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Universal Yums Reviews

Updated May 25, 2024

Universal Yums

Universal Yums is the subscription box that will allow you to let your taste buds explore the world. It comes packed full of treats from the country of the month, with authentic snacks from different countries each month. At the same time it adds to your knowledge of the country since each box comes with guidebooks to teach you more about the country you are exploring, making it an adventure in each box, great for the entire family. Universal Yums won the award for best Snacks and Candy subscription box for 2022, as decided by our readers.

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Subscribing to Universal Yums 

How Universal Yums Works

This subscription box is the perfect treat for the entire family. It can be given as a gift or bought for yourself, either way it will be a wonderful experience when you receive your chosen box.

Each month they decide on a new country and then they assemble a box with authentic snacks and candy to give a taste of the country the box is based on. Most of the snacks in the box aren’t widely available in the United States, so it won’t be snacks that you can find at your nearest convenience store.

They also come with an interactive guidebook that makes receiving the box more of an experience than just a yummy treat. These guidebooks include trivia from the chosen country, games, cultural knowledge and even more. They also add some recipes from the country into the box and there are some customers who enjoy making a whole day around their Yum boxes. First they make a meal from the country and the recipe they receive in the box. And then they have the snacks as dessert. Of course you could also just dig in straight away.

First you sign up for the boxes and then choose to pay monthly or yearly. You can choose to subscribe for a month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 and the size that you would like to receive. Then you will automatically get these boxes up until you cancel them.

Examples of Previous Boxes 

There are as many variations of these boxes as there are countries in the world. Each box is assembled with the tastiest snacks from each country. If it is a country that enjoys things like chocolate then there will be more sweet products in the box.

Past boxes include countries like France, Poland and Scandinavia. The box with the French theme had snacks like cocoa dusted chocolate truffle bars, pure butter sables and onion confit and balsamic vinegar potato chips. Plus many other mouthwatering pieces of deliciousness.

Poland on the other hand had Ptasie mlecko dark chocolate covered marshmallow bar, iced mint pierniczki gingerbread and jogusie yogurt candy among others.

They are different each time and that means that you will never get bored of the boxes that you receive.

Universal Yums Options and Prices 

There are a few options of the boxes that you can subscribe to:

  • Yum Box

This version starts at $18 per box and comes with 5 to 7 snacks in every box and also includes a 12 page booklet with trivia and games. And comes with free shipping in the USA.

  • Yum Yum Box

This one starts at $29 and comes with 10 to 12 snacks in every box and comes with everything that the Yum Box has and then also has 5 additional snacks for you to try. This version’s booklet is 16 pages long with recipes, trivia and more. And it also offers free shipping in the USA.

  • Super Yum Box

Now this giant box is even better. It starts at $45 per box and comes with a massive 15 to 18 snacks in every box. Meaning it has 8 additional snacks from the Yum Yum Box. It also comes with the 16 page booklet with added bonus content to make the adventure even bigger. And it too comes with free shipping in the USA.

It is possible to buy these options as a gift or for yourself. As a gift you pay a prepaid once off price and it is not possible to cancel that once paid.

The subscription service on the other hand is very easy to cancel at any time on your profile. That way you still receive all the boxes you have paid for, but no more will be billed.

Some of the Benefits and Drawbacks From Universal Yums

With every subscription service there can be a few benefits and negatives to buying them. Knowing what they are before you subscribe will ensure that you aren’t disappointed later.


Each Universal Yum box is unique each month. Since it is so wildly different each month it is almost impossible for you to get bored with the box. They also have a variety of flavors in each box too and that will allow for any taste preference in your family to find something in the box that they find delicious.

Unsubscribing to these boxes is really easy to do since it just takes the push of a button on their website. If you aren’t satisfied with the box then it is very easy to make sure that you don’t have to get another one in the future. They also offer great options as gifts.

If you do have allergies or want to ensure that you eat everything you get, they also offer the option of purchasing the products from the box separately. It does add up to being a little bit more expensive, but it could be a good option if you often find yourself disliking some of the options.

It is a wonderful subscription box for the entire family. Children can get a taste of the culture from other countries while also learning more about these countries from the booklets.

Plus these boxes are just delicious. Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty snack? Getting Universal Yums will be like getting a surprise in the mail every month.


They ship these boxes with regular postal services and that means that if you are in a country where the postal service is slow, then it might be a long time before you receive your first package. Their shipping is also very limited at the moment, only a few countries will be able to receive them.  But they do promise that they are working towards getting their Yum boxes available more widely.

They don’t have the ability to accommodate food allergies because they can’t customize each box for the individual needs of their customers. They offer a booklet with ingredients of each product and you can check allergies there. But they warn that their products are manufactured in facilities that could handle common allergies like peanuts, wheat, milk and more. It might be safer to stay away from these boxes if you have severe food allergies.

Is Universal Yums Worth It? 

In our opinion yes it is. The prices of the boxes are affordable. You will pay roughly the same when buying the same amount of high end snacks from a grocery store. And it gets delivered to your door without taking a lot of thought. It takes out any effort.

It might not be the healthiest food subscription box that is available but everyone deserves to have a snack ever so often. And these won’t be the treats that are available around every corner of your hometown.

They are great for children and adults alike and offer a wide variety of treats for a relatively affordable price. Their customers seem to love them. That is why Universal Yums won the award for Best Snacks and Candy Subscription Box, as decided by our readers.

Maximizing Your Subscription For Universal Yums 

There are a few ways that you can maximize your subscription to this service. On hellosubscription.com they always have a few coupons available for some of their favorite subscription boxes. It will allow you to try this service without having to pay full price.

There is also the option of buying in bulk. All the Universal Yum boxes are available to order in bulk with 10 boxes or more coming at a reduced price. If you have a few friends or family that all want to join in on the fun, then you can all get it at a cheaper price.

They also offer the individual products in their online shop where you can buy each product individually. If you have a particular taste then it is possible to buy these snacks on their own and in this way ensure that you are getting exactly what you want. There will be no wastage because you get something that you didn’t want. But the price might be a bit more. The best way to use the shop is to stock up on Yums you loved from your monthly boxes.

Fun fact: Universal Yums is so popular and ships so many boxes so they now directly import most of their own snacks. Often they’re the only source of these international treats in the US!

How Does Universal Yums Compare To Food Subscriptions

Most food subscriptions are normally created around a normal theme that makes them somewhat the same each month. Savory dishes, dinner planning or something similar. There are foods that you can prepare, or dinner that comes prepared for you. But most of the time these foods have something in common.

You know exactly what you are going to get. And that can be a good and a bad thing. The good thing is that you can decide what you like and there will be no nasty surprises. You get exactly what you paid for. On the other hand there will be no surprises at all. The Universal Yums boxes are always unique. And you never quite know what you are going to get in your next monthly adventure around the world.


How much does Universal Yums boxes cost and what do they include?

The boxes range from $18 to $45 per box depending on the option that you choose. The small box comes with 5-7 snacks and costs $18 per box. The Yum Yum Box comes with 10 to 12 snacks and costs $29 per box. And the largest Super Yum Box comes with 15 to 18 snacks and costs $45 per box.

What comes in the box?

Every month the box is based on food from a different country and it comes packed with snacks from that country. They also include an activities booklet with games, trivia and recipes to teach you more about the country.

When do they ship?

The first box ships by the date listed in the sign up process and then boxes after that will ship on the 15th of each month. The date that you will receive your box will depend on the speed of the postal service in your area. You will however receive tracking information when your box is shipped. Meaning that you can track the package and you can know when it will get to you.

What does shipping cost?

Universal Yums offers free shipping in the USA. For shipping to other countries they have a detailed price for shipping available on their website. There are no hidden costs.

Where do they ship?

They ship to the United States including all military addresses and territories, Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom and Israel. But they are working on making shipping available in more countries.

How do you cancel?

Canceling this subscription is really easy and simple. Log into your Universal Yums account, go to cancel the subscription and it is done. You will still receive the boxes that you have already paid for but they won’t bill you for any further boxes.

Why can’t you cancel gift boxes?

Gift subscriptions are pre-paid when you purchase them and that is why it is impossible to cancel them.

Can you pause boxes?

It is possible to just pause your subscription for when you are away on holiday for example and you don’t want to cancel it completely.

What is the difference between options?

The difference between the options of the box is just the amount of snacks that you will receive with each box. And how detailed the activities booklets are that come with the box.

How do you select your box?

Choosing the size of your box is very simple. You just hit start on the website and then you select the size of the box. After that you will be given the options of the countries that are available. Then the option of buying prepaid for a year, which is a little cheaper option, or a month to month option. The option that will be easier to cancel if you aren’t satisfied with what you receive.

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