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Raddish Kids

For young children (Ages 3-6) to Kids and Tweens( Ages 7-12) get culinary fun delivered to your door each month. Each month receive 3 family friendly recipes, 1 skill card, 2 creative activities, and shopping list. You also receive new patches each month to add to your apron!

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  1. Bonnie Lapp

    I am so disappointed with Radish. I just got my bill today and its $189.84 for 6 months for 2 little kids. Not what I expected or can afford on my retirement budget. I called to ask about the bill and was told that I should have read the fine print. Apparently I ordered and extra cooking tool (it isn’t needed as both children live in the same house) Heard nothing but crickets from the rep. Don’t do it grandparents, save your money!