Mom ‘n Tot Box

Mom ‘n Tot Box is a monthly subscription box for Moms and Tots up to age 4. All items in our boxes are exclusively from small businesses and made in the USA. Every box is unique, customized based on your child’s gender and age. Each item is selected for its quality, uniqueness and utility.

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  1. Brian Long

    This is, hands down, the best subscription box I’ve subscribed to. The items are unique and I’ve found a bunch of great small businesses to buy products from after they were introduced to me in the Mom ‘n Tot Box. Another great part is that all the products are made in the USA. Knowing that my purchase is helping domestic small businesses is great!! Try this box out, you won’t regret it!

  2. ns2283

    My kids and I look forward to receiving our monthly box. Working 30 hrs/week and taking care of my daughter full time leaves me with very little time to get creative and shop for cool things for her. These monthly boxes solve my problem! I love seeing my 16 mo get excited every time we get a box in the mail and I’d be lying if I said I don’t look forward to it just as much myself (to see her happy but also to get a goodie for myself). All products are made in the USA and from small businesses so we can feel good about supporting local shops (and families). THANK YOU Mom ‘n Tot Box for putting a smile on our faces!

  3. mandiraemcdougall

    I signed up for Mom n Tot Box the first month they launched. My daughter is 18 months old, so the box is for her and I (and occasionally her older brother helps us check out the goods, too!) We have really enjoyed getting our box each month – always a good mix of fun things for her, something to wear (a shirt or headband, etc.) and a goody or two for me!

  4. brianlongworth

    I bought this product after a friend recommended it and I’ve had the subscription for 4 months and it is, hands down, my favorite subscription box. I have a 2 year old boy and this box is specifically designed with him in mind. When I subscribed I was asked to enter his sizing information so that his clothing items could be perfect for him. The MAJOR advantage this box has is that every box is different based on the needs of your child. With some boxes you get random toys/clothes that don’t really apply to your child. With Mom ‘n Tot box you get items that are age and size appropriate. The mom item is a nice bonus as well. Another thing I love about this box is that all the items are from small businesses not discounted items you can find in any store. You get a directory of the stores included in the box and I’ve purchased additional items from those stores after being exposed to their product in the box. I’ve tried quite a few boxes in this market and this box is, without question, the best.