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Become part of the story! We provide immersive mystery experiences that begin through the mail with mysterious letters and notes, newspaper clippings, historical documents, artifacts and relics, journal pages, coded messages, original artwork, photographs, and unusual items. Participants may receive emails, phone calls or texts from story characters depending on their level of participation. Exclusive online content provides additional storyline, puzzles and clues. The deeper you dig, the more you will find!

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  1. Allen

    The concept is a great idea, but the execution is pretty terrible. While some people are definitely fans, the fact that they don’t allow reviews on their cratejoy page should tell you something. I’ve learned to temper my expectations with subscription boxes, but this company still makes you feel like the value is not there. While I could complain about the quality or quantity of the content, the real problem is that it’s just not interesting or imaginative. It kind of feels like a bot could have assembled the story or puzzles, and probably would have done a better job at it as well.

  2. Belinda Egan

    I bought a six-month subscription as a gift but forgot that it was auto-renew. Suddenly, with no renewal notice, there was a $199 charge on my credit card. The company refused to cancel and refund the charge, and even refused to refund a prorated amount, for 5 of the 6 months. Ugh. Would not buy again.

  3. Andrew

    Buyer beware. They will sign you up for a subscription and you will have to go go find your login and password and navigate a website that doesn’t want you to cancel something you had no idea you signed up for. Also when you contact them via email to ask why you are being charged for something you never asked for or received you will be told to pound sand. We got 6 months worth of this product and honestly I think it was about 7 months too much. Do yourself a favor don’t buy this, the only mystery here is how they are still in business after ripping people off.

  4. Jen

    I played 3 boxes, and I can tell you each one is completely boring, and unimaginative. I had some critical pieces of information missing. The quality control is terrible. It is the same mystery over and over. Don’t believe all the positive reviews!

  5. Tracy

    This box was marginally ok at first and then it just deteriorated to terrible. I had the same problems as other people commenting her have had – nightmare auto renew, rude responses and a couple of times there was NOT EVEN ONE puzzle in the box. I mean, if you want to sell short stories that’s fine, but don’t market it as a puzzle experience. With the last few boxes we would have the most entertainment laughing about how terrible it was. Don’t buy it!

  6. Amanda

    Wow, I can’t believe this company actually allowed some non-stellar reviews to be published online! This was not the case when I had to deal with them about a year ago.

    I enjoyed the boxes. In the third month of my subscription, I received two boxes. I realized that my mom’s gift to me had auto-renewed (unannounced to her) and I had my own subscription that month as well. No big deal. I contacted customer service and was immediately met with hostility. I was truly being kind and hoping they could help cancel my gift subscription, but instead I was told that I was not a “good fit” for this company because I was rude. I simply asked to not receive a second box every month and for my innocent mother to not be unknowingly charged. Though they have an extremely strict “no refund” policy, I asked for a refund of my second, unopened box and also offered to ship it back at my own expense, so they could have it in their inventory. In retrospect, asking for this refund must have been what set them off.

    I can go on, but many rude email exchanges later, I was consistently met with hatred and hostility. Within minutes of me not being a “good fit” for the company, I was blocked on every Facebook page or group they have. I looked to Facebook because I was truly confused as to what had happened. I am the first to admit that I have been rude to customer service people when I am frustrated, but this was not one of those times AT ALL. (I should mention that at first I believed I was emailing with a hostile employee that was not representative of the company, though Christopher Forrest, the founder, followed up with equally, if not more, hateful and hostile emails.)

    Also since the company had effectively wiped any possible trace of negative reviews from the Internet, I turned to the BBB. When I told Mystery Experiences I was reporting them, they said it didn’t matter because the BBB was an arcane, antiquated agency. Their response on my BBB review is that I was lying. I was not lying. I rest my case.

  7. Anne

    Just cancelled my subscription after 1 year. The universe created is immersive and the city’s backstory is interesting, but the monthly boxes just aren’t fun. Many of the puzzles are tedious to complete and after spending a lot of time doing them, you find out that they aren’t even necessary to solving the box. The author says this is intentional so people don’t have to complete the really hard puzzles to solve the mystery, but it’s annoying to spend all that time and have it not be worth it. In one box, a particularly long puzzle actually made solving more difficult as it implicated someone other than the murderer. There also doesn’t seem to be a lot of depth to the mysteries themselves and motives are often lacking.

    I have also found instances of grammar or continuity mistakes. The author and some fans claim these are clues for the “meta-mystery”, but I’m not 100% sold.

    I haven’t dealt with customer service, so cannot speak to it, but what others report here does not surprise me, given the company’s statement that you will not be allowed back if you ever cancel your subscription and the author’s attitude to constructive criticism on Facebook (someone simply brought up the fact on the discussion group that the solution to the mystery I talked about above did not make as much sense as a different possible solution based upon the clues in the very hard puzzle I described. I, and a few others, agreed with her and we received angry feedback from the author basically telling us that we weren’t supposed to go into the mystery too much, just eliminate suspects with alibis and the one left had to be the killer)

  8. Chris L

    Great, difficult problems and lots of fun.

  9. Donna D

    The external links like phone numbers are disconnected quickly leaving you with unsolvable mysteries if you don’t do them right away. That’s the most disappointing thing….sometimes life happens and you have to tend to other things.