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Kiwi Crate by KiwiCo Reviews

Updated May 25, 2024

Kiwi Crate by KiwiCo

Kiwi Crate is a monthly subscription designed to engage kids’ sense of creativity and curiosity. Each crate comes with enriching Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM)-based activities made to ignite a love of learning and exploration. Perfect for children ages 5 to 8, Kiwi Crate makes it easy and fun for families to bond over building unique art and science projects together.

95 per month

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Subscribing to Kiwi Crate

Children are exposed to more and more screen time every day. Whether it’s at home or at school, they’re constantly looking at and using phones, laptops, and TVs.

That’s where Kiwi Crate comes in. Every month, a crate will arrive at your doorstep containing hands-on activities that kids ages 5 to 8 will have a blast with! Every crate offers countless hours of entertainment, learning, and crafting. This is a far cry from yet another toy that your child will fixate on for 30 minutes and then forget about.

You’ll be amazed by what your child is capable of creating. From stomp rockets to kites to an arcade claw and more, they’ll have the opportunity to explore a wide range of art and science activities. Experts spend more than 1,000 hours developing each project to ensure that it’s engaging and age-appropriate. Each themed crate is associated with specific learning outcomes like honing problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

Kiwi Crate is one of the exciting options from KiwiCo, a company all about inspiring the next generation of innovators and supporting the growth of young, active minds. If you’re looking for family-oriented activities that your child will look forward to doing, then Kiwi Crate is it!

How Kiwi Crate Works

When you subscribe to Kiwi Crate, you’ll receive one box each month with all the materials and guidance necessary to complete these neat projects. You’ll also receive a copy of explore! magazine along with a number of other goodies.

Each crate is centered around a fun theme like The Science of Trees and Peek into Ponds. Some of these projects require adult supervision whereas others your child will be able to complete independently.

The first package ships a couple of days after the order. You’re able to switch, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time.

When you subscribe, you enter your child’s name and birthdate. The package is sent to them, so they’ll have a feeling of ownership over the experience. Plus, every kid loves to get something in the mail!

How Much Kiwi Crate Costs

A major consideration when you take on a new subscription is how it will impact your budget. Fortunately for parents, Kiwi Crate is one of the more affordable compared to competitors.

When you subscribe, you get discounts for a longer commitment. Subscriptions that renew automatically are available for $23.95 for one month, $18.95 for three months, $19.95 for six months, and $18.50 for 12 months. Term subscriptions are also available for a higher price.

Shipping varies in the U.S. Plus, you can get a discount for the first box in your child’s Kiwi Crate subscription right now by clicking this link!

Do you love what Kiwi Crate has to offer but aren’t ready to pull the trigger on a subscription? No problem. You can always go to the KiwiCo Store. Here you’ll find individual crates and crate packs available plus a wide range of educational toys, activities, and more!

Kiwi Crate Benefits and Drawbacks

KiwiCo has an outstanding reputation for developing incredible STEAM-focused activities and projects that keep kids hooked. The company receives praise from parents who are enjoying each crate with their children.

Here’s some of what they love about the experience:

  • Hands-on, interactive learning: Every Kiwi Crate is centered around the idea that children learn best when they do. Whether it’s building a working pinball machine or exploring pond life, your child makes every experience. It’s perfect for building creative confidence. If you’re looking for active learning, this is it!
  • Kid tested, expert approved: Each project is tested by kids to make sure that it’s fun, appealing, and age-appropriate. It’s developed and tested by former educators and child development professionals in a variety of fields. This process means that the instructions are clear and easy to understand, and your child will learn and grow with every activity they do.
  • Affordable cost: KiwiCo was founded by an engineer and mom of three who wanted to bring creative, engaging projects to all parents. Consequently, it comes at an affordable price while still containing high-quality products. Plus, your child will be able to play with the final product.
  • STEAM-centered: Modern schooling focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) and so does Kiwi Crate. Whether it’s conducting experiments, exploring motion and force, or learning about magnetism, each Kiwi Crate provides relevant educational value.
  • Stay in the KiwiCo ecosystem: If you’re finding your child is breezing through Kiwi Crate projects or has other interests, KiwiCo makes it easy to move to a different crate. If they’re interested in geography and culture, the Atlas Crate, for children 6 to 11, is a natural choice. Or if your child loves food, then the Yummy Crate, focused on the science of cooking, is perfect for those 6 to 14. There are even more choices to guarantee there’s a crate to fit your child’s interests!

That said, you will want to carefully consider all aspects of this subscription before you dive in. If your child is heavily involved in athletics or other pursuits, they may not always have enough time to complete these projects and activities.

As a parent, you’ll want to set aside time when the box arrives to help your child if needed. One reason is because many of these activities include small pieces, which you’ll need to help your child keep track of.

It’s also possible that you don’t want to commit to another subscription. If that’s the case, there’s always the KiwiCo Store, offering excellent, learning-focused projects, activities, toys, and more for children of all ages!

Is Kiwi Crate Worth It?

STEAM learning is considered critical for today’s children for success in school and beyond. Learning can and should be fun and engaging for your child. Fortunately, Kiwi Crate makes it simple and convenient to provide your child with well-designed, engaging activities every month.

This all comes at a reasonable monthly cost. Each crate contains everything you need to get started, so there’s no running to the store for supplies or to your phone to look up how-to videos. Your child will be making fascinating things in no time. If you want your child to be excited to do educational projects, then Kiwi Crate is the way to go!


How to Get the Most out of Your Kiwi Crate Subscription

KiwiCo is frequently offering a range of discounts, so make sure that you’re taking advantage of these. If you want to upgrade your subscription to a Deluxe package, you can do so at anytime. This means that every month you will receive a book selected by KiwiCo’s editors that’s engaging and age-appropriate. This is perfect to spark your young child’s love of reading.

The other way to maximize your subscription is to participate. Let your child take the reins whenever they can, but be there to step in when needed. And it’s wonderful to be part of the creative making experience with your child!


What Comes in a Kiwi Crate?

Each box comes jam-packed with parts, guides, a copy of explore! magazine, and delightful extras. Here are some sample crates to give you an idea of what the experience is like:

  • Pinball project: With this crate, your child will build an old school arcade pinball machine. When you get the box, spread out all the parts on a counter or table. (The final product is about 18 inches long by 14 inches wide.) The instructional book is 12 pages long. A stackable crayon is included to make art on the pinball backboard. Once you’re done, you can have a blast seeing who gets the highest score!
  • Fun with flight: Explore flying both through a stomp rocket and a kite. This is a great project to get your children outside–they’ll be eager to test out how high they can get the rocket to launch! Then in the copy of the magazine, they’ll learn how to make a paper airline.
  • Arcade claw: Build your wooden arcade claw that you can use to grab and pick up just about any small object, including the whimsical pom-poms in the box! Comes with all the pieces for the claw plus instructions and a video tutorial.
  • The science of trees: This crate involves a capillary action experiment which can be made into a framed piece of art. The whole family will have fun playing the tree balancing game, a new take on classic Jenga that teaches core natural science concepts. The box also includes a watercolor painting set.

And this is just the start–there are Kiwi Crates on kaleidoscopes, glowworms and jellyfish, and much more. Plus, you’ll get access to tons of online content including a wide range of creative DIY projects.



How Does Kiwi Crate Compare to Little Passports?

Little Passports offers subscriptions for children ages three and up on topics including geography, foreign cultures, and STEM. Prices range from $23.95 to $27.95 per box. Each month, subscribers receive a fully packed suitcase including a wall-sized map, luggage tag, an activity book, stickers, and a welcome letter for a global destination.
The biggest difference is that Kiwi Crate–and all KiwiCo boxes–are more focused on hands-on learning via projects and activities, whereas Little Passports relies more on workbook exercises. That said, Little Passports does expose children to different world views and cultural perspectives.

What Happens if My Child Is Too Old/Young for Kiwi Crate?

In the event you find that your five-year-old isn’t quite up to speed, you can always rewind to the KiwiCo crate for the previous age group, the Koala Crate. Conversely, if you find your eight-year-old thinks the projects are too simple, you can switch to a range of other options for older kids including the Yummy Crate or Atlas Crate. KiwiCo makes it really simple to shift your subscription based on your child’s evolving abilities and interests.

Am I Able to Send Kiwi Crate as a Gift?

KiwiCo encourages you to send any of its crates as gifts. All you have to do is enter the child’s name, address, and birthdate. If you aren’t ready to commit to a subscription, you can buy individual crates, toys, and activities from the KiwiCo Store.

What Are Kiwi Crate’s Shipping Policies?

When you order a Kiwi Crate, it will ship out in two days. Typical shipping time is three to ten business days within the U.S. Shipping varies in the U.S. subscribers.
KiwiCo also ships to select international addresses. This comes at a cost that is usually about $5 to $6 for each crate.

Does Kiwi Crate Permit Returns and Exchanges?

You cannot return or exchange monthly subscription crates. However, the KiwiCo Store does take returns so long as the products have not been used or damaged. Returns must be processed within 60 days in order for you to get back a full refund.

How Do I Cancel Kiwi Crate?

You can switch, pause, or cancel your subscription at anytime. All you have to do is head to KiwiCo’s website, log in to your account, then follow the directions provided.

Should I Get Kiwi Crate for My Child?

There’s a reason KiwiCo is the most popular craft and activity subscription service for children. Designed by experts, loved by kids, Kiwi Crate will inspire your child to build unique projects and learn core scientific and mathematical concepts. Whether your child is an artist at heart, fascinated with adventure, or interested in the natural world, Kiwi Crate has a project suited to their interests.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Check out Kiwi Crate at an amazing discount on the first box of your subscription!

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