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Glitter Bitch Box

Get a box with chock full of all things Glam, Girly and Glittery every other month. Curated by Trisha Paytas.

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    Colossal disappointment! Cheap plastic and cheaper products! Popcorn…really?! Trisha should be ashamed and refund money!

  2. Peter Lakwa

    Is she serious???

  3. grace

    everything was cute, but cheaply made

  4. Caroline

    Trisha is out of touch with reality on this. See normally a $60 “lifestyle” subscription is something like fabfitfun. And their products are PHENOMENAL and have great quality. You get the sense of getting your money’s worth. Trisha box however is not in any way close to competing with FFF. Maybe price wise but her curated items are no where close to those you get in FFF. Most of the items are available online for a few dollars on websites like aliexpress. If you are still unsure about it there are YouTube videos about this.

  5. stacie e

    If ever the adage ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’ rings true, it is this crap.