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Meet Eimmie, your next best friend! She’s a fun, adventurous at heart, and most importantly, playful doll. With her Playtime by Eimmie line, she brings your creativity to life. Whether it’s a fashion show, playing house, or even riding horses, she’s ready for it all. Eimmie will grow and go on adventures with you!

With a Club Eimmie doll subscription, you gain your passport to adventure! Members receive their choice of Eimmie or her friend with her own carrying backpack and two outfits (one for daytime and sleepwear). Also included in the one time purchase are Playtime Packs delivered every five weeks ten times for a year. Each Playtime Pack is themed and comes with unique doll playsets, outfits, and accessories that she and Eimmie can play with! Members also gain access to our library of unique printable games and activities sent out monthly for a variety of screen-free playtime!

99 per month

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