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MEL STEM by MEL Science Reviews

Updated October 28, 2023

MEL STEM by MEL Science

MEL STEM is the fun way for your child to learn about the world and get excited about science. This subscription offers engaging hands-on projects and educational digital experiences for kids ages five to ten-plus years old. Every month, you’ll receive a science-themed project like a space rocket, liquid sand, or a hydraulic lift. The kit also includes a detailed visual explanation of the project’s foundational scientific principles along with a ton of cool extras. MEL STEM projects are certified to be safe and fun for the whole family!

90 per month

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Subscribing to MEL STEM

As a parent, you’ve probably heard the acronym STEM before–Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. That’s because STEM education is more important in our world today than ever before. No matter what field your child eventually chooses, rest assured that these foundational subjects will prove important to their education.

That’s why MEL Science has created fun, hands-on projects that get kids pumped about STEM. When you subscribe, your child will soon be building a microscope, a pneumatic press, spectrum goggles, and more! Each month you’ll receive everything you need to complete an age-appropriate experiment. Every project includes kid-friendly instructions and high-quality materials. MEL’s interactive mobile app has 3D models and AR lessons too!

MEL STEM is more than just another subscription box–it’s a way for your child to fall in love with science. These are more than your standard baking-soda-and-vinegar experiments. Plus, the MEL app actively engages kids in learning by providing lessons taught by professional scientists. No more memorizing formulas–instead, your child will learn through their own experience!

How Much Does MEL STEM Cost?

MEL STEM offers affordable prices. Subscribers who prepay for a full year get a discount upfront. For an annual subscription, these kits only cost $29.90 per month plus shipping.

There’s also an option to bill monthly for $39.90. Each month you receive one science kit. You have the option to pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of MEL STEM


  • Increased academic performance: Every parent knows that it’s a struggle to get kids to focus on learning. But MEL STEM removes that struggle with its dynamic projects. Completing these projects results in quantifiable educational outcomes: one study found that children who did these lessons and experiments scored higher on exams and made 20% more progress!
  • Built by experts and parents: The MEL STEM team has 10 PhDs in science and is growing. Each project is also made with the guidance of parents and kids.
  • Safe for kids: Each science kit is fully compliant with both US and EU regulations. MEL holds itself to the strictest standards, meaning that you can rest assured knowing that the projects are safe for kids to complete.
  • It’s fun!: There’s a reason more than three million viewers check out what MEL is doing on social media–these experiments and projects are really cool! Your child will experience a sense of satisfaction and awe when they do these exciting projects and experiments.
  • Kid-friendly instructions: Each kit comes with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. This ensures that every project is accessible for kids and can be safely completed at home.
  • High-tech tie-ins: Not only will your child complete these fantastic experiments, but the learning–and the fun–extend to MEL’s interactive VR and AR lessons. These are available to all subscribers!
  • Complex experiments: Have you tried to DIY it with science experiments before, only for it to end in disaster? Even if you have the skills to design an experiment, you still have to do all the work of supplying the materials and setting things up. MEL STEM takes care of all of that–the box includes everything your child will need to do complex experiments and projects. These are expertly designed and arrive on your doorstep ready to use.
  • Excellent customer service: MEL consistently receives praise for its outstanding, responsive customer service. If you ever have a problem with your subscription, contact them and they will sort it out right away.


  • Keep in mind that parental supervision is typically required. Dedicate time when your box arrives for the best experience. After all, as a parent, you’ll want to see the cool things your child creates.
  • If your child shows little or no interest in science, technology, and related subjects, MEL STEM may not be for them. Of course, if you show them videos of these projects in action, they’ll likely become interested quickly!

Tips and Tricks for MEL STEM Subscribers

Are you homeschooling your child? Then MEL STEM can prove very useful. Science is one of the more difficult subjects to incorporate into a homeschool curriculum due to its focus on labs and experiments. MEL STEM makes it easy to support your child in learning a wide range of scientific principles.

Keep in mind that while the box contains everything you need to complete a project or experiment, your subscription gives you access to more. MEL provides access to its educational platform which has more than 70 VR and live lessons.

What’s Inside a MEL STEM Box?

Let’s take a look at a few examples of what you can expect:

  • Aircraft: With this box, your child will build their own aircraft and learn the principles behind the science of flight. Your child will assemble two different launchers, experiment with different airfoils, and explore the aerodynamic properties of different materials. By launching discs, boomerangs, and propellers, they’ll learn about why some objects are able to fly as well as the history of aircraft.
  • Projectile cannon: This one includes a range of intricate parts needed to make your own working toy cannon! Your child will learn about how angle affects an object’s trajectory along with lessons on velocity and parabolas in sports. Use the AR app to perfect your aim with interactive target practice!
  • Art lab: The kit includes a booklet with instructions, a mess mat, painting sheets, and a card that you can scan with the app to access the lesson. The thick, colorful booklet includes everything you need to know plus a comic story introducing the lesson. Kids get to mix their own paints, build an art stand, and paint a picture. This is project is intended to let kids explore their creativity and experiment with color mixing.
  • Gyroscope: This has all the colorful components, guidance, and inspiration your child will need to make a real spinning gyroscope. The accompanying lesson demonstrates how the gyroscope rotates on its vertical axis while remaining stable. Your child will learn about the phenomenon of precession and how gyroscopes are used in the real world. Just like many other MEL STEM boxes, this one comes with delightful extras like maps, stickers, comics, and more!

Who Is MEL STEM Geared Toward?

MEL STEM used to be MEL Kids and is for children ages five to ten-plus years old. If your child has an affinity for science already or they love doing projects, MEL STEM is the perfect fit. It’s the perfect way to fill in a rainy Sunday or a lazy summer afternoon.

This subscription is also available for use in schools so teachers can take advantage of these fun experiments in the classroom. A selected group of NGSS-aligned experiments with illustrated instructions and recorded lessons is available. Bulk and school orders are eligible for special discounts.

Is MEL STEM Worth It?

Whether your child is already fashioning their own experiments or they’re just interested in discovering how things work, MEL STEM provides a unique, interactive way to explore science, engineering, and more. They will experience the joy of creation while honing their skills in core subjects that will serve them for years to come.

And you don’t have to do any of the work of setting up the experiment. These fascinating, expertly designed projects land on your doorstep ready to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does MEL STEM Compare to KiwiCo?

KiwiCo is another kids’ subscription service that offers several crates related to STEM subjects. Both include thorough, kid-friendly instructions and fun experiments for roughly similar prices.
MEL STEM tends to have more science-based kits built around more complex problems and experiments compared to KiwiCo. MEL also offers accompanying AR and VR lessons. Parents praise MEL kits for their high-quality components as well. That said, KiwiCo projects typically require less parental involvement. KiwiCo also has individual crates for purchase, whereas MEL does not.

How Does a MEL Subscription Work?

Simply choose your subscription and billing plan on the registration page. Then input basic contact and billing info to get started. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time on the MEL Science website.
Once you sign up, you’ll receive a tracking link for your first order by email. You get a new box every month, with billing prior to shipment.

Are MEL STEM Kits Safe for My Child?

Yes. Every experiment and project has been tested in a laboratory and is compliant with all relevant EU and US safety regulations for use in the home.

How Does the MELScience App Work?

Once you have your account set up, go to the Google Play Store or App Store and download the app. This will give you access to a wealth of valuable content including video tutorials for experiments, interesting daily science facts, guides to experiments, and more. Best of all, the app comes free with your subscription!

Are These Experiments Kid-Friendly?

MEL STEM experiments are designed for children five to ten-plus years old. While they might appear complex and require some parental supervision, these kits have all been rigorously tested with kids. The goal is for each kit to be challenging without being frustrating.
If your child outgrows what MEL STEM has to offer, the company offers subscriptions for older children as well. Their Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine kits take the same smart approach to making learning about science engaging.

What Are MEL STEM’s Shipping Policies?

Each MEL STEM order costs $6 for shipping. The company has several warehouses in the US, EU, and UK. All US orders are shipped from MEL’s US warehouse. These usually take three to fourteen days to arrive from when the order is placed. You will receive an email with tracking information for each order that includes an estimated delivery date.

Can I Buy a MEL STEM Subscription as a Gift?

Yes. You can register for any subscription on the monthly plan and put in the shipping address for the recipient. MEL does not require the billing address to be added. The email address the account is registered under will receive receipts and shipping info. You can change the email address in your account settings at any time.

What Is MEL’s Return Policy?

Boxes that have yet to be dispatched can be refunded. However, boxes that have been dispatched are not eligible for a refund.
If you don’t receive your delivery in the estimated delivery period, contact customer service for a replacement or refund. If you receive a damaged kit, send a photo of the damaged kit to [email protected]. The company will send a replacement or issue a refund.

Can I Buy an Individual MEL STEM Kit?

No. Currently the company only offers subscriptions. However, they are looking to introduce individual kits for purchase in the near future.

Is MEL STEM Right for My Child?

MEL Science has won numerous awards like the Bett 2020 Innovator of the Year award and the VR Awards 2020 VR education and training of the year award. And they’ve been featured in a range of esteemed scientific publications including Chemistry World and Science Magazine.
That’s because their unique kits are engaging a new generation of innovators. When you subscribe to MEL STEM, these cool, fascinating, hands-on projects will inspire your child to learn more about science. With affordable prices and outstanding customer service, MEL STEM makes everything easy for you.

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