Pipsticks debuts 30 new designs from their collection in an irresistibly sparkly pack to subscribers every month. With thousands of subscribers in over 60 countries, Pipsticks has built a strong community of sticker lovers that gush over new designs, swap stickers online, and collectively count down until their next Pipsticks pack arrives. Pipsticks delights sticker lovers of all ages with a Kids Club and a Pro Club for sticker loving adults.

95 per month

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  1. Lauren

    I love Pipsticks! They are some of the best quality stickers I’ve ever found and I love the monthly curation. I get the Pro pack and there are usually 2 of 15 sheets I don’t love. The rest are great!

    I will say I think their company is having some growing pains/transition issues. Orders from the store (not the subscription orders) are very slow to be mailed out. I can say that customer service is slow to respond as well, and I’ve had a few issues with my store orders for sure, but even though it takes longer than I think it should for a response, their customer service has always made it right… and then some.

    I’m bummed to hear other people had bad experiences but I also understand because in the 5-6 months I’ve subscribed, I’ve seen some issues arise and can understand being frustrated. However, they are in no way a scam and I still get excited for my package every month, even if it ships later than expected.

  2. anakm

    I bought Pipsticks in a stationary store and loved the clear backing, so when you applied the stickers to a paper, you see the paper through the design. Beautiful.

    I ordered 9 sheets from the site and though each description read the stickers “come on a clear backing” only 1 sheet of stickers were as described, the rest were on a opaque white backing.

    After 10+ emails back and forth with customer service, sending images of what I received, what the description stated, what I expected to receive, the customer service rep attempts to gas light me into believing the “clear backing” is referring to the sheet the stickers come stuck on, not the stickers themselves.

    Each item had identical descriptions, and one was actually with a clear backing, just like the one I bought in the store.

    I do not appreciate being lied to. I cannot believe it has taken 10+ emails to get no resolution and though these stickers are beautiful, I will only purchase them if I see them in a store, because the item descriptions are inaccurate and I rather never see another sticker again than deal with their customer service.

  3. Lindsey Coxwell

    So I was super, super excited when I first found this monthly subscription! I partake in a few others like Stitch Fix (my favorite!), Trunk Club, Birchbox and have done a few others here and there. So, they charged me and then I had to wait like 3 or 4 weeks to even receive that package, which sucked. But whatever, when I got it, I loved it and was super happy about it. The next one, same story. They charge, then I waited a few weeks.. for NOTHING. So I email them to let them know, some lady replies apologizing saying they switched their billing system or something and I was a part of a small group that didnt get entered. So it sucked but I wasn’t all that upset. They said theyd issue me a replacement…never came. I emailed maybe another 3 or 4 times over that month’s span and all I got were apologies. Nothing about fixing it or trying to make it right or a discount or expedited shipping to get me the missing packs sooner etc. But then I get charged for a third pack and STILL haven’t received the second one so that’s what started pissing me off! I emailed again and they tried saying my payment not going through on their first try delayed things for the second pack or blah blah.. but no, I was pissed simply because I got charged for a third pack before ever receiving the second one. That’s what they didn’t seem to comprehend. So I send yet another email explaining that and saying to just cancel and refund me and that I may consider coming back in the future but that I was just done for now. Some new lady replied and apologized and refunded me for the second and third packs and then even offered to make the fourth one free. So I thought that was nice of them (my packs are only $10 a piece or so, so its definitely not about the money lol) and so I decided to stick it out… cause all I want are some freaking stickers! (I have an 18 month old and have been trying to build up a scrapbook collection)! But sadly, I have to say that I double checked my email today because I figured it’s late yet again and yeah, it said the fourth pack should have arrived a week ago! I am beyond DONE. I feel like this place is just a scam and they’re hoping when people sign up, they’ll forget about the monthly charge, while Pipsticks is just over there collecting the money. I have worked as a manager for several establishments and some of the biggest rules is to A) make it up to the customer and show that you care by going above and beyond to make things right and then, B) giving that person/account that white glove treatment to ensure it doesn’t happen again!! It’s like they just dont care! I’d rather of had all my packs ship together and finally GET THEM, than a refund and the “next pack free.” Her offering to refund and make the fourth pack free was the right thing to do, but it’s like they dropped the ball for the twelfth time by not ensuring it actually got to me! If they’re not a scam, I’m surprised they dont put a tracking number on it.. that way we can all see where the hell it’s going to after they “ship” it to me! I’m very interested to find out if this is a scam, a one off situation (that happened three times!) or if they’re just not that good at running s business!?!? Just give me the damn stickers! I know you can buy stickers almost anywhere, but the ones I got in that first pack were awesome and not your average or basic ones. If I cant find a new sticker subscription, then here I come Amazon cause I know they’ll have some unique ones too!


  4. m0xiesnailmail

    I LOVE pipsticks. Their customer service is wonderful and the stickers never disappoint! I look forward to them every month!