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Glamly is an accessory and clothing subscription box. Each box includes a Top & 5 Accessories such as Scarf, Earrings x 2, Bracelet, and Sunglasses. Sizes XS-3X. Formerly Instaglam!

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  1. ilene

    I would give this service zero if I could. This seems to be a scam. I prepaid for 2 years and have only received 4 boxes in that time. The owner keep posting on Facebook about what a mess her personal life is and yet she won’t offer refunds to all the people she scammed. Save your money.

  2. ilene

    This box should be called InstaScam!! I paid $508 for a two you subscription and got only 4 boxes. The don’t answer emails and have not sent a box to me in months. They belong in the subscription box hall of shame or jail. Don’t waste your money!!

    • Cayce

      Hey Ilene – the owner is actually incredibly hands on with her business, and never late with shipments. Often she even includes extra items for her customers as gifts. However, she recently had her baby prematurely, leaving her unable to continue her business as usual. I’m sorry you feel your experience was so negative, but I assure you there is no scam. She’s just a mom with a newborn, and working as hard as she can to get herself caught up for her customers. I know because I’ve been her customer for over two years.

    • Ilene

      Just to update my comment of June 30th, It is August 7th, 5 weeks later, and I still have not received any boxes from this service in months nor have I a gotten any response to my requests for a refund of my $500! I did alert my credit company and the Better Business Bureau. Many businesses have employees who have babies and the company doesn’t walk away with people’s money. Buyer beware!