Loot Gaming

Own a piece of the biggest and best gaming universes with this monthly mystery subscription box. Epic licensed figures, collectibles, apparel, accessories and more (often exclusive). A different theme every month featuring items from a mix of classic and new release video games. $60+* value in every crate.  From Loot Crate!

99 per month

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  1. Red

    Loot Gaming is a difficult box for me. Some months are amazing with a lot of valuable and unique items – others are a complete disaster and a waste of money. For example, November and December had high-quality vinyl figurines of franchises you rarely see as well as other great stuff, which was awesome – October and January on the other hand had a bunch of low quality gimmicks, which was decidedly less awesome. February might be overall “okay”, but not too great either.
    For me, each crate is 35$ (because of shipping and handling) so that’s a steep price the crates have to live up to. Sometimes they the contents can fetch three times the investment, others you are lucky to get the money you payed.

    The problem with “Gaming” is two-fold:
    1) The featured franchises are a hit or miss. February’s “Pitfall” is a great example of something I’ll have a hard time getting rid of. This problem is a lot more prevalent in the normal Loot Crate.
    2) The items themselves can be low-quality or simply badly chosen. An example for low quality is October, where the gloves were already unraveling on arrival. An example for badly chosen items is the entire January crate, where they added another freaking tie (which can be made from the finest silk, handwoven by virgins on a mountain and still wouldn’t sell) for a franchise like Portal, a really unimaginative T-Shirt for the Resident Evil franchise you could buy from every online shop, and some cheap plastic goggles you could by from every steampunk shop. I’ll include the Protoman helmet as well, because that thing is 5cm tall, which is a freaking insult.

    So no, I would not recommend Loot Gaming boxes. Let some poor sod buy them and try to get what you want from eBay. You’ll save money and will know exactly what you get. Unlike me, who was really thrilled for Psychonauts and REALLY disappointed when he found out what it was gonna be.