The Deadbolt Mystery Society

The Deadbolt Mystery Society is a monthly subscription box service for lovers of mystery and suspense. Each month, a new mystery box filled with puzzles, evidence, and interviews will be delivered to your door.

Each month will include a variety of items needed to solve the mystery. No two months will be alike. Imagine that you are a consulting detective tasked with solving a particular case. The box will contain all pertinent items needed to ensure your success.

99 per month

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  1. Donna Dutkofski

    I have been doing mystery subscription boxes for a few years and have lost interest in most of them. I only do a couple now and The Deadbolt Mystery Society box is one of them. These boxes have gotten better and better each month. The stories are varied and well developed, the puzzles are original with a good range of difficulty, and the interactive aspects are a blast. In addition to a fun, quality product, the customer service at DMS is the absolute best–super nice people who do whatever they can to make sure their customers are happy. Each box is a complete stand alone story, so just pick one from the archives and try it. I bet you’ll love it enough to subscribe…I did!

  2. Elizabeth

    I subscribe to several mystery/puzzle monthlies, and DMS is one of the best. Each box is a complete mystery to solve, and the month-to-month variety is impressive. The online community is helpful and objective, not clannish. Great job, love it!