Universal Yums

Each month, you’ll receive a box of unique, delicious snacks from a different country delivered right to your door. No repeats! 0% Yuck, 100% Yum.

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  1. hagertj

    I bought this box cause I thought it would be something fun for my son (12 yrs) and he could learn something about other countries. It comes with a pamphlet of fun facts. He absolutely loves it! He literally counts the days until the next one. Then we open and try it all together. A lot of fun! We even subscriptions for other families for Christmas gifts so they have something to look forward to every month. I don’t think my son would ever let me get rid of this box even if I wanted to (which I don’t)!

  2. MBarrow

    We’ve gotten 2 Yum Yum Boxes now and they are such a blast! I have 4 kids- 11, 7, 2, and 1 and they all love when the blue and white box shows up at our door. We have made it into a whole family day- make a meal from whatever the country of the month is and then we divy up all the snacks and candies (it usually takes about a week to get through everything!) and try them out! I love that we are teaching our kids to broaden their horizons and appreciate all the different places in the world and not turn up their noses at foods they would have otherwise never tried. My husband and I have fun guessing which country will be next, no internet allowed of course! We will keep getting this box as long as they offer it!

  3. hellosubscription1234509876

    I was so excited about getting snacks from all over the world that I even talked a friend into joining with me. The first month went well, but they had a problem processing my payment when it came time for my second box. I emailed right away, not wanting to miss out, but they never responded. I double checked that my payment information had been correct all along. Eventually, I cancelled my subscription. I never did hear from them, nor did I receive that second box.

    They were late sending that particular shipment due to a move. My friend is disappointed because he still hasn’t received his first box (they apparently use Smart Post which can take weeks to arrive) and he didn’t really want to do it without me. He’s not planning on sticking around after this month.

    I understand that things can get overwhelming at times. I’m a very reasonable person and would not rate them so poorly if they had just responded to my email so that I wouldn’t miss out on this month’s box. I feel like it’s reasonable to expect that they assist customers who want to pay for goods and services. Their total lack of response tells me that I’m not important to them as a customer and that they apparently don’t need my money.

    If you’re cool with potentially not getting your box one month – or with having it take weeks to ship (within the US), you’ll probably be reasonably happy with Universal Yums. I’m looking elsewhere, though.

  4. mlbernstein19

    I have been a subscriber to Universal Yums for a while and I love it! When the box arrives my husband and the kids get so excited. We always open the box and look through everything together. They have a really well done card inside that has facts about the country and fun descriptions of the snacks. I have recommended this box to 3 of my friends and we all compare favorites each month. Of all the food boxes I’ve tried, this one is DEFINITELY a keeper!