Framed! In A Box

Framed! In A Box is a monthly subscription containing mystery items. At least one item every month is personalized. Items are for women, and can include tumblers, bags, jewelry, clothing, and home accessories.

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  1. Kari Dell'Orso

    Wow!! Sarah is one of the hardest working women I know. She busts her butt daily to ensure others around her (her customers) are taken care of and receive a monthly surprise. She’s so talented and never disappoints. I don’t know how she does it!! I have been a #framedinabox subscriber since May! It literally is my most favorite thing every month.

  2. Heather Grunert

    My new monogrammed shoes, necklace and trinket plate in July box!

  3. Regan Nabors

    I’ve been a subscriber since the very 1st month. I already knew that the quality of items and amount of stuff in the box would be worth it because the creator (Sarah) is top notch! I was so impressed the first month that I’ve continued to receive a box each month. The variety of items along with the different colors and styles has truly been so fun! Just do it for one month and you’ll be hooked!!!!

  4. Sonya Anderson

    I have been receiving the framed in a box for a couple of months and love it!! I can’t wait every month to see the surprises in the box! I give it 2 thumbs up!!

  5. Britany Schmidt

    I have been subscribed since the very beginning, and I have LOVED every item. Each box is a unique theme and experience. I love that it is personalized, and special. I’m a mom, and a teacher, and BUSY! I don’t take the time to do special things for myself, so this is the best and most wonderful little surprise each month!

    Ive attached a picture of me wearing my Framed! In a Box monogrammed hat I got in the June box!

  6. Christina Brucker

    I’ve been subscribed since the 2nd Framed! in a Box!!! And every single
    one of them has been well worth the money!! It’s so exciting when she gives sneak peeks into next months box!! Love getting all the pretty things Sarah finds for us! Truly the best! From bags, jewelry, hats, shirts, shoes and at least 1 or 2 things in each box are always personalized with my initials! It just makes it so much more than worth it! Absolutely love, can’t wait till next month!

  7. Kim

    I’ve been receiving Framed! In a box for 4 months now and I’ve never been disappointed. So much fun stuff just for me. It’s like a Christmas gift every month. Absolutely love it!!

  8. Sarah Williams

    The mystery goodies from the July box!

  9. Sarah Williams

    The goodies from the June Framed! In A Box

  10. Sarah Williams

    The mystery goodies found in the May box