Splendies is a cute underwear subscription package that sends you 3 pairs of pretty panties every month. Splendies panties come in boyshorts, briefs, thongs, lace, and cotton styles and fabrics. Save $4 on your first month with code SPLURGE.

99 per month

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  1. Jane Doe

    I forget how I found out about this box, but it was a few years ago, maybe 3, a time where subscription boxes were not a thing yet. And let me tell you; Since subscribing, I NEVER have had to buy underwear. Not once. Ever. You get 3 pair a month, which trust me, adds up. Sometimes the undies are kind of cheap, not meant to last a season or so, but that’s ok, it’s just underwear! Also sometimes the underwear are really not realistic every day undies; more like hot date/sexy time undies. Usually per box there is 1 pair of sexy undies, or really nice ones, and 2 pairs of cute ones that are functional. My only complaint is I wish they had more COTTON underwear, as most of it is man made material. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with this box, It’s cheap AF and totally functional.

  2. erin t.

    OMGoodness! My husband does not need to know about this. I have a drawer stuffed off undies because he loves to buy them for me. LOL. I think I have one per day for 2 – 3 months!

  3. Erica G.

    This looks like a really good subscription service. $12 for 3 pairs of underwear is a really, really good deal. I may have to try this service out. Thanks for the coupon code!

    • Karri e mitchum

      Never used this box service soo interested. Saw there is a coupon code? Ill 100% sign up if I get a c
      good code