POPSUGAR Must Have Box

Seasonally themed must-haves selected by the POPSUGAR editors. Beauty, Home, Treats, Accessories, Jewelry, and Personal Care. Occasional luxury boxes for women, men, and home.

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  1. sharon

    I’ve been subscribed to the must-have box for over five years but unsubscribed because the price and model-change of their membership is no longer worth it. For $50, the box was ok, it had a few good housewares items and sometimes a good hat or scarf, which kind of made up for the fact that the other items were things like mini bags of popcorn, chips, or samples of Ms. Meyer’s cleaning products (don’t get me wrong, I love Ms. Meyers, just don’t need to be paying $50 to get a mini-product of it). Now that the box is nearly $100, there is no way that it is worth it. The products are still cheap and not things that you would choose to buy individually, if at all. The Must Have price now the cost of the Rachel Zoe Box of Style, which is FAR superior. Would definitely not recommend the Must Have Box.

  2. Candace Shortt

    First time box–Love!!

  3. Jana Williams

    I Have Always Wantedto Try a Popsugar Subscription Box Because They Have All of My Favorite Things in One Box, Beauty Products, Makeup, Jewelry, Accessories, Snacks, Books, & More! I Would Love to Receive a Box Like That and Hopefully One Day I Will! Thanks and Have a Blessed Day!

  4. PA Anna

    I’ve been subscribingon and off for over three years. Curation can be hit or miss for me. I usually keep a few items and gift the rest. The items come in original packaging which makes it easy to gift or swap.

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