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Knotty Knickers

Knotty Knickers is a monthly subscription for women’s underwear. Every month underwear will be shipped to your door in packages of 1, 2 or 3 panties in the styles of your choice. Your credit card will be billed once a month or once every other month and you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

99 per month

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  1. Julie

    I enjoy getting my package each month of 3 pairs. I find the quality is decent for the price you pay, just don’t put them in the dryer like any undergarments. My whole drawer is filled with knotty knickers now, and I always have something to wear. I buy size small and think they are true to size. Also have never had an issue getting a package. Sounds like a lot of ppl in the reviews have had a different experience.

  2. Angela Plumridge

    i was a client for more than two years, when i moved i changed my address over a month in advance. i have not gotten two months of subscriptions at this point. they tell me to cancel on my online account but when you cancel subscription it doesn’t actually let you cancel it. and i have been told they do not refund money for product not delivered to the clients. another words they are STEALING from people and don’t even care. i have been told twice now both orders have been reshipped. haven’t gotten them.
    i have had to call my bank and put a stop payment to ensure these crooks no longer get my money. use SPLENDIES for better quality underwear and exceptional customer service.

  3. Hannah

    The underwear is nice but it is IMPOSSIBLE to unsubscribe and I don’t have the money to keep making payments- STOP

  4. Elena

    Couldn’t find my account and can’t cancel, but i still get charged and sent emails every month

  5. Ginger

    Got charged for a month subscription with one time purchase on it PLUS another 3 pair monthly subscription on top of that charge. They didn’t message me back until after the second message I sent and from there it was downhill. They said I need proof I paid what I said, sent a screenshot then they denied it and told me to call my bank because it’s not them it’s my bank. Cancelled my subscription because of the poor service and also requested no lace and they sent all lace like a last “f*ck you”. Wouldnt recommend. Quality depends on what they send, the lace ones were always low quality which is why I requested none.

  6. Allie

    Order from them last month 3 different matching sets and they are all very cheaply made and also the sizing is crazy. I ordered a size large in all of the underwear and to fit maybe like a size small… the bras are okay but probably will fall apart after one wear. There is no place to review on their website. Telling people not to order from them because clearly they are unreliable and a waste of money!

  7. Kelly barfoot

    Do not purchase from this company. I must say my experience was very disappointing. As a company that prides themselves in fitting all body types, their sizing is incorrect and misleading. I wear a size 18 pant, and chose the body suit in size 18-20. While I haven’t even taken the garment out of the package, there is a no way that this item has a cup for that size. And there are no measurements for the body suit’s cup to be found anywhere online. I was also never alerted at any time before purchase that the items where nonrefundable. This is misleading and taking advantage of people who already have an extremely hard time purchasing items of this nature.

  8. Leah

    I received stained underwear that the company refused to replace. Customer service clearly doesn’t read the emails and just sends copy-paste replies. Subscription reactivated without my consent in order to give me a 50% off coupon for next time– as if I want to continue.

    The panties I received did not have cotton lining, and the company always never acknowledged that despite me mentioning it in every email. Their website specifically states that they are all lined in cotton, regardless of the material they are made with. I am prone to infections and require the cotton lining.

    I can’t say it’s totally a scam because I did get my panties, but the underwear I received was of poorer quality than the lace thongs that I have bought at the dollar store before.

    Avoid at all costs. Or just buy on Wish, because it’s the same garbage.

  9. Sunshyne

    I never signed up. Don’t have an account and they keep sending things to me and trying to charge. Not my size. Things I would NEVER wear. Thought I got rid of them but after about 6 months they showed back up. I’ve NEVER signed up. No idea how they got my information, at all. So scammy

  10. Colleen

    Sizing is terrible and quality was poor. I got Large ones and 1/3 didn’t even go over my bum. When going to login I had so many issues, and when trying to connect with customer services it took many emails to get my account reactivated, when they actually started to respond to me.

  11. April Stephenson

    horrible company..have been trying to CANCEL Subscription for a long time.. Serious issues with a company that steals from people..

  12. Allison

    I received my first package in a timely manner (about a week after I ordered – I live in Ontario) and they were cute BUT they tell you to order your size according to what you currently wear – which is a large for me. 2 of the 3 panties were too small. I gave those (begrudgingly) to my daughter who is a size smaller than me. Also, the one pair (they were lace) had threads and strings hanging off them all over. I was able to cut them off and that had no affect on them (just looks like they were cut with dull scissors) but as a first shipment, it didn’t look very pleasing to see. I have updated my size to XL for the next package. Fingers crossed that this one goes better. I also started with a Splendies sub just to compare the 2 – quality and sizing, to see if the extra cost of Splendies is worth it.

  13. Charlene

    I’ve been subscribing for a couple months now, and I have recieved every monthly package so far. there have been delays due to shipping issues these days, and I have had to contact customer service, which is slow to reply, but they were helpful and corrected the issue. I am beyond happy with this subscription, the panties are cute, great quality and true to size. very happy to be building such a cute panty collection 🙂

  14. Heather

    I never received my order. Customer service interrogated me saying I must have not checked my mailbox or searched the post office (what even?). I cancelled my subscription because I’m not going to continue subscribing when I’m not receiving orders. They refused to help me without an active subscription, and then reactivated it without my permission. They ask for me to wait conveniently past the renewal date so I’d be forced to pay again in hopes of receiving what I originally paid for.

    Avoid this company. It’s a scam.

  15. Stasia

    They wouldn’t let me cancel.
    When I go on to my store system I click the cancellation button but it just takes me on a loop trying to win me back. I contacted the company and even though you do have to honour a cancellation if it’s in writing they refused. I only got responses about trying to get me to stay and then they stop replying. I had to block them from the credit card company to cancel. Illegal and unethical business practices. Oh, and the panties are shit quality and have inconsistent sizing.

  16. Stormy Bright

    I have received 4 shipments. I have had to pay extra postage each time a shipment comes. I have emailed, and messaged them over and over asking to please include shipping in the price. Nothing changes. Sizing is inconsistent! Some way too big, others way too small. This most recent shipment contained a pair that had no hems sewn into them. Just cut fabric in the shape of underwear! I am outraged!

  17. Danielle

    Horrible company! Took my money happily for 2 months yet I have never received anything. They say it was lost in shipping but won’t ship more product. Customer service is a joke at this company. Save your money ladies!!!

    • Ann

      Yep…they did the exact same thing to me! Garbage company!

  18. Jen Batten

    Terrible “company” took my money for package have not received been waiting a month now…no replies to messages or emails. Do NOT recommend whatsoever to anyone. Sorry excuse for a company. Since reported to Paypal for refund.

  19. Tara

    DO NOT ORDER!!! I subscribed and ordered additional add ones and I only received two pairs. the packaging was ripped open and I paid $5 for shipping on my order. I contacted customer service and was basically called a liar and that there was nothing they could do! Knotty Knickers just stole my money! This was a huge waste of money.

  20. Jessica Elgie

    I’ve been ordering for 4 months and receiving in Ontario, Canada with no issues, no extra shipping charges, and sizes have been great and true to my size. I don’t understand the bad reviews. I’ve had no problems with Customer Service, as it states in my confirmation email that it takes 1-3 days for confirmation and then 4-8 days to get to me. I ordered on December 1st, and received my super cute panties today.

    I did send a request due to an additional order that I placed to arrive with my panties subscription on Monday to confirm shipping, but they arrived today. They may be a little slow on emails, but it is also the busy holiday season, so I’m cutting them some slack.

    I accidentally ordered the smaller size one month, but that is on me. The quality is better than I’ve seen at LaSenza, and seeing as they don’t carry my size, I’m going to stick with Knotty Knickers. They are too cute to throw away and seeing how it was my fault I ordered the wrong size, I’m going to take it at my own loss (or maybe it will encourage me to lose a few of those lbs that I’ve gained during quarantine, LOL!)

    I love these and I feel bad that others have had such a bad experience. To the ones who have had to pay additional for postage, I’m wondering if it has to do with DutyFees?

    Anyways, Happy Holidays & Stay Safe out there! ❤️

    • Shannon

      I am from Ontario, Canada as well.. I had no issues with extra shipping , customer service had been great

    • Gina Garner

      Im with u the company has be great to me. I am very satisfied and will continue with them.

  21. Cece

    Do NOT use this company, or any company that doesn’t have a customer service number and require all contact through email. There is a reason for this, they are scamming customers. They also do not allow you to cancel or update your email for shipping through the website, only through email. I never received one of my packages due to moving and them not changing my email in time. They said it was mailed to the previous address, but I had mail forwarding and would’ve received it. They refused to provide a tracking number and refuse to cancel my subscription after more than 10 emails requesting to do so.

    I did receive my first package from them. The quality is subpar, but my items were all lace. I only gave them another chance after I requested to have my package made non-lace. Unfortunately, I didn’t search enough reviews. Save your money and frustration, don’t use this company. I hope a BBB complaint will hopefully get something done about this scam of a company

  22. Amber

    Terrible customer service. When I signed up I never received an account activation, yet they took my order and my money. The address they had was incorrect so my package was never delivered and lost in the mail. When I reached out they claimed they updated my address (which I couldn’t do since I didn’t actually have an account), sent me the account activation email and turns out the address was still wrong. They refused to give a refund or resend the package that I never received. Their response was basically saying it was my fault. Instead of having better customer service and help me fix the issue, the lost a potential life long customer. Super disappointed.

  23. Angie Ramirez

    I ordered here twice in 2 different sizes, and nothing fit right.
    I had two subscriptions in M and L. To prevent having double order, I emailed the support team to cancel my duplicate subscription.
    They did it with absolutely no problem.
    I waited for another L panty to come in the mail and I realized it was the same issue to I emailed support to cancel my subscription again.
    All of a sudden, cancelling my subscription is something they can’t do?
    And it’s been back and forth emailing support where they just give me the run around.

    These tactics are predatory and are just trying to keep my subscription active so they can take more payments out.

    This is completely unprofessional and I am not tolerating it.
    I was compliant before and just wanted to cancel, and now I am demanding a refund in full since they want to make me go on a wild goose chase to cancel a subscription.

    • Juliette

      They’re doing the same with me I can’t even find my account

  24. Christy

    The quality isn’t great, and they kept getting my shipping amounts wrong, so the postal carrier would knock on my door asking me for cash to cover the shipping. I tried to cancel my subscription, but there is literally no way to do it. When you get to that part of the website there are 4 options for reasons why you want to cancel. Instead of actually cancelling, each option only offers you a solution to the problem. I’m going to have to call my credit card company, and tell them not to allow anymore charges from them. Emailing them doesn’t even help. They just say you must use the website to cancel the account. I’m super pissed about this.

  25. Nicole

    SCAM COMPANY! They take your money and refuse to ship the products you’ve paid for! I order 6 pair of panties- 3 normals and 3 in the spooky trio add on package. I received the 3 normal but not my Halloween themed. I reached out to the company who told me “We don’t make shipping mistakes” and told me to file a claim with USPS. They know you can’t do that because filing a claim with USPS requires insurance on the shipped package, which they do not offer. After I sent this information back to them they refused to refund me, refused to ship my products, and started flat out ignoring my emails. THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM AND GET SCAMMED LIKE ME!!!

  26. Jessica Brittain-George

    Awful pants. Poorly sized. Insist that you cannot cancel your subscription while you have an ongoing complaint as they will be “unable to access your account”
    State they can accommodate any requests as their items are “hand picked” which is bollocks.
    Knickers themselves are cheaper than primark ones

  27. Kaitlin

    Never received any of my orders, never heard any emails back, and they blocked me on facebook when I was trying to get help.

  28. Jen

    Horrible service! First they said they couldn’t find my account but, they had no problem charging my card. Then a month to receive the order. It was not as advertised! I specifically emailed back & forth with them to assure I would not get the super low rise panties due to a C section scar. What did they send? EVERY SINGLE PAIR IS SUPER LOW RISE!!! I contact the company and spoke to an ignorant rep. They claim that they can’t fix it, can’t exchange or return and still have yet to cancel my account as requested! Do NOT waste your money on this garbage! This company is fraudulent!

  29. Mya Rose

    This company sucks. Their stuffs runs sooo small. I followed their size chart and even went up a size and one pair I couldnt even get up my thighs. The bralette I ordered should of fit according to their size chart and it barely even covered my nipples, let alone my whole boob. They dont accept returns despite scamming you by selling you terrible products. Terrible customer service as well.

  30. Amber

    I saw their Facebook ads multiple times a day and read through the comments before deciding to buy. It’s obvious now that they delete negative comments.

    I’m not one to complain about a company or give bad reviews. I understand that things happen and, if let known, the company will make it right. I have given them plenty of time to rectify this situation before leaving this review.

    I was so excited to get my cute new undies. I ordered 3 pairs because I needed them…bad. They finally arrived! But, they were sitting at the post office. I got a notice in my mailbox that an additional $2.40 was due for postage. Note – I had already paid for shipping when I placed my order.

    You can only email the company, no phone number, and they are slow to respond. They finally responded and advised me that this does happen sometimes and to email the receipt when I picked them up and they would refund that amount (which they did).

    Of course, I was annoyed but went and picked up my package. Strange, the lady at the post office knew about this company and how they ship their packages – forcing the customer to come in and pay extra for shipping. She seemed very irritated with them. Maybe she has dealt with them too or has seen other customers, like myself, coming to pick up their packages from this company???

    Annoyance aside, the panties were so cute! I was anxious to get home and try them on.

    I ordered XL because I wear an XL. They state on their website, and in the comments of their ads, that they are true to size. If you wear an XL then order XL. Well, not one single pair fit. I looked like a busted can of biscuits in those things! One of the pairs I couldn’t even get up over my thighs.

    They requested pictures of the panties laying flat against a tape measure, which I provided them. They kept asking for pictures. I sent them pictures a total of three times!

    I’ve asked for a refund at least 5 times. They refuse to refund me for my order. Instead, they’ve offered me a discount on my next order and have said multiple times “on your next order” and “we hope to serve you better on your future orders”. They are not understanding that I WILL NOT BE ORDERING again! Canceling your subscription on their website is impossible. Luckily I used PayPal when I ordered so I was able cancel through them.

    Who is going to continue a subscription in which you have to go to the post office to pay extra shipping, email the company for a refund of the extra shipping and end up with a product you can’t use??? Not me!

    Finally, if this wasn’t bad enough, they’ve deleted my HONEST feedback from their posts and blocked me from leaving comments!

    So, if you’ve thought about purchasing from this company, I advise against it. They do not care about happy customers who have undies they love. They seem to only care that you make orders again and again. I was hopeful and excited and I am truly bummed. I was really excited to get my surprise undies each month. Bummer!

    I would have given them another chance if they had corrected this for me. By, let’s say, replacing my order with undies in the next size up.

    I give them 1 star because the panties are actually really cute but that is all. I wish I could give 0 stars. Horrible experience!

  31. Julie Clark

    My first order was WAY too small, even though I used their sizing chart. At first I thought I would just change my subscription to a larger size, but decided to just cancel. The “cancel” button doesn’t work, it just keeps reloading the same page. I sent them an email and they wrote back saying the only way to cancel is through their website. Even though I just told them it wasn’t working. Very unhappy. Luckily I ordered through PayPal, so I just canceled the auto payment through there. Awful customer service.

  32. Raechel

    I wouldn’t know anything about their product. My first order was sent with postage due. What a joke.

  33. Shawn

    Buyer beware. I placed my order on June 10th, it said it would be here June 21-26. I gave it a little extra time due to COVID but here it is July 13th, I have been charged twice and received nothing. They do not provide tracking for the shipment. Then I message support through the site and they say they have to do an investigation that will take 2-4 days and have a disclaimer that I cannot cancel during the investigation because they will no longer have access to my billing and shipping information. What professional business does not keep a database of their clients that is accessible even after cancellation? What professional business does not just make it right and figure out the issue after they make the customer happy? I am convinced this is a scam. Still no one has got back to me from my reply on July 8th. They delete any negative comments on social media.

  34. Moon

    This company treats people horribly and cares more about social media appearance than providing a quality service. This is why you’ll only see positive comments–they delete all negative ones. They’re a super dishonest brand and block you from messaging them if you have problems with your order.

    I gave my preferences, and they sent me 3 pairs that were EXACTLY what I said I could not wear, despite having tons of great styles I would wear being advertised on their site! I shared my honest experience with polite language on their Facebook page, and they immediately took it down and blocked me when I messaged asking for a partial refund.

    Check their reviews on Trustpilot, as well. This is a horrible company. Transparency matters, and deleting comments shows their priorities. They only cared about taking my money and not helping with anything afterwards.

    You are much better off going to Target or another big box store because they will at least try to work with you and provide customer service if something happens with your product.

  35. K Palmer

    I was a member for several months and everything was fine until I wanted to cancel and realized it was next to impossible. I could not figure it out on their website how to do it and even after trying to get help gotten no further. I emailed them finally and said I cancel do not take any more money off of my credit card. They continue to take money. I finally spent two hours going through every single thing on there account page and I finally figured out their trickery how to cancel. Stay far away from this company.

  36. Ashley

    This company is a scam. 100%

    I ordered for April and yes there is a lot going on right now but they are such pathetic liars.
    First, I had to send multiple emails to even get a reply.

    Then they tell me they contacted Canada Post for me and Canada Post confirmed delivery. Odd since it’s not even a TRACEABLE package, so I asked for proof of delivery.
    They then change their story to they were told the whole skid had been confirmed delivered and that includes mine.
    I repeated again that mine was not delivered.

    They then FULLY change their story snd say maybe it was delayed by the post office because of Covid. But they said a half hour before that … that Canada Post confirmed it was delivered.

    I call them out on all of the lies, and then they lie again when I asked for a refund claiming their terms and conditions on their website stated they do not do refunds on lost packages. So i read them. There is nothing, not one word, about what they do with lost packages but there was a spot thay said they could do refunds as long as the account was still active.

    Why would they need to put when they do offer refunds, if they never axtually offer refunds as customer service claims.

    They have stopped responding after I demanded my money back and called them out for lying yet again.

    They have also blocked me on Instagram after I made a post about this.

    They’re scam artists.


  37. Megan Spain

    This is a horrible organization. I have been charged twice and never received a single thing. I tried to cancel and request a refund and they REACTIVATED my account and charged me AGAIN. Worst Company Ever.

  38. Elena

    Love my sub! Thanks for sharing! xo

  39. Chinel Botha

    This company is a total scam, you’ll never receive anything & their customer “support” team will constantly feed you lies or tell you to keep waiting without every giving you any solid answers. They don’t ever intend on sending you anything – the company is a FRAUD. Their support team are rude & they will delete any negative comments off their social media so it’s filled with all their FAKE PAID reviews. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

  40. Luanna

    Loved this sub!! Can’t wait to re-subscribe post baby! 🙂

  41. Eleanor

    I super love this subscription!!! I feel like people forget that it is an affordable option for undies! My experience with customer service was overwhelmingly amazing and I look forward to my orders each month! A little something for just me.

  42. Grace

    I ordered a red panty/bralette set, following their size guide, and when I received it, the bralette cups wouldn’t even come past my armpits (it ties in a bow at the front). I’ve sent them numerous emails, on Jan 28th, Feb 15th, Feb 21st, and again today. All I receive is their auto-reply saying someone will get in touch soon. I’ve contacted them on FB messenger, they asked for my email address to take a look into it, and then never got back to my via FB nor email. I’ve commented on their Instagram post to try to get their attention that way, and they deleted it. I’ve also DMd them on Instagram and they’re just ignoring it. This company claims to only do business with manufacturers with safe working conditions, however, you can find this exact panty/bralette set on AliExpress for $4. It’s also kind of sketchy that their site has no option for product reviews and their FB reviews are disabled.

  43. RS

    Horrible customer service. Have yet to receive my first package and have been trying to contact them for several days! I even posted on their social media since they seem to be active and they deleted my comment…oh well…you get what you pay for!

  44. Shayna

    Customer service is horrible. They over charge for shipping which you see when you recieved the package and the price on the stamp. Also, they do not provide a tracking number for the package. The customer service tells you to wait 1 -2 weeks extra on a package delay..just in time for you to get charged again and not received another package! The post office isn’t losing the packages and they are no delays in the mail system. I have been receiving other packages all over Canada and from the US in the correct estimated time and some packages are being recieved even earlier then estimated time… But not knotty knickers….HUGE SCAM!

  45. Amber

    I wouldn’t bother. The quality is absolutely horrible and when you write their customer service, rather than address your concerns, they just say “Hopefully will do better next time.” Why would I want more dollar store quality underwear for LA Senza pricing? I