Japan Crate

Japan Crate is a monthly candy and snack subscription box! The company’s HQ is based in Tokyo, where they handpick unique candy, snacks, drinks, DIY kits, and more. Each box contains between 5 (in the Mini) to 20 (in the Premium) of full-size candies and snacks that are difficult or impossible to find outside of Japan!

00 per month

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51 ratings

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  1. Terese Czarny

    Good experience with Japan crate. Currently subscribed to Premium and enjoying it so far. I will be subscribing to Umai crate soon.

  2. Katie Culver

    Japan crate has something for everyone in the family. Regardless of age, you will surely enjoy this.

  3. Patricio cullihall

    Japan crate is a stress-reliever. I cannot contain my happiness each time I open the box.

  4. Tine Crump

    I was worried because the labels are in Japanese but I was relieved to see that translation and instruction are included in the box. Thanks, Japan crate

  5. Stas Crow

    I highly recommend Japan crate. Easy to subscribe, reliable customer support, smooth transaction and efficient delivery. Each item inside the box is useful.

  6. Lene Creighton

    Amazing! A lot of cute items and collectibles plus freebies. Very affordable.

  7. Katherine Cozart

    Before being introduced to Japan crate, I’m already hooked to online shopping but most of the time I feel like it’s a waste. When I subscribed to Japan crate, $35 goes a long way. I get bonus items too.

  8. Michael Coward

    Premium Japan crate is packed with delightful treats and sweet indulgence! I’ve been enjoying it . I will renew for sure

  9. Shannon Coughlin

    A lot of cute stuff in a box! It’s like opening a surprise gift every month. A stress-reliever! I highly recommend Doki Doki.

  10. Heather Blue

    Your beauty products are the best and I got mine in outstanding quality. Love it!

  11. Johan Cotton

    I got Kira Kira for my teen, Doki Doki for my 8 year old, and Premium for me and hubby. Japan crate is a family affair. We are all enjoying it.

  12. Mindaugas Costa

    I’m so delighted with my Japan crate experience. I recommended this to my friends. So far, so good!

  13. Sheri Buttigieg

    I subscribed to Doki Doki crate for my daughter. I love how she smiles as she goes through all the items inside. Makes me smile too, all the cute stuff makes me feel like child again. Actually, this crate is something even grown ups can enjoy

  14. Christopher Burks

    At first, I was hesitant to try Japan crate because I didn’t want any monthly payment obligation. My friend talked me into this so I tried on a month to month basis. I enjoyed it a lot that now, I have subscribed for 6 months!

  15. Sarah Botton

    Thank you for the fast delivery of my package, All the best to you guys!

  16. Angelica Bortz

    One thing that I am proud of is that I get to share your goods to my friends and they all love it.

  17. Britney Borrelli

    From one order to another, we just can’t get enough of your Premium crates. Waiting for another one!

  18. Bradley Bonet

    The best of Japan the world could offer me. I have nothin but love to you guys. God bless!

  19. Debra Bohne-kobo

    I love the free gift that came with ny package, looking forward what for me next month.

  20. Lea Bodensiek

    As always, delivery on time, and service is undeniably fast and responsive. Thank you!

  21. Laurence Boddy

    I can say that I am not the only one enjoying, my family love your products. They want more!

  22. Noah Boyle

    The best box of my own choice, and Japan crate never disappoints. Gotta love those freebies!

  23. Matthew

    I just got my Premium and Umai crates. Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%.

  24. Cynthia

    My box just arrived and I’mn loving it so far! Will keep my subscription.

  25. James Collins

    The best box if you’re into Japanese treats and drinks.

  26. Craig Rogers

    Great snacks for awesome price.

  27. Jan Cortez

    I really love it! It’s so cool to have the chance to try sweets from Japan!

  28. Daniel

    Very good price for what you get!

  29. Jerry Fraga

    The box had sweets in it I never tried before! Love it!

  30. Diego

    It’s amazing to be able to experience flavors from another country without leaving home.

  31. James

    It is very tasty and very different from anything I have ever tried!!!

  32. Tiffany Kraemer

    Great value for what you get, way better than other snack boxes.

  33. Janet Preston

    Best service, treats are so good!

  34. Amelia

    You can tell the staff works really hard to bring you the best snacks possible!

  35. Noah Wahl

    An amazing way to get real japanese snacks. Every month is a surprise!

  36. Pamela

    They have snacks that you can’t really find anywhere else.

  37. Daniel Romine

    Good, prompt service. Great value. Fun surprises every month. Definitely worth it.

  38. Loritza Raatz

    I like this box so much, it lets me taste snacks from Japan without spending all my money to go on vacation there!

  39. Alexandra Forte

    I love the variety of drinks and snacks! Cant wait for next month!

  40. Samantha Hill

    Just got my first box this week and I’m excited for next one!

  41. Shannon

    Great choice and variety of snacks at a great price.

  42. Edgars McCurdy

    I love the variety of flavors.

  43. Steven Cruz

    Really cool, always comes with delicious snacks!

  44. Odette

    Yummy Japanese snacks!

  45. Humberto

    I just signed up with japan crate and I couldn’t contain my excitement. My bestfriends were telling me about them since January and I was finally able to save money for their premium crate. I was told that my crate is now in transit and should arrive soon! Wahhh

  46. Hale

    That Pringles Acecook noodle flavor is so yummy! Can I have more of them, Japancrate?

  47. Ryan Mazziotti

    Eating Japan crate’s noodles while watching the rain is priceless. Thank you Japancrate for keeping me company during this season.

  48. Laura

    Your snacks were sooooo gooooddd!! I ordered the Premium ones from Japancrate.

  49. Markus Ramire

    So, I tried your udon soup with shrimp tempura and the result was amazingly good!

  50. Kristian T

    Don’t tell this to anyone but I just ordered 4 different crates for the whole fam! Haha! Love lots for Japan crate!!

  51. Chris Busch

    I’m definitely satisfied with the first crate I got from them. I will continue to try different crates from Japan crate.

  52. Claudia Payette

    Here’s my high five to whoever came up with this mindblowing idea of bringing Japan products to my country! Japan crate is definitely heaven sent! I love you all!

  53. lanemarinab

    Japan Crate Premium. Big Variety, But takes A LONG time to ship.

  54. Paul Williams

    what a great way to enjoy japan!

  55. Tyl'awreconya