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Diaper Dabbler

Diaper sampling program perfect for new parents and parents of growing kids. Sample a variety of different diaper brands and select your favorite. Perfect new parent gift.

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Product Description

This is more of a sampling program than a subscription. Still very useful for new moms! Gift Moms coming home with a newborn a Prepared Parent package to get them totally ready.

Diaper Dabbler offers

  • Mainstream diaper samples that can be found in most major retailers, like Luvs, Pampers or Huggies,
  • Eco-friendly or low-chemical diaper samples that are focused on less chemicals, like Earth’s Best, Honest Company or Nature Babycare, and,
  • Store-specific brand diaper samples that you can pick up at your local Costco or Target.

If you would like, you can request a custom diaper sampler pack for your favorite new mom!  Diaper Dabbler offers Newborn packs all the way up to training pants! Each brand sample pack is protectively sealed in plastic and clearly labeled so you know just what you are trying.

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