather C

    I just received my first box of sunglasses. The first one was a pair of Claires glasses. They were purple and already had a scratch in them. They also had a price tag still attached for $5. The second pair were ok they also included a price tag this time $14.95. I wouldnt consider them name brand by any means, I hope the next box is better or I’m canceling