Cloth and Paper offers a wide range of fancy pens, stationery, and planning goodies. Our Stationery Box has always been a staple in the planning community. For anyone into luxury goods, pens, and Stationery, Cloth & Paper is a must.

99 per month

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  1. Meagan

    Home for COVID-19 and taking the opportunity to establish new routines for organization and wellness, I recently subscribed to a number of new-to-me subscription boxes. All were a disappointment except this one. This one has a great aesthetic, and every item was on point with style and utility. I think this box of inspiration and tools (in the form of paper products) would be a great fit for any woman with sense of style who is either already conscientious of her time and efforts or who is attempting to become more conscientious of her time and efforts – from a 20 year old just entering the workforce to an older individual who has climbed the ladder with substance and style. I happen to be in my mid-30s and mid-career, balancing that with a husband who travels weekly M-F and raising our 3 kids. In regard to agenda/planner products, while I have interacted with Erin Condren at business events and found her to be lovely, and while I do follow Emily Ley on social media, their products are too juvenile in appearance to fit my professional needs. In regard to subscription boxes, I want subscription boxes that up my game, not that are overly cutesy or look like I had a $50 gift card to TJ Maxx that had to be spent. I enjoy subscription boxes, but I have found that most do not fit my demographic, (highly educated, dual professional family, living in LA). This box is well curated and the products are well thought out. I actually started my subscription without having an agenda binder, (I live by my Google Calendar, which houses both my professional and personal appointments and obligations), but once it came, I knew I would use every single item in the box and immediately bought a binder (A5, 6 ring). In fact, I after my first box came, I scoured the website and placed an order of items that had been in past boxes from before I subscribed, as well. Before I subscribed, I was not sure about the price point and whether I would keep it in my budget long term, but now I have purposefully made cuts in other areas to keep this in my budget long term. This is so much more useful to me than boxes of samples or random housewares that just add clutter and get donated months later. Everything in this box gets used, and rather than just build me up momentarily, (though the products DO build me up in the moment), everything in this box ALSO HELPS ME BUILD MYSELF LONG TERM – and that, my friends, is a major difference. Very pleased with this box! (I will note, for those that really like the “value” boxes – e.g. pay $50 for $200 worth of products, this is not that type of box. This box is not looking to sell cheap things at inflated values. This box is providing an upmarket experience with great conception and quality.)

  2. Lynn

    Once you subscribe they will continue billing you after you cancel. I got 2 boxes and got charged for an extra one before the subscription and after. I currently have a PayPal dispute pending and am planning to take legal action because this company stole from me. Buyer beware. They are also so rude when you try to cancel or report a problem.

    • Linda

      I accidently signed up twice and when I contacted them they fixed it right away. I love this box 🙂